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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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10 Car Accessories That Shouldn’t Be Installed Aftermarket

Everyone owning a vehicle always loves to accessorize their vehicle to make it their own. And for that, the aftermarket is loaded with zillions of accessories for your vehicle. Where engineering has a solution to everything some gadgets and accessories are best when avoided. So here are 10 aftermarket accessories one should keep away.

  1. IRVM Screen

    IRVM Screen
    Car Accessories | IRVM Screen

    Many base variant vehicle doesn’t come with a touch screen infotainment system. Hence, one of the cheaper alternatives to that is a display for the IRVM or the Inner Rear View Mirror. This screen does more harm than its use.

    Starting with hampering the visibility behind. Not being a well-engineered product it has reduced reflection. Also, the screen usually can play videos which is a way of distraction and also obstructs the visibility. Best option? Avoid getting one.

  2. Sunroof

    Popup Sunroof
    Popup Sunroof

    Possibly the favourite feature for us Indians is the sunroof. Okay agreed it does lift the overall appeal of the cabin plus adds a premium touch. Also, it is useful when driving in rural areas with fresh air.

    Keeping that aside, a sunroof can also be installed as an accessory. But getting an aftermarket sunroof installed is a bad idea. This is because it hampers the integrity of the roof and the overall structure. Also, most the sunroof may leak under heavy rain and also over time.

  3. Steering Spinners

    Steering Spinner
    Steering Spinner

    Driving with one hand gives a feeling of a pro. But to make things easy, steering spinners are widely used. These spinners can be attached on the steering wheel at any desired location. This helps the driver to steer the car quickly. So, what’s wrong with a wheel spinner?

    Well, steering wheel spinners may vary in quality from low to high. Also, automotive manufacturers don’t recommend these spinners. Where they may make turning the steering fast, the force feedback that the steering offers can suddenly brake the spinner. Voila, that’s an accident waiting to happen.

  4. Faux Seatbelt Buckle

    Faux Seat Belt Buckle
    Faux Seat Belt Buckle

    Previously it was just the driver seat but now even the co-driver gets a seat belt reminder. As we say India has all the jugaads, hence people tend to get an aftermarket buckle to fool the seat belt reminder.

    I guess we don’t have to remind people what seatbelts are for. Nevertheless, those chimes and reminders are for your own good. Say no to seatbelt buckles.

  5. Slip-on Steering grip

    Slip-on steering grip
    Slip-on steering grip

    Covering the car’s steering wheel is a good habit. After all, adding some padding to the wheel increases the overall grip. Meaning? You’ll have a better driving experience from behind the wheel. Also, the interior gets a slightly refreshed look. That said, the market has two types of covers, slip-on and stitched.

    It is the stitched steering grip that more reliable. Talking about the slip-on, it is not at all dependable. For the most part, it’ll fair good in the starting days, but late may slip when turning hard.

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  6. Bull Bars

    Bull Bars
    Bull Bars

    Just like any other accessory, a bull bar is of various types. The one we recommend is on the SUV that replaces the existing bumper. Well, this bull bar may get various tools like a winch and may also increase the approach and departure angle of the vehicle. For you to know these are custom bull bars.

    On the other hand, readily available bull bars may look good on the vehicle but they hamper the structure of the vehicle. Also, they may help to absorb the impact but this may lead to airbag not deploying. Which is dangerous!

  7. Pressure Horn and Hooters

    Useless car accessories
    Aftermarket accessories | Pressure Horn

    These loud pressure horns and hooter are the last things one should want them in their vehicles. Why do we say this? Because these horns put an excessive load on the battery. Also, a relay with the battery is required to power them.

    Secondly, noise pollution surely gets the eardrum of a human rumble and can also lead to permanent damage. Moreover, the loud noise is not feasible for old people as they are sensitive to harsh noises.

  8. LED or HID in reflective headlights

    LED headlight bulb
    Aftermarket Car Accessories | LED headlight bulb

    Still, most of the 4-wheelers on the road get a reflective type halogen headlight setup. That said, this halogen setup does not do justice with the technology we have in the vehicles. So, to increase the visibility at night people tend to get a LED or an HID bulb for the reflective headlight.

    Here, changing the bulb is the cheap and best alternative. Or at least that is what people think. Sure, it is cheaper than changing to a complete projector setup but is one of the least effective. Aftermarket bulbs don’t work properly and may also hamper the overall intensity of the vehicle. Plus, may affect the battery life of the car.

  9. Smoked Headlights

    Smoked Headlights
    Aftermarket Car Accessories |  Smoked Headlights | Image Credits: (1)

    This is the exact opposite of the aftermarket headlights. Where just changing the bulb in a reflective headlight type blinds everyone from the opposite direction, smoked headlights drastically reduce the lumens of the headlight. The result is very poor visibility of the road at night.

  10. Oversized Rims

    Huge wheels and rims
    Aftermarket Car Accessories | Huge wheels and rims

    Many of the SUV owners tend to get oversized wheels for their vehicles thinking it’ll look good. Sure, looks being subjective, they may look good but huge alloy wheels can harm the drive train.

    Bigger wheels translate to bigger contact patch between the road and the tire, meaning more friction and more the friction, the engine has to work harder. Also, the suspension will have a hard time handling those big wheels.

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What is your take on these accessories? let us know in the comments!

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