Why should you buy a dash camera in India?

Indian roads are truly incredible. You might face a variety of characters on the Indian roads. From a stray dog or animal to a rash driver and from a lost pedestrian in the middle of the road to some unwanted goons.

While on the Indian roads one truly has to give his or her 100% when driving. A slight distraction and it might cost you dearly. In 2017 alone there were more than 4,00,000 reported road accidents in our country.

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Apart from car accidents, there are several cases of road rage which might prove fatal for the victims or even a hit and run case in which the accused mostly fleas away from the nab of the authorities.

These facts, figures and incidents are enough alone to give you a good enough reason for why there should be something that can prevent these untoward incidents to some extent.

So, what should be done? Dash cams. Yes, dash cams can prove out to be the answer to such incidents and give us a good enough reason for why they can be beneficial.

What is a Dash Cam?

In layman terms, a dashcam is simply a small, windscreen mounted in-car camera recording everything in front of the car and sometimes even the rear.

How does a Dash Cam work?

A dashcam is usually mounted on the front windscreen (and not the dashboard actually, as it might block the view) and it starts recording as soon as the car is in the ignition.

The recordings are stored in an SD card which then usually takes quite some time to fill up and if your dashcam variant has a loop recording feature it automatically deletes the recordings which are old to make storage for the new one. So, it actually is very efficient in its work.

Are Dash Cams legal in India?

Well, there is no specific law about dash cams in India. So as far as the utility goes then, yes. A dash cam in your car is similar to a CCTV at your property. As far as the purpose of the use is personal there shouldn’t be any objection.

Although, when you are visiting the premises of any defence establishments do take prior permissions and if they ask you to, you might have to disintegrate your dash cam. Any defence establishment in the country has a set of its own military laws which might supersede any civil law.

What are the advantages of using a dash cam in India?

  • I’ve got proof
    A dash camera in India can surely be a boon. With the kinds of incidents that take place in our country, a dash cam can come in handy. You can actually use it in case there is any untoward incident.
  • It’s not my fault
    There have been many reported cases of people jumping in front of the cars just to make you loosen your pockets into paying you for the ‘damages’. While as much as you try to explain that it wasn’t your fault you’re not able to get out of it. This is where footage in your dash cam can be advantageous.
  • Sir, that’s not legal
    While the Traffic Police is a tough task and kudos to their hard work which makes our life on the roads easier and safer but as much as you try to avoid it you might face some unscrupulous cops who might try to extort you or take an illegal route.
  • It’s recording
    The incidents of road rage are rising rampantly in India. To avoid these incidents and to instil a sense of fear in the goons, dash cams can be the tool to look out for.
  • Did you do this?
    Parents of teens usually face this problem of their kids sneaking out the car. With a dashcam, you can surely know about the mischiefs of your wards. Moreover, some of the dash cams can actually live to stream the footage from your dashcam to your mobile phone.
  • You missed it
    Indian roads are amazing. What’s even more amazing is the kind of experience you can have on these roads. You can capture some amazing moments like a sunset or sunrise on a highway or a rare animal that you spot on the road even.

How to choose the best dash cam?

Before hopping on some amazing dash cam options let’s enlighten you with the things that matter in a good dash cam.

  • A Good Chipset: A good chipset in a phone or a laptop allows you to seamlessly use your phones. The same goes for dash cams. A good chipset in a dash cam helps it record incidents without any lag or deficiency.
  • Video Resolution: A dash cam with a poor resolution is like a smartphone without the internet. Just an amazing but useless piece of technology. Dash cams can have a resolution of ultra 4k these days. But if your budget is restricting you, then go for at least an FHD resolution dash camera.
  • WiFi and GPS: These might sound a bit fancy in a dashcam but these features come in handy in case of theft or in any emergency situations.
  • G Sensor: A G sensor (Gyro sensor) enables a camera to record and save the video in case of an accident or upfront collision.
  • Loop Recording: This feature efficiently records any incident on a dash cam and removes the older footage in order to use the limited memory. Although, this feature makes sure that it doesn’t delete footage which is recorded due to the G sensor.

Best Dash Cams in India

  1. Nextbase 522GW: The Nextbase 522GW comes with a GPS tracker and an amazing video quality of 1440p. The dashcam has a built-in Amazon Alexa which allows you to throw commands like ‘start recording’ and ‘stop recording” etc.
  2. Aukey Dashboard Camera: The Aukey Dash Cam comes with a 6 lens recording option in 1080p resolution and also a night vision mode which allows it to record clear footage in low light and dark conditions. The Aukey dash cam is actually a good option due to its stylish and compact design and a competitive price.
  3. Procus Convoy Car Dash Cam: A simple set up, an affordable price and all the major features make it a favourite among buyers. It comes with a parking monitoring system, motion detection and G sensors. All of these features make it the best-sold dash cam on Amazon India.
  4. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam: With all the advanced features and a budget price, this dashcam is one of the best non-screen dash cams in India. It comes with a compact design and a mobile app where you can have a look at your recordings and access them easily.
  5. Blueskysea B1W: It is a Full HD dash camera which mounts on the windshield. This camera rotates 360 degrees which allow you to record some versatile shots. And if these facts don’t impress you enough then you must know that this is the only 5-star rate camera on Amazon.
  6. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera: The 70mai Smart Dash Cam is the device with abilities to disrupt the market. It comes with all the essentials like loop recording, GPS, and a 24-hour monitor option. It is AI integrated and comes with basic voice control capabilities. One striking feature is the Driver Alert System which alerts the driver whenever the vehicle is going out of the line or about to hit another vehicle or an obstruction on the road.
  7. DDPAI Mini3: The DDPAI Mini3 comes with loads of features and is a bit highly-priced than its counterparts. It’s the first 1600P car camera ever built and its wide range of pictures provide some crystal clear pictures of the roads during the day or night.
  8. Transcend DrivePro 200: The Transcend DrivePro 200 comes with 7 layer screen which and infrared filtering which gives out clear pictures even it unsuitable conditions. The camera has an amazing battery backup and a small screen gives it a sleek look as well as proves out to be useful in case you want to have a look at the recorded footage.
  9. Nextbase 112 720P HD: With the compact design and comparatively low price this is a tough competitor for sure. The Nextbase 112 comes with a 720p recording which is easily mountable on the magnetic mount. Although, it runs on your car’s battery but in case the G Sensor identifies a collision it can record videos with the help of its battery backup for around 30 minutes. Its 2.7-inch screen at the back allows you to look at the recordings whenever you want.
  10. Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD: This is the most affordable option when it comes to dash cams. At the price of merely ₹3,000, you get all the basic features of a decent dash camera. Although, for the price you pay there certainly are some cons. Night video quality is not at par with others and the software in the camera usually hangs which makes it a tad bit irritating at times.

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