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Here Are Some Best Car Accessories Available Online

Road trips and long drives give us a euphoric experience but require a lot of time behind the wheels. This experience is adventurous and can be a mesmerizing journey for an individual, taking in the beauty of nature,  bonding over songs with friends, etc. But long trips require better preparations for a better, safe and efficient travel. Evidently, there are a lot of technical upgrading options that one can look into for enhancing their experience on the road.

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Whether it is playing songs, charging your gadgets on the go, keeping your vehicle spic and span or saving yourself in case of an accident. Modern technology has taken charge of each and every aspect to make your ride more comfortable and stress-free.
If you own the latest technology car you won’t be in need of such accessories as they are already packed up with the latest gizmos. But if you don’t, a touch of modern functionality can be crucial for your safety and comfort along the way.

What are the best car accessories for long highway trips?

  1. Car Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): This is one car essential you should definitely have it in your car. TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system is as simple as it sounds. This system helps you monitor the pressure for all the four car tyres. The kit comes with four sensors that go on top of the tyre stem (same as a tyre stem cap). Additionally, there is a locking nut provision that goes over the tyre stem which will prevent theft. These sensors send the signal to a multi-functional monitor which is housed inside the car. The TPMS signals an alarm if it detects abnormal tyre pressure, tyre temperature or tyre leak.
  2. Car Portable Fridge/Warmer: This “cool” gadget is perfect for family use, both indoor and outdoor to chill drinks, beverages and food at optimal temperatures. This portable car fridge comes with the best cooling performance and can cool upto 28° to 30° degrees below ambient temp. No compressor or refrigerant gas required and can run on both AC (110-240V) and DC (12/24V) power.
  3. Inflatable Car Bed: Feeling tired and sleepy? Must have been a long highway trip. Take a quick nap on this inflatable car bed. This portable inflatable car bed comes with a quick fill electric pump that runs using the 12V DC power plug for connecting to car power outlets. A must-have for those very long and tiresome highway trips.
  4. Portable Car Tyre Inflator: This is a portable car tyre inflator. This is your trusty companion you will need during an emergency for your car or motorcycle. It can inflate a standard mid-sized tyre from 0-35 psi in flat 5 minutes. It makes inflating low and flat tyres in emergency easy and more convenient. Never be stranded by a flat tyre again.
  5. Magnetic Car Phone Mount/Phone Holder: Ditch that suction cup phone mounts you bought from the road-side seller. They fall off, they are not sturdy and it poses an obstruction during driving. This revolutionary phone mount is a coin-sized billet that attaches to the car dashboard using 3M double-sided tape. Four neodymium magnets and a metal plate on your phone will ensure a proper sturdy mount. Landscape and portrait mode is no hassle.

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What are some car accessories for your daily office commute?

  1. Blind Spot Mirrors: Your office commute can get tiring real quick. And a tired motorist can lose focus on the road. Your car has a blind spot near the A, B and C pillar. Use this frameless blind spot mirrors which will help you sift through tricky highway traffic without a bump. These mirrors attached to your car ORVM or outside rearview mirror effortlessly. We highly recommend this very nifty add-on.
  2. ALEXA Enabled Car Charger: The Alexa-Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger, as the name suggests, has Alexa built-in a smart charger. You can enjoy over 25000+ skills that Alexa has to offer you. With a word, you can open navigation, control the music library, contact anyone, stream music and execute most of the tasks that you need your phone for. The VIVA charger also provides in-car sound isolation. So, no matter how much noise is hindering, Alexa would be able to decipher your every word accurately. VIVA Car Charger is also able to dash charge devices simultaneously. The Dual USB ports equipped with Anker’s technology help it provide fast charge to any device and hence never lets you run out of fun fuel on your drive.
  3. Car Memory Seat Cushion: This orthopaedic car memory seat cushion is ergonomically designed with a u-shaped cutout that helps in alleviating tailbone/coccyx pain. This cushion is also washable and anti-microbic. The finely stitched cover made with anti-sweat and anti-slip mesh fabric keeps the cushion and your buttocks in place. This is a universal product and can be used in any type of car.
  4. Car Rain-Proof/Anti Fog ORVM Film: This is an anti-fog/anti-glare/anti-mist/waterproof/rainproof film that goes over your car’s ORVM. This product effectively repels water formation over the rearview mirror during a rainy or foggy day. Installation is as easy as installing a screen guard on your phone. This has a universal design compatible with any car ie. hatchback, SUV, sedan which fits all standard size of side mirrors. The secret is a nano hydrophilic PET+ coating that actively repels condensation formation over the mirror.
  5. Car Sun Shade/ Sun Visor: Driving when the sun is at its peak is not fun and tinting car windows is banned in India. Fret not! this universal car sun shade or sun visor is a handy add-on that shaded you from the harsh sun rays. Held on by magnetics, this sunshade is durable and easy to use also keeping your car cool. Don’t worry! this won’t be cop magnet as it is micro-perforated and does not hinder visibility.

