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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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The 10 Most Sold Car Accessories In 2021

On average, most of us spend a significant amount of time sitting inside a car, whether it’s for our daily commute or taking long road trips.

So, there is no reason why that time spent inside the car should not be made more comfortable and convenient.

Buying and maintaining a car is a big decision for anyone and finding the right accessories to complement your vehicle can be equally challenging. Layer on the unpredictable circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, and there you have a whole new list of must-have accessories for your car!

Although most modern vehicles leave the assembly line packed with the latest, updated features, your car might not necessarily have everything you need.

That’s why we at GoMechanic have compiled a list of the 10 most sold car accessories of 2021 that provide substantial value to car drivers during such unprecedented times.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t even know you wanted or needed!

Read on to find out!

  1. Car Polish

    Exterior Polish | Tips for Holi
    Exterior Polish

    While driving, the clear coat that is a protective layer on the exterior of a car gets damaged and polishing is the process of using an abrasive on the exterior of your car to remove scratches and defects.
    Polishing helps in removing the damaged clear coat and scratches, watermarks, etc. It is advised to get Polishing after you have eliminated the pollutants such as dust and tar from the surface of your car.

    Head to this link to buy yours!

  2. Car Phone Charger

    GoMechanic Car Charger
    GoMechanic Car Charger

    Having a charged phone at all times in today’s connected world has become an absolute necessity. So, if you do not own a vehicle that comes with built-in USB ports for charging, you’ll want to invest in a car charger. We recommend our most sold car phone charger on the website of GoMechanic, the Quick Charge 3.0 USB Fast Adaptor by Qualcomm.

    Get yours here.

  3. Car Air Purifier

    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier
    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier

    One of the most popular car accessories to be purchased in 2021 is a car air purifier. Usually made up of HEPA and HESA filters that eliminate the harmful components from the car, it helps in filtering the dirt, smoke, chemicals. With the degrading air quality and the ongoing pandemic, we need to breathe the fresh air to avoid any disease that might come our way.

    Enhanced with numerous automatic features, these air purifiers constantly keep filtering out fresh and safe air for everyone inside the car. Get yourself car air purifiers at exciting prices that are extremely convenient in exponentially improving the comfort and ambience of a car.

    Buy here!

  4. Car Speakers

    GoMechanic Speakers
    GoMechanic Speakers

    Easily one of the most popular car accessories of all time, a car speaker always makes it to the list because what’s a drive without some good music to groove to? Car Speakers are the woofers and subwoofers that are installed in a car to increase the clarity of the music system or radio. They come in a wide range of varieties that includes the 2-way, 3-way or Coaxial Speaker.

    Choose yours from the many options here!

    GoMechanic Accessories
    GoMechanic Accessories
  5. Car Body Covers

    Gomechanic Car Cover
    GoMechanic Car Cover

    A car cover is an essential and highly demanded car accessory that is a large sheet of a specific fabric loosely shaped like a car. For the perfect fit, you can purchase custom-fit car covers, to fit your vehicle properly. Often car covers are used to store dormant vehicles that would not be in use for a while. There are three basic types of car body covers available, which includes, waterproof, water-resistant or breathable and non-water resistant.

    Get yourself the car-cover your car needs here!

  6. Car Sun Shades

    GoMechanic Sun Shade
    GoMechanic Sun Shade

    Car Sun Shades also known as sun-screen shades or UV shields are protective shields that are affixed to a car’s windshield or side window to keep the sun out. Sun shields consist of a sheet of mylar or aluminium foil that covers the inside of the car’s windows, reflecting the sun’s rays away. This helps cool down the temperature within the car.

    It is one of the most resourceful and popular car accessories to add to your collection that is an essential item for long journeys throughout the day. Car sun shades will also provide complete privacy inside your cars while on your drive. The best Car Sun Shades come in a variety of styles. There are sunshades made specifically for the inside of a car’s front windshield, as well as those made for the car’s side windows or back window.

    Head over to this link to grab yours!

  7. Car Vacuum Cleaners

    GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner
    GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner

    A very important car accessory, car vacuum cleaners are used to keep your car interiors clean. The dust, pet hairs, debris etc diminish the aesthetic value of the interior of a car that makes the driving experience unhygienic. Usually, car drivers manually try to clean the interior of their car which is not as efficient as it sounds.

    Which is why experts recommend using car vacuum cleaners for best results. Car vacuum cleaners are portable, easy to use and are typically powered through the standard lighter socket of your car. Make the interior of your car free from dust and other impurities using products from the range of GoMechanic. Check out your options here!

  8. Car Floor Mats

    7D Floor Mats
    GoMechanic 7D Floor Mats

    Floor mats keep dirt and grime out of your car and also absorb moisture from your feet while keeping your carpet clean. They also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Floor mats can come in universal sizes and as custom fits and the different kinds of floor mats available on the GoMechanic website range from Fabric floor mats, to Rubber floor mats to All-weather vinyl or even Nomad and luxury car mats!

  9. Car Perfume

    GoMechanic Car Perfume
    GoMechanic Car Perfume

    We spend a significant amount of time in a car which can feel claustrophobic and even nauseating after a point. Inhaling Car Perfumes with calming natural oils regularly has become extremely popular and are proven to be rather beneficial, making it one of the most sold car accessories of the year!

    It is also a great way to calm down your nerves when driving, which can help with anxiety. Motion sickness or car nausea affects a large number of people and car perfumes can provide great relief in such situations as well. A handy car accessory to have, a car perfume is a must-have for relaxing car rides.

    Go pick yours here!

  10. Car Seat Covers

    Autofoam Seat Covers
    GoMechanic Seat Covers

    A car seat cover is an essential car accessory that is required for the protection of your car seats and is available in any size and colour to fit any model of car. Seat covers protect your seats and provide a lot more comfort while travelling and are usually made from durable cloth or synthetic material.

    A wide range of car seat covers that include fabric seat covers, leather seat covers, luxury car seat covers made of velvet and much more can be found here! These were the 10 most sold car accessories that you need to get your hands on!

Invest in these car accessories to make your drives all the more enjoyable!

Now hurry up and browse through the wide range of products on the GoMechanic website and buy yours!

Team GoMechanic
Team GoMechanichttps://gomechanic.in
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