There is no denying the fact that while driving; all eyes are definitely on the road. But if there’s one place other than the road that surely manages to grab the attention of the driver, it’s the instrument cluster. From speed, temperature and fuel information to instantaneous efficiency and much more, an instrument cluster is “instrumental” in providing crucial information about your vehicle. This is the reason why, manufacturer’s around the globe, are revamping the classic old instrument cluster, into a modern-day wonder. So here are 7 hatches in India with the best-looking instrument clusters.

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  1. Renault Kwid – All-Digital

    2020 Renault Kwid Instrument Cluster
    2020 Renault Kwid Instrument Cluster

    Everything about the all-new Renault Kwid is out of the budgeted hatchback league. From good looking exteriors to premium interiors, the Kwid has got it all. And when it comes to the instrument cluster, the Kwid gets a first-in-segment fully digital instrument cluster. The unit looks mind-blowing with swanky LED illumination, sporty graphics coupled with a digital tachometer and gear shift indicators as well. And the way the TFT display is sandwiched between semi-circular digital dials is way too classy for a budgeted hatchback according to us.

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  2. Tata Tiago – All-Digital

    The Tata Tiago’s Instrument Cluster

    Another hatch to feature a fully digital instrument cluster, the new Tata Tiago’s instrument cluster is one of the hottest in the segment. The unit features three beautiful bar-based digital meters for the tachometer, fuel and temperature. The meters surround an oval chrome enclosure that features a digital TFT display that displays vital information such as speed, odo, gearshift indication, time and much more. On either side of the TFT are the dashboard signs, along with a manual reset pipe.

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  3. Hyundai i20 – All-Digital

    The Hyundai i20’s Digital Instrument Cluster

    Ever since Hyundai launched the new Hyundai i20, everything about it has got us on our feet. The instrument cluster is just a small component of an exceptional package. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the best looking unit in the segment currently. Just like the trend, the unit is a fully digital one with a sporty-blue speedometer and tachometer. The centre is dominated by a digital TFT display that can display a plethora of information. On either side of the TFT are digital displays for fuel, RPM, temperature and efficiency. Overall, the entire units seem as if it’s lifted from a luxury vehicle.

  4. Tata Altroz – Semi-Digital

    Tata Altroz Instrument Cluster
    Tata Altroz Instrument Cluster

    Moving away from the all-digital trend, Altroz’s instrument cluster brings in the classic fragrance. The unit is a blend of modern cues and classic elements. The speedometer is a conventional analogue one, but the 17.78 cm, TFT MID beside it is where the fun starts. The TFT screen offers more than just information, as it also doubles up as a navigation screen. The power and torque display are laid out in a cool graphic manner, while the tachometer is a digital-analogue one. Overall, the instrument cluster is a perfect representation of Tata’s evolution.

  5. Maruti Suzuki Baleno – Analogue

    The Maruti Suzuki Baleno’s Cluster

    Amidst all the digitalization, a classic cluster never loses its charm. And the best one out there is onboard the Baleno. The cluster features two large cap-like surrounds for the speed and tachometer, with fuel and temperature gauges along. In between the surrounds lies a rectangular TFT display with a pie-type representation of data that looks superb. Overall, the Baleno’s cluster wears an ageless design that never really gets old.

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  6. Honda Jazz – Analogue

    Honda Jazz’s Cluster

    While some of you might not call it a modern-looking unit, but there is no dying the fact that that this unit is surely attached to a million memories. Being a classic Honda car, the unit incorporates a big cap-like surround that houses the large blue themed analogue speedometer along with the usual dashboard symbols below. On the left of the large surround, there’s a smaller identical one that houses the analogue tachometer. On the right is a digital display for vitals such as the fuel, odometer, efficiency etc.

  7. Volkswagen Polo – Analogue

    VW Polo’s Cluster

    In a world full of sophisticated tech, sometimes simple is all we want. The Polo’s instrument cluster represents a classic and purely functional German ideology. There’s a rectangular digital display that shows information such as the time, odo, fuel and speed numbers, along with two large analogue meters for RPM, and Speed on either side. The design isn’t fancy at all, but with that said, it is a timeless layout that might never get too old.

    So these were our picks for 7 hatchbacks with the best-looking clusters. If you too have a cluster to add, comment down below. Till then, stay pinned!

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