A while ago, we introduced you to the fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto alive in India. The ample modifications done at this Alto makes it completely different from a regular Alto. This is no RICER modification we are talking about. Don’t believe me yet? Take a look at the engine specifications of Sriniketh’s modified Maruti Suzuki Alto in comparison to the ordinary Alto.

Sriniketh Certified Fastest Alto Rear
Sriniketh’s Fastest Alto

Engine Specs Comparison

Sriniketh’s Alto Ordinary Alto
Engine 796cc 796cc
Power 101BHP 46.9BHP
Torque  135Nm 62Nm
Top Speed  180kmph (Limited) 140kmph
0-100kmph >10seconds <13.3seconds
Sriniketh Certified Fastest Alto Certificate
Fastest Alto Certificate

The 800cc engine producing a massive power of 101BHP! To give you a frame of reference, the 1.2-litre turbocharged Revotron Engine at the Tata Nexon produces 108HP of power. Woah! The ordinary Maruti Suzuki Alto merely touches the 6,000mark on the tachometer while Sriniketh’s Alto can easily go over 7,000rpm.

Sriniketh's Maruti Suzuki Alto Crosses 7,000rpm

This insanely modified Maruti Suzuki Alto has been given a new set 7.5J offroad rims which make it look the as mean as it can.

Sriniketh Certified Fastest Alto
7.5J Offroad Rims

Sriniketh has done a host of modifications to achieve this feat. Take a look at the link below.

Checkout This Insane Maruti Suzuki Alto | The Fastest Alto in India

Sriniketh is also looking to add a turbocharger to the Alto which will make it extremely powerful, more than the ones we call powerful at present.

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