Maruti Suzuki has already introduced CNG in almost all the arena cars and other brands like Hyundai are now following them considering the high demand for factory fitted CNG. We have covered facts about factory-fitted CNG and aftermarket kits but the debate is still on where people are confused between CNG vs petrol. In today’s featured, we will try to make certain things clear where we mention the pros and cons of both petrol and CNG cars. Being a natural gas-driven person for over 12 years now, you might think I have a biased opinion but just a reminder, the comments section is still all yours! Let’s begin.

CNG Cars | Pros 

  • Eco-Friendly Fuel

    Hydrogen Enriched CNG
    Gas Station

    CNG is the greenest fuel we have as of now. If you want to contribute towards a green environment and reduce your carbon footprint there is nothing better than switching to CNG. It is better than petrol and of course diesel in regards to the environment. If we talk about the emissions and exhaust gases, the compressed natural gas will significantly reduce your contribution to the atmosphere.

  • Low Running Cost

    cng vs petrol
    CNG Prices

    You might have heard about rising fuel prices several times. Petrol and diesel get a price change daily! CNG remains unaffected though. Even if we take the worst situation into consideration, we don’t see CNG’s price getting anywhere near petrol in the future. It will always remain a cheaper alternative than petrol.

  • Always A Bi-Fuel Vehicle

    CNG car maintenance tips
    CNG car maintenance tips

    Every CNG car that you see on the road is a bi-fuel vehicle. You can run your vehicle on either petrol or CNG depending upon your needs. We mean that you can let the engine run on petrol whenever required and use the CNG mode to cut down your travel expenses.

CNG Cars | Cons

  • Eats up the boot space

    Maruti S-Presso CNG
    Maruti S-Presso CNG

    Most of us think of CNG in