What are some best car accessories for safety

  1. Car Dash Camera/DashCam: Dash camera also known as DashCam is a clever little gadget for which you will thank us for suggesting. We would highly recommend buying the SJCAM SJ400 Wi-fi for your dash camera usage. The SJ4000 wifi is a superb dashcam which uses NTK96650 chip and AR0330 sensor equipped with a wide-angle lens. Its is small in size, hardly noticeable from outside the car and can record good quality HD videos both during the day and night. It also supports wifi function hence, you can quickly save any clip you want. The SJCAM SJ4000 supports internal storage of up to 32GB. Installation is very easy; just put the camera into dashcam mode (find it in the settings), hook up a good length of micro USB to a full-size USB socket, and you are done! The camera powers on only when you start the car and goes to standby when you turn-off the ignition. Tip: Use the camera in 720P 30FPS to record greater length of video clips.
  2. Car Reverse Parking Camera: Another must-have! We highly recommend you to invest in a good reverse parking camera with sensors. Comes with a night-vision (sort of) camera that works as guidance when reverse parking or parallel parking. We can stress it enough. Parking in India is already a tasking job and this sweet like gadget with make it a breeze, trust it. Save yourself and your car.
  3. All-In-One Car Life Saving Tool: The probability of ever getting into a dangerous situation is quite low. Experts say that you have about 30 seconds to escape from a sinking car and less if by any chance you get into a car accident. See, the chances are slim but not none. So preparing for such a moment is just being precautious. AutoXcape Life-Saving tool is multi-tool which can help you escape in such emergency situations.
    It provides you with a tool to slash through the seat belt, in case you are stuck. The tool will also help you to bash through a window, if unable to open it or if it is stuck. It is also equipped with a flashlight so that you can signal anyone for help. In an unpredictable world, where you can find yourself stuck in an emergency situation at any moment. It is always wise to be equipped with a power tool that can help you out in such situations.
  4. Heavy Duty Tyre Clamp: A good covered parking space in India is scarce and you must invest in this product if you park your car outside your house or on the side of the road. This is a heavy-duty tyre camp that will completely immobilize the vehicle physically. Made from premium quality alloys and ABS which offers you the strong, durable, sturdy clamp. It is also soft coated with PVC so that it will not scratch or damage the wheel rims. Painted in bright yellow and red colours to make it highly visible during day and night,
  5. Car First Aid Kit: A first aid kit in your car accessories package should be THE priority. You should definitely have things like; Band-Aids, gauze pads, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, antiseptic and hydrocortisone cream, antiseptic wipes other pain-relieving medication. Read this in-depth article on First Aid Essential for your car.

What are some cool must-have car accessories?

  1. Car Seat Organiser: This thing is a multi-functional car seat organiser designed to provide the perfect way to organise common travel-related things. This organiser hooks on to the back seat and can easily hold two bottles, mobile phones or a full-screen tablet, umbrella and other belongings like important papers in an organized way. No more hassle of losing things in your car accessories package. Made of high-quality PU leather this multi-functional organiser is wear-resistance, scratch-proof and anti-slip.
  2. Mini Car Trash Can/Swachha Can: As the name suggests, this is a car trash can. Hyundai provides something very similar named Swachh Can in their cars. This handy and ultra-convenient car accessories will help you get rid of all your unwanted trash in your car. This takes a minimal amount of space and is compact enough to fit any type of car cup holder. Do your car a favour and buy one!
  3. Car HUD (Heads-Up-Display): HUD or Heads-Up-Display use your car OBD 2 port to stream data from your car to the windshield up ahead. This device sits on the dash and wirelessly mirrors everything like car speed, RPM, fuel level, battery voltage and many parameters right up on windshield in front of your eyes. Universally plug and play with a 5.5 large screen and high-definition display. This will not hinder your view and is a cool gadget you can have in your car.
  4. Car Trunk Organiser: This is a wild guess, but almost every car plying on Indian roads has a messy boot (or “Diggy” as us Indians affectionately call). This car trunk organiser is a must-have if you are a car hoarder. Buy this and get rid of all the clutter!
  5. Car Electric Kettle: Fancy a warm beverage on the go? Well, do we have the right stuff for you! This is an electric kettle that is exactly like a household kettle except it is for your car. This dual-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel tumbler is the ultimate travel mug. This kettle maintains a temperature of 60°C – keeping your tea or coffee warm and drinkable while you’re on the travel. Ergonomically designed and is compatible with most vehicle cup holders. Can heat water, coffee, milk, tea and more. Plug-in to your car’s 12V power supply and enjoyed a warm drink on the go!
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