There was a time when there were a ton of motorcycles in the Indian lineup offering twin-cylinder engines and were fairly affordable. But okay, is it necessary to have a two-cylinder motorcycle? Of course, twin-cylinder motorcycles are fun, refined and usually have a linear power delivery. One such brand to have motorcycles with twin-cylinder was the Hyosung with its GT twins. The line-up from the Korean bikemaker had two motorcycles, GT250R and GT650R, there was one more but more on that some other day.

Hyosung | GT Twins

For sure the name Hyosung is typical and fairly difficult to pronounce. This exactly what the company faced in our Indian market. After a couple of updates and some refinements too, Hyosung was not able to make a mark. Back in 2011 Hyosung with Garware the motorcycle maker came to the Indian market with two motorcycles. Later it was DSK that replaced the Garware motors later.

The Korean bike maker in India apart from GT Twins have had only two more motorcycles, GV250 and Aquila Pro650. As the name suggests these two shared the same engine as their fully faired companion. Now the question is, how were the two GT twins here in India?

Hyosung GT250 Comet R  | Quarter Litre Super-Sport

GT250 Comet R
GT250 Comet R | Image Source (1)

Starting with the smaller motorcycle, which is inferior only in terms of the engine from its 650 siblings. Rest, both of the motorcycles share the same ingredients. There are always to sides to a coin so has the GT250R. The Hyosung Comet GT250R was priced at ₹3.45 (ex-Showroom, Delhi)


This is where the motorcycle lacked the oomph. Due to the motorcycle being heavy and bulky, a 250cc V-twin motor felt a lot underpowered. To be precise the motorcycle was powered by a 249cc air and oil-cooled motor churning 28bhp and 22Nm of peak torque. The engine came mated to a 5-speed transmission.

Engine Specs

Engine 248cc, 75 degree V-twin, Oil and Air Cooled
Transmission 5-Speed
Power 28hp @ 10000 rpm
 Torque 22.07Nm @ 8000 rpm
Weight 188 Kgs
Top Speed 140kmph


Hyosung GT650R | The Power Cruiser (Sort of)

GT650R | Image Source (1)

One of the first supersport motorcycles from the Korean bike maker Hyosung was the GT650R. As said earlier both the motorcycle share the same aesthetics it is the GT650 that has a better and more stable chassis. This is because the GT650R comes with twin-tube frame oppose to the press steel frame in the Comet GT250. The GT650R was priced at ₹4.79 (ex-Showroom, Delhi).

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The Power House

Reading the name clears it all, the GT650R comes with a 647cc 90 degrees V-Twin engine that is water-cooled. This helps the motorcycle to dissipate heat real quick and keep the engine running at its optimum temperature. Furthermore, the engine produces 72.68bhp and about 61Nm of peak torque. The engine was mated to a clunky 6-speed gearbox.

Engine Specs

Engine 647cc,  90 degree V-twin, Water Cooled
Transmission 6-Speed
Power 72.68 bhp @ 9000 rpm
 Torque 60.9Nm @ 7500 rpm
Weight 215 Kgs
Top Speed 210kmph
Hyosung GT650
Hyosung GT650R

The Big Bike Feel | Aesthetics

For the most part, the motorcycle looks exactly the same as the GT650. This means that this supersport motorcycle with a quarter-litre engine looks and feels big to ride.

  • The riding position is super committed thanks to the lowered clip-on handlebars.
  • Up-front, Hyosung GT Twins boasted of twin-pod projector headlight setup coupled with a huge fairing, that gave really good wind protection.
  • Talking about the instrument cluster, it was a fairly normal unit with an analogue Rpm gauge with digital speedo readout.
  • Though digital, it looked that it had come out of a really old motorcycle back then. Talking in current terms, it feels like it is from a totally different era.
  • Moving towards the side, it came with split seats, making the rider sit comfortable but hampered the billions posture.
  • At the rear, the LED tail light was the only element making the motorcycle modern.

This is pretty much sums up the aesthetics.

How do the GT Twins Handle?

For the last time, both the motorcycles having almost the same aesthetics were, big, bulky and a little bit hard to handle. These motorcycles entered the market when companies were focusing on slim and light motorcycles and the Hyosung twins were the other way round.

  • The structure of the motorcycles made them heavy and heavy motorcycles are really hard to handle.
  • The Gt250 and GT650 both came with a sticky rubber but both of them were not enough to inspire confidence when turning in a corner.
  • Tacking twisties was the one thing both the motorcycle struggled. In addition, the tank was a bit too large making it tougher for taller riders to tuck in during speed runs.

What do you think of both the Hyosung? Were they worth the buy? Let us know in the comment section.

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