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Can The Force Gurkha Take On The Mahindra Thar?

The 2021 Force Gurkha launched recently, and finally, the Mahindra Thar has some competition in the market. The Gurkha has always been appreciated by off-road enthusiasts, but it just couldn’t gain as much popularity as the Thar. With the 2021 update, Force has made quite a few changes to the Gurkha and they have tried to bring it up to speed.

  • Can the Force Gurkha take on the Mahindra Thar?

Well, considering all things, no. The Thar just has better power and torque figures than the Gurkha. The Thar also looks much more appealing and has a better road presence. Not to mention, Gurkha’s fan following is nothing compared to Thar’s. The Thar has gained even more fans after its 2020 update.

BS6 Gurkha launched
BS6 Gurkha

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  • What works for the Gurkha?

As of now, a lot of users might just get frustrated with the year-long waiting periods on the Thar and go for the new Gurkha. Force is expecting that this update will help them drive up the sales numbers as compared to the previous version of the Gurkha. The Gurkha also gets a few extra adventure features like a snorkel and mechanical differential locking for all wheels. People looking for the better off-roader should definitely go for the Gurkha!

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  • What works for the Thar?

The Thar has 2 major cards in its pockets, the option of a petrol engine, and the option of an automatic transmission. We do understand that these SUVs deserve only a diesel engine, but there are a lot of people who prefer the petrol refinement. The optional automatic transmission also moves a lot of buyers towards the Thar. The Thar also gets a much more powerful engine that the Gurkha.

  • Pricing 

The Force Gurkha starts at Rs.13.59 Lakhs while the Mahindra Thar starts at Rs.12.78 Lakhs for the petrol, and Rs.13.10 for the diesel. Prices lie in the same ballpark for both the cars, so that shouldn’t be a differentiating factor.

2021 Force Gurkha
2021 Force Gurkha

The Gurkha does offer better off-roading capabilities as compared to the Thar. However, not everyone is looking for a pure off-roader. Therefore, we believe that even though the Gurkha is a much more purposeful SUV, it might not reach as many sales as the Thar.

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