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Tiago CNG vs WagonR CNG vs Santro CNG

Tata has just launched the CNG versions of the Tiago & Tigor, entering the CNG field of the Indian market. With a list of first in segment features, these cars will compete with their rivals; Tiago has four CNG variants to choose from.

Tata Tiago and Tigor iCNG
Tata Tiago and Tigor iCNG

These entry-level hatchbacks will compete in the CNG race now; WagonR, as always, has been the most selling car in the segment. Let’s see a comparison between the CNG versions of the three; Tiago, WagonR & Santro:

  • Engine & Transmission

    Two out of the three are powered by 3-cylinder engines, while a 4-cylinder engine powers Santro. They are naturally aspirated, but the Tiago has the highest output hp & torque, while WagonR & Santro has almost the same power with slightly more torque for Santro.

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    All engines are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, but in the case of fuel efficiency, Maruti takes the lead as always, followed by Santro. Tiago comes last, but it has other features, such as a direct CNG start. The respective power figures are mentioned below:

    Characteristic/ Car Tiago CNG WagonR CNG Santro CNG
    Type 3-cylinder-NA 3-cylinder-NA 4-cylinder-NA
    Displacement 1199cc 998cc 998cc
    Power 73hp 59hp 60hp
    Torque 95Nm 78Nm 85Nm
    Transmission 5-speed MT 5-speed MT 5-speed MT
    Fuel Efficiency (ARAI) 26.49 km/kg 32.52 km/kg 30.48 km/kg
  • Dimensions

    Tiago i-CNG

    All these are entry-level budget cars; they are all under 4 metres. Tiago gains points here, being the longest & widest out of the three vehicles. In terms of wheelbase, WagonR takes over 35mm more than Tiago.

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    Given WagonR’s tall stance, it is the tallest of the three. Santro comes last here as the most compact package out of the three, but it is still slightly taller than Tiago. After the addition of the CNG tank, the boot space of Tiago is only 80-litres. The respective dimensions (mm) are stated below:

    Characteristic/ Car Tiago CNG WagonR CNG Santro CNG
    Length 3765 3655 3610
    Width 1677 1620 1645
    Height 1535 1675 1560
    Wheelbase 2400 2435 2400
    Ground Clearance 168 165 165

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  • Pricing

    The starting price is almost similar for all three of them. But Tiago is the only one offered in a variety of four trims. Although the top trims are more expensive than the rivals the first in segment features that come along make it worth it.

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    Tiago has new safety features such as leak detection, which switches to petrol in a gas leak. It does not start the engine until the fuel lid is closed. The top trims have automatic climate control, ensuring users do not miss out on any features like CNG versions. The respective pricing is mentioned below:

    Car Tiago CNG WagonR CNG Santro CNG
    Price ₹6.10-7.53 lakhs ₹6.13-6.19 lakhs ₹6.10-6.38 lakhs


    We will have the actual on-road performance soon, but this is how the Tiago i-CNG compares with two of its rivals. It indeed has the most features and power but lacks a little on the fuel economy; what would be your pick?

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