Chevrolet – the American carmaker quit the Indian market in 2017. There was only one reason for their decision to quit – the sales! Chevrolet’s sales began to decline heavily around 2017. You can say the growing competition led to the downfall of Chevy. Chevrolet’s India lineup had some really good cars which were sold in high numbers in their initial days but things didn’t go quite well for them. Ultimately, they had to pack-up their business in India and their Halol plant is operated by MG in the present time. Here, we have a look at 5 Chevrolet cars that we terribly miss in India. The Indian audience gave immense love to these American cars and most of them own these cars at present too!

  1. Chevrolet Beat

    Chevrolet Beat
    Chevrolet Beat

    One of the most successful Chevrolet cars in India. Chevrolet Beat was a handy city car that had a styling that appealed many! Chevrolet Beat came with both petrol & diesel engine options. Along with a radical design, Chevrolet Beat was a completely practical car for city usage. Chevrolet also launched 2 variants which used to draw power from LPG! The petrol Beat was powered by a 1.2 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine that generated 80 bhp of power. On the other hand, the diesel variant was powered by a 1.0-litre engine that generated 58hp. Features like integrated music system, automatic climate control, comfortable ride quality and mileage of 23-24kmpl made it a perfect pick for city drive!

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  2. Chevrolet Cruze – The Diesel Rocket

    Chevrolet Cruze | A Piece of American Muscle
    Chevrolet Cruze | A Piece of American Muscle

    This sedan from Chevrolet was truly a diesel rocket! A 1998cc engine powered the Cruze under the hood and generated 163.7bhp. The top-end variant had an automatic transmission whereas other variants had a 5-speed manual on offer! Chevrolet Cruze inherited the American Muscle design with a centrally placed logo and careful headlight placements which made the car look more dominant! Inside the cabin too, the car was neatly done and gave the drivers that cockpit feels which is usually not given by any other car in the segment! Cruze offered a plethora of features inside the cabin. Steering mounted control, 6-way adjustable driver seat, 4 channel rear parking assist, heated ORVMs, intelligent programmable passive entry, ignition on/off, height-adjustable headrests are a few to count on.

  3. Chevrolet Optra/Optra Magnum

    Chevrolet Optra Magnum | Credits- Cartoq
    Chevrolet Optra Magnum

    Optra could really give you that luxury feels which most sedans failed to deliver at that time! An E-TEC II 1.6-litre engine powered the Optra Magnum under the hood and generated 110Hp. This was one of the best Chevrolet cars in India. The only major drawback that this car had was its fuel efficiency. Optra Magnum would hardly give you 6-8kmpl in the city drive which is way too less than other cars from the similar price segment! The exterior design was good. The materials used to build the cabin were also really good. Optra Magnum had all the standard features one could ask for at that time. Another drawback was the maintenance cost. But you could easily afford it if you wanted that luxury feel!

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  4. Chevrolet Optra SRV

    Chevrolet SR-V | Credits- Indian Bikes and Cars
    Chevrolet SR-V

    Another great car from Chevrolet in India was the Optra SRV. This 5-seater wagon came with 2 engine options. There was a 1991cc diesel engine and a 1598cc petrol engine. Both of these engines were great in terms of power and if we talk about the thing that most Indians look out for, the Optra SRV had a combined mileage of 12.3 to 16.2 kmpl. On the inside, the car came with a decent list which included a 2-Din stereo, power steering, all side power windows, seat height adjustment with lumbar support, rear de-fogger and many more to count on! On the exterior, it was quite clear that the SRV was shorter than its sedan sibling. This was a perfect pick among all the Chevrolet cars in India for those who wanted a bit of everything!

  5. Chevrolet Forester (Subaru Forester)

    Chevrolet Forester
    Chevrolet Forester

    Subaru Forester received the Chevrolet badge when it was brought to India. Chevy brought the Forester in India via the CBU route. The SUV had a 2.5-litre, 4 cylinder engine which generated 164 bhp. The design language of this SUV was pretty good on the exterior and the interior as well! You would find a well-planned interior with some good quality materials which made the car look exceptionally well on the inside. At the back, the seats were positioned to give maximum leg space and headroom to the passengers. Maybe the price segment and the non-availability of spare parts led to the downfall of this wonderful SUV in India.

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These were 5 Chevrolet cars in India that were actually good. It would have been an absolute delight to see more of these cars on the Indian roads but sadly, GM wrapped up their things from India in 2017. Also, they have a really low chance of entering the Indian market again. Don’t forget to share this article with all those Chevy lovers around you. Also, these cars are still a good option to buy in the used car market so don’t hesitate to buy one if you get it at an attractive price!


  1. I have Chevrolet Sail, purchased by financial help of syndication Bank, still paying premium. We are not getting original parts of the car.
    Requesting Chevrolet to come back to Indian market.

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