The ‘Maruti Swift owners’ is one proud community. Despite being such a massively popular car with millions of owners over the years, still, anyone who has ever owned the Swift has got to cherish a unique experience. The Maruti Swift has played numerous roles for Indian car buyers, from a run to drop the kids to school to running circles around faster cars at the BIC. The Maruti Swift has got potential like no other hatchback around even 15 years after the premier Swift came into existence.

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As much love, the Swift was able to garner in India, the Swift has a substantial number of critics as well. Hence, certain flaws or shortcomings of the Swift are as popular as its prowess.

Keeping all this in consideration, we thought that the lakhs of Maruti Swift owners would like to have some light on the common problems that the Swift owners face. So, here’s 10 such common problems faced by Maruti Swift owners.

  1. The DDis Diesel Noise

    1.3 litre DDiS on Maruti Suzuki Swift
    1.3-litre DDiS on Maruti Suzuki Swift

    The ‘Di’ variants of the Swift are probably the most selling variant of the Swift. You’ll find plenty of examples of the diesel Swift on the road. But what the owners of the diesel Swift just cannot miss is the Noisy attributes of the Fiat-sourced 1.3-litre diesel engine. Since the little Maruti hatchback is probably not insulated well hence the noise from the engine makes its way into the cabin. This is something one can make peace within a large diesel SUV but doesn’t go well with the characteristics of a hatchback. This refinement problem was more prominent in the first and second generation of the Maruti Swift.

  2. Vibrations in the Cabin

    The Interior
    Maruti Swift Steering Wheel

    Further adding to the unsatisfactory ‘NVH’ levels on the Swift are Vibrations one feels in the cabin. Moving over bumpy roads or while driving at low RPM, the plastic used on Swift’s dashboard has a witnessable rattle. This can obviously be annoying but also reflects on the use of soft quality plastics for the interior on the Swift.

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  3. Door hinges squeaking

    Maruti Suzuki Swift (1st Gen) | Iconic Indian Cars
    Maruti Suzuki Swift (1st Gen)

    This is something we at GoMechanic have personally experienced. We once came across a second-generation Swift which had done a decent time whose doors hinges made a squeaky noise almost every time the doors were open and closed.

    This particular issue might not be so prominent but it was worth mentioning. Do let us know in the comments section below if you too have faced a similar issue with your Maruti Swift.

  4. AC compressor noise

    Car AC service | Noises from the compressor?
    Car AC Compressor

    Numerous Swift owners have reported their AC making dreadful noises. Imagine a noise so strong coming from the hood in front of you while driving that it makes you wanna stop and check. This is exactly what happened with some of the Swift owners. But it turns out that it was just a compressor getting worked up and nothing like a major mechanical issue.

    The cause of this was apparently the compressor’s oil running low and once it was topped up, the problem successfully went away.

  5. Lag in Power Window operation

    WagonR power Windows
    WagonR power Windows

    This has been experienced by Swift owners who’ve had the car for almost 2-3 years. The ‘roll-up’ and ‘roll down’ function of the power windows tend to get a bit lethargic with significant usage. There’s a very fine mechanism working for operating the power windows and it can often go bad. Hence, one shouldn’t undermine them and should get them checked if they came across a similar issue.

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  6. Gear Shifting issue

    WagonR Reverse Gear
    Swift Gear Leve

    Nothing’s more satisfying than a seamless gear shift for a manual car driver. However, another very prominent issue faced by people familiar with driving the Maruti Swift is the stubbornness of the gearbox during some particular shifts. While putting it in reverse gear or while downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear, the Swift’s manual transmission often fails to perform these two particular functions in one go.

    Driver’s may often find themselves depressing the clutch numerous times to engage the reverse gear or while downshifting from the 3rd to 2nd gear.

    This particular issue can seem very discouraging for a driver of a peppy little hatchback.

  7. Less Responsive Electric steering

    WagonR Steering
    Swift Steering

    The Swift over the years is known to be the best driver’s car for the price. Driving dynamics of the Swift is something that has always been appreciated both by the critics and the general public. However, the one thing that sort of takes away from this attribute in the third generation of the Swift is the new Electric steering system. The new setup lacks the feedback which was on offer in the previous generations. This translates into the driver having less confidence while throwing the hatchback into sharp corners.

