Car Sales Report May 2020 | Indian Automobile Industry Reviving?

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Car sales report – May 2020 was much awaited as this was the first month when the lockdown began to ease and manufacturing facilities and the dealerships resumed operations. COVID-19 has put a halt to many activities that were a part of human life before this pandemic happened. India is still observing a nationwide lockdown but things have eased now. People have now realised that this virus will be a part of our lives for long and therefore, started working with precautions. The automobile industry has also started operating and reviving itself. The sale numbers for May 2020 are out but if we compare it to May 2019, the fall is drastic! Let’s have a look at the numbers now.

Brand May 2020 Sale Number May 2019 Sale Number % Decline in Sales
Maruti Suzuki 13,700 121,018 88.68%
Hyundai 6,883 42,502 83.81%
Mahindra 3,867 20,608 81.24%
Tata Motors 3,153 12,437 74.65%
Renault 1,753 5,949 70.53%
Kia Motors 1.661 N/A N/A
Toyota 1,641 12,138 86.48%
Volkswagen 1,414 2,685 47.71%
MG India 710 N/A N/A
Ford India 571 6,361 91.02%
Skoda 508 1,148 55.75%
Nissan 378 1,858 79.66%
Honda 375 11,442 96.72%
Jeep 93 991 90.62%

Looking at the tabular representation of the car sales report in May 2020, you can easily make out that Maruti Suzuki led the market selling a total of 13,700 units in the last month. However, if you compare this to MSIL’s sale in May 2019, the YoY decline is 88,68%! The decline in sales is obviously due to the lockdown condition due to the pandemic. Considering the current economic situation of the country, people have shifted their focus towards buying essential commodities rather than investing in expensive things like cars.

Maruti Suzuki Swift – Car Sales Report May 2020

Following Maruti, is Hyundai with a total sale of 6,883 units and a YoY decline of 83.81%. Hyundai launched the 2020 Hyundai Creta just before the lockdown and the 2020 Hyundai Verna was launched amidst the lockdown itself! Many carmakers have launched new cars online while the country is still under lockdown. The YoY slump rate for the Korean automaker was recorded at 83.81%.

2020 Hyundai Verna | Car Sales Report May 2020

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Kia Motors did fairly good this time too. But the sales have dropped for them also. Following Mahindra, Tata and Kia are Toyota and Volkswagen which hare the last two members in the table to have a 4-digit sale number. Jeep recorded the least sale in May 2020 and couldn’t even make it to 100! Jeep’s sale was limited to 93 units only.

Skoda Karoq | Car Sales Report May 2020

Talking about the overall movement in the automotive industry, plants have resumed operations and the dealerships are now open too. All of them are following the required preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 36.697 vehicles were sold in India last month. The YoY decline for the car sales report in may was recorded to be 84.65%.