Buying a used car in India is a really common trend nowadays. People are attracted towards the used car market especially because of the rock bottom prices and heavy discounts available with the cars. The most common thought about the used car market is that you get to own a good car at a cheaper price. But have you ever come across a car which is suspiciously cheap? There are situations when a particular car in the used car market is offered at a really cheap price. In today’s featured, we tell you how a suspiciously cheap used car can be a trap!

  1. Odometer Tampering

    Car Odometer
    Car Odometer

    If a dealer or an individual is offering you a used car at a price way cheaper than the others in the market, the first thing you should check is the odometer reading. Mostly, in case of used luxury cars, dealers increase the probability of selling out a car by showing less odometer reading and offering it at a really low and attractive price. Therefore, you should always get the reading checked.

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  2. Accidental Damage

    Driving after car accident
    Accident Damage

    Cars with accident damage are available at really cheap prices in the used car market but the dealer won’t necessarily tell you about the car’s history. You, as a customer ought to check the car’s history if you find the price surprisingly cheap. By accident damage, we mean damage to the major parts like the engine or the chassis itself which can land you in trouble later on!

  3. Fake or Cheap Parts

    cheap used cars
    Car parts

    Starting right from small parts like the fuel or steering pump to major parts like the axle, steering column or even the engine! You should check them all thoroughly. A car goes through many things throughout its lifetime and you never know how the owner treated it when it needed major repairs. For this, you would need an expert and by now you must know where to visit. At GoMechanic, we do a thorough checkup and let you know about any suspicious part in the car.

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  4. Manufacturing Defects

    Hyundai Chennai Plant Shutdown
    Manufacturing Defects

    These are the rarest cases in the market, therefore, making them the most difficult ones to spot too. Here we are talking about a manufacturing defect that may occur in a particular car upon the discovery of which the owner decides to sell the car instead of bearing the repair cost which is fairly high. Just like the previous one, here also, you will need expert advice to decide on such cheap used cars.

  5. Incomplete Paperwork

    car paperwork
    Car paperwork

    This is really important for everyone but those who are purchasing cars from a different state, need to pay extra attention! Make sure that the car you are planning to buy comes with complete paperwork. I, personally have come across many vehicles where even the basic things like car ownership are not clear while making the deal. Carefully inspect each and every document and check for a legal history of the vehicle too. You don’t want to buy a stolen vehicle right? Wondering how to judge that? We will be here soon with a detailed article.

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  6. Worn-out Parts

    Hyundai Venue IMT with the 1.0L TGDI Petrol Engine
    Hyundai Venue IMT with the 1.0L TGDI Petrol Engine

    There are chances where the owner wants to get rid of the car because it is at such a stage of its life that it demands huge repair costs. Almost all of the car parts need immediate attention thereby projecting towards a high repair cost. If you are eyeing a cheap used car, you should get it checked thoroughly where the main focus remains on the major components like the engine, suspension, steering and the cooling system. Don’t end up buying a cheap used car which can cost you more afterwards in the name of repairs.

  7. Faulty Electricals

    Car Electricals
    Car Electricals

    It takes a lot of expertise to handle your car’s electricals. Some car owners have excessive amounts of electricals installed in their cars. The worst case scenario is the occurrence of a short circuit. If a car owners tries to be humble and offers you a discount instead of charging extra for all the fitments he has done, there is definitely something suspicious.

These were the 7 signs which can tell you how a cheap used car can be a trap. We continuously strive to make sure that the used car market in India a better place for both sellers and buyers. You can return the favour by just sharing this article with someone who might be looking for a used car in the market right now. Want to ask some used car related questions? The comments section is all yours!

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