  8. Ride Quality (Suspension issues)

    2014 Maruti Swift
    2014 Maruti Swift

    The Swift has a firm suspension setup. This translates into the hatchback sending almost everything that Indians roads throw at it into the cabin. Swift’s dampers aren’t able to perform a very commendable job in insulating all the vibrations from a bumpy or undulated section of road. The passengers get to feel a good amount of these vibrations in Swift’s cabin.

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  9. Use of Low-Quality Metal

    Probably the most controversial aspect about not just the Swift but almost every Maruti car is the use of a low-quality metal sheet for the body. There are many shortcomings associated with this factor. The one we wanted to focus on is related to minor or major collisions the car may encounter while on the road.

    Cars with a heavy structure are able to withstand a collision with the least damage possible. Unfortunately, in the case of the Swift or any Maruti car for that matter, the slightest of collisions may cause severe damage to the car’s frame.

    You’ll be able to find plenty of videos on the internet testifying for the same. This is probably the most significant factor influencing the public to consider brands other than Maruti. And it’s about time Maruti should begin catering to this concern.

  10. Rapid Engine Oil consumption

    Oil change | Engine Oil
    Oil change | Engine Oil

    Another common problem associated with the Swift diesel from the first and second generation. Many Swift diesel owners have experienced rapid depletion of the engine oil right, sometimes right after servicing. The cause of this issue is commonly reported as leakage in the head gasket.

    Driving your car on low engine oil can have the most adverse effects possible. If you’re planning to but a used Swift diesel, make sure to check for this particular problem.

    Here are 10 common problems with the Maruti Swift. Let us know in the comment section below if we missed out on some.

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  1. This is the worst article ever. I haveahave been driving a Maruti Suzuki Swift for more than 4 years and have not faced any of the problems mentioned here. Stop misguidingr for the sake of getting readership. Swift has a firm suspension setup? Are you nuts? Have you ever sat in one? Less responsive electric steering? Swift is touted to be one of the best handling car of its segment.

    • Hi Uday,

      It is good to know that you have not faced any issues with your Maruti Suzuki Swift. The problems mentioned in the article are based upon the reviews from customers at our workshops. Stay tuned!

  2. Are you sure about the compressor’s oil?
    I am facing the same problem but the mechanic says that I’ll have to get the compressor changed. Cost around 18k?
    Should I ask for oil change or let him change the compressor.

  3. We have maruthi Suzuki vitara brezza ZDI+ already completed 80,000 km in odometer
    1. Engine noise is but loud inside the cabin
    2. Gear changing to reverse sometimes it needs multiple tries

  4. All are baseless claim and comments to tarnish the image of the legendary DDiS engine of theFthe fabulously tuned by Suzuki. I drove this beast from madurai to Kodaikanal ne arly 160 times. From 1st to 160th time, it never failed bemuse me with its third and 2nd gear acceleration. In fact, after driving this flawless beauty for nearly 140000kms, no new car is attractive to me.

    • Hi Kumar
      Maruti Suzuki Swift is a really good car indeed. However, the problems mentioned have been curated from our extensive workshop data. Most of the Maruti Swift owners who walked into our workshops had these problems in their Swift. Glad to hear that you Swift is running quite well.
      Stay pinned!

  5. Other than reverse transition issue, haven’t seen any other issues described in this post. Have been driving swift since past 8 years.

    • Hi Sanjeet
      The issues are purely based on our customer and workshop data. Most of the Swift owners who have chosen GoMechanic for their car repairs have faced these problems.
      Stay pinned for more!

  6. Poor braking system is also there.
    I have swift as my first car do it is no problem for me but if someone else drive my car it is a disaster.
    Even with new brake it is same.
    If I have to drive any other make car then it will be be a jerky ride because of good brakes.

  7. Yes all the problems are there but the acceleration of my 2012 Ldi is too good. So these doesn’t bother me anymore.

  8. Hi guys, am a user of this said did engine(swift dizire)2009, I have not faced these problems as such. Difficulty in reverse at times now as the time passes by,it could face few problems but the car is really a beast and I love it

    • Hi Mammen,

      It’s great to know that you haven’t faced any of these issues. The problems mentioned in the article are based upon the customer feedback data collected at our workshops. Stay tuned!

  9. In the first generation swift the tyre size was the problem for poor brake stop distance,use 185 will be good and you will get confidence

  10. Hi most of this problems are found also in suziki vitara too like doors opening noise, windows not working properly like jamming

  11. I own a swift VDI,2013 model has already run 200,000 kms without any major mechanical or engine problems.Except for the routine servicing I never had to take it to any mechanic.Its a reliable workhorse.

  12. Hello Friends,

    My Self Ashvin from Surat.
    Thank you for your valuable feedback about Swift car.
    Because next 22 Aug 2020 I am going buy new swift car.
    So, onces again I am asking this question ….can I buy swift Vxi ?? Is it OK for me ?? Is it maintenance free car ??

    Pls let me know …

    Thank you ..

    Ashvin patel

    • Hey Ashvin,

      You can surely go ahead with your purchase. The Maruti Swift is a tried and tested hatchback with proven reliability that comes backed with Maruti’s wide network of service centres. However, the niggles we have mentioned in this article are subjective and may or may not creep up in your car.

      CONGRATULATIONS on your new car purchase 🙂

  13. Even I’m facing issue with rear door noise, steering problem, when i spoke to customer care regarding steering they accepted the fault of steering part and agreed to replace at free of cost under warranty.
    I have purchased on Oct 2018.

  14. Absolutely true .. the door hinges, the ac noise, the plastic vibrations, the low quality metal body getting dented by slightest of pressures, and not the least – the gear shift problem. These are genuine issues. But am still a proud owner of one Swift VXi 2013 model

    • Hey Ankit, Despite the minor niggles on the Swift and other Maruti Cars, the Swift is still a great hatchback and is loved by many. Cheers on your Swift ownership 🙂

    I also face the problem of heavy sound in engine when turn on. My mechanic told that it is a compressor problem and to be replaced. As i read in above it is stated that it can be overcome by top-up compressor oil. Where can i find a person who can top up the compressor oil.

    • Hi Sivananda,
      The heavy sound in the engine can be caused due to a number of reasons. Download the GoMechanic App now and book a service, and get a free inspection. You can also call @8398970970 and let our experts get your car proper care. Alternatively, you can share your contact details and one of our experts will reach you shortly.

  16. I had no issues with my swift i have driven 35 k no problem is there all electronic and engine all setup is working perfectly

    • Hi Shubham,
      Glad to know that you and your Maruti Suzuki Swift are having fun with each other. Well, this is based on our customer data and may vary with how you maintain your vehicle. Stay Pinned! 🙂

  17. I am having swift vdi since 2012
    Presently running at 93000km
    Reverse gear problem (sometimes)
    Apart from regular service no major issues.

  18. Hi need help, i have swift zdi and done 52k after free service every service is done before 10000km but last wee I took my car for a 200km drive after doing 130km, my car stood all of sudden in middle of the road without any warning indication or anything escaped a major accident because of this now have given my car to pratham motors in bellandur bangalore and the mech claim that due to oil blockage the timing chain as cut due to which the shaft valves turbo everything is gone and quoting Rs 140000 to fix the problem. request to help me with what can be done, will it cost so much what checks i can do if the problem is genuine and if it is fixed properly and every other aspect.

  19. I’ve been driving a used 2007 ddis for a year now. Issues 3,4,7 are there
    but you do not include the most severe problem that a lot of swifts face out there: ABS module.
    Dangerous and expensive and actually unfixable by Suzuki as the new abs module it will propably go bad also.

  20. Hi, I am facing the problem with dashboard noise which is point no 2 but MSA is not able to solve it however I have tried with your service as well earlier which was not at all satisfying, still not sure which way to go now.
    I am in Bangalore and any expert advice would be highly appreciated

    • Hi Vineet,
      The dashboard vibrations may be because of broken or fidgety dashboard mounting points. We’d recommend you to give your contact details and we will have an expert resolve the problem faced by you in no time. Stay Pinned!

  21. I have been using Swift LDI for almost 10years and completed 1.3L kms.
    I have faced 2 issues among the listed ones.
    1. Suspension issues
    2. Gear shift issue. I face both reverse and 3rd or higher to 2nd shifting.
    Synchronizer from 3rd to 2nd issues arises in every 50k kms. That’s really disgusting and it costs 5-6k for repair. Don’t know how to raise a complaint to Maruti. Since my car is out of warranty, I ‘ve to pay from pocket. Someone please suggest if I can do something for that.

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