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9 Bollywood Celebrities & Their Everyday Cars

Bollywood celebrities have always been in pictures for their lavish lifestyle. All of us are aware that celebrities have the most expensive possessions. Be it a huge bungalow or an imported sports car. They have it all! Talking about the cars, we have seen most of the celebrities taking a stroll in their expensive possessions. Though our Indian celebrities are well known for driving some of the best cars on this planet, there are celebrities who own some of the common yet great cars!

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This time we have uncovered the not-so-expensive 4-wheeled friends of the Bollywood celebrities. Here is a list of 10 Bollywood celebrities with their humble auto possessions you won’t like to miss!

  1. John Abraham drives a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

    John Abraham is well known for the love he has for automobiles. From superbikes to cars that set the roads on fire, he has them all! But among all these cars and bikes rests a Gypsy. Yes, you read that right. It’s the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The Gypsy has gained a cult fan following in India. Youngsters are crazy about this 4X4 powerhouse.

    John Abraham's Gypsy
    John Abraham’s Gypsy | Bollywood celebrity cars

    The Gypsy is so popular that people still hunt for it in the famous car markets. Just for your information, John owns a fleet of vehicles which include Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo, Suzuki Hayabusa and the classic Yamaha RD 350. Surprisingly, John roams around in his Gypsy quite often. The Gypsy is in a really well-maintained condition. Gypsy is the most iconic car ever manufactured by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. MSIL has discontinued its production. Despite its discontinuation, the car rules the hearts of many!

  2. Disha Patani and her Chevrolet Cruze

    The new generation Bollywood superstar- Disha Patani is well known for owning 2 D-segment sedans. Both of them are mid-ranged cars and have done really well in terms of sales. Without creating more suspense, we would like to tell you that the cars are Chevrolet Cruze and the Honda Civic.

    Disha Patani's Honda Civic
    Disha Patani’s Honda Civic | Bollywood celebrity cars

    Both of these sedans deliver excellent luxury in their segment. Their price is quite affordable as well! Though Disha is now seen travelling in her BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class, she used to travel a lot in her Civic in the past days.

  3. Aamir Khan and his Mahindra XUV500

    The perfectionist, as we all know him. Aamir Khan has a bunch fleet of luxury cars which include the Bentley Continental GT and the Mercedes Benz S-Guard to name a few. Sometimes, to avoid the flashes, Aamir uses his XUV500 to travel. Mr Khan also owns a well maintained Toyota Fortuner.

    Aamir Khan's XUV 500
    Aamir Khan’s XUV 500 | Bollywood celebrity cars | Credits: Chronicle

    Fortuner is a popular choice among celebrities. Celebrities sometimes prefer to travel in such cars, secrecy and privacy being the prime reason. Cars like XUV500 can simply pass from the traffic without the public guessing that Aamir Khan is there himself inside.

  4. Nana Patekar and his classy Mahindra Jeep CJ4

    Nana Patekar is well known for the versatile roles he has played. The Bollywood celebrity owns multiple luxury cars but there resides a Mahindra Jeep CJ4 in his garage. The CJ4A or the Jeep (as most people call it) is a really popular vehicle among present-day auto enthusiasts. Nana Patekar seems to be one of them!

    Nana Patekar's Jeep
    Nana Patekar’s Jeep | Bollywood celebrity cars

    The Jeep has a 2.2-litre petrol engine and develops 72 Bhp along with delivering 154Nm torque. Talking about the transmission, the Jeep has got a three-speed transmission and a fully operative 4-wheel drive system.

  5. Bipasha Basu and her Toyota Fortuner

    Bipasha Basu's Fortuner
    Bipasha Basu’s Fortuner | Bollywood celebrity cars

    As quoted earlier, Toyota Fortuner is the most popular choice among Bollywood celebrities. We can assume the design to be one of the factors for its popularity. The bulletproof reliability of the Fortuner is excellent. The comfortable cabin comes along as an add-on! Media has spotted Bipasha roaming around in her Fortuner multiple times with her husband, Karan Singh Grover.

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  6. Malaika Arora and her Toyota Innova Crysta

    Malaika Arora's Innova Crysta
    Malaika Arora’s Innova Crysta | Bollywood celebrity cars

    Malaika Arora has been spotted in her luxury rides like the Range Rover Vogue. Media recently spotted Malaika in an Innova Crysta. Talking about the variant, the diva owns a petrol automatic variant. Crysta’s petrol variant is more comfortable and smooth than the diesel one!

  7. Dino Morea’s Ford Endeavour

    Dino Morea's Endeavour
    Dino Morea’s Endeavour | Bollywood celebrity cars

    Dino Morea is among the most stylish Bollywood celebrities we have ever known. As we all know he is a bike enthusiast and owns multiple bikes. Talking about his cars, Dino owns an old generation Ford Endeavour. He travels in the American SUV multiple times. Along with the Endeavour, the model-turned-actor owns a range Rover too.

  8. Jackie Shroff and his Toyota Innova

    Jackie Shroff was among the most stylish Bollywood celebrities in his era. He owns a fleet of cars which are equally stylish. Jackie owns several high-end cars including the BMW M5. Along with the plush range of cars, Jackie also owns a Toyota Innova and a Toyota Fortuner.

    Jackie Shroff's Innova
    Jackie Shroff’s Innova | Bollywood celebrity cars

    The reason behind so many Bollywood celebrities owning Toyota cars is reliability. Also, Toyota Innova provides an awesome comfortable ride. The Innova delivers quality and comfort at the same time.

  9. Anil Kapoor drives a Tata Safari Storme

    Anil Kapoor's Tata Safari Storme
    Anil Kapoor’s Tata Safari Storme | Bollywood celebrity cars

    Anil Kapoor is also among the Bollywood celebrities who own humble cars. A Tata Safari Storme resided quietly inside his garage. Actually, Tata Motors gifted the SUV for the promotion of the TV show that Anil Kapoor used to host. All of us have seen the extremely thrilling TV series- 24. Preserving the car in a new-like condition, Anil Kapoor does not use the Safari often for his travel purposes.

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