Filters have been a vital part of our lives ever since we started using machines. While 2020 has taught us the value of filters, purifiers and masks for ourselves, our vehicles have always been dependent on clean filters to ensure proper functionality. Here are all the filters inside your car with the functionality of the roles they play. Here we tell you why each of them is important to have and to changed timely and regularly. Without further ado let’s get started.

  1. Car Air Filter

    CNG car maintenance tips
    Air filter replacement

    This one helps your engine to breathe clean. Among all the car filters, we have the air filter as the first one on our list because this one is the most important one as it works directly with your engine. The car air filter tasks all the contaminants that come in and makes sure that your engine breathes clean! This makes sure that no dust, dirt, pollen, water, road grime goes in the engine bay. You can choose from the biggest range of car air filters with GoMechanic Spares. Have a look here.

  2. Car Cabin Filter

    Clean/ Change the cabin filter
    Clean/ Change the cabin filter

    The second one on our list of car filters is the cabin filter. This one goes behind your glove box and makes sure that the air inside your car cabin is filtered. Whenever you switch on your vehicle’s AC, the air gets filtered through the cabin filter. This rectangular piece of a filter is a part of the ventilation system and makes sure that the air you breathe is free from dust, dirt, pollen, and any other impurity which might cause health issues to you. Buy cabin filters here.

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  3. Oil Filter


    Moving on in our list of car filters, we have the car oil filter. Your car’s engine oil circulates through many components and as a result, get contaminated. The oil filter keeps debris and dirt out of the oil while it circulates through your vehicle’s system. A working oil filter can guarantee you smooth engine operation, better mileage and prolonged engine life. You should go for an oil filter change every 10,000 km. Buy car oil filters from GoMechanic Spares here.

  4. Fuel Filter


    Last but not least, on our list of car filters, we have the fuel filter. This one does the job of removing any impurities that might enter your car’s system with the fuel. The main thing to notice here is that the fuel filter works differently for both petrol and diesel vehicles. For petrol engines, this simply purifies the fuel but in the case of diesel engines, it also prevents corrosion by ensuring that no water build-up takes place. This filter has a bowl-like design and you can simply remove the drain plug to remove any water buildup. Diesel is lighter than water so water settles down easily. Have no clue about what we are saying? Leave it to the experts! Buy fuel filters here.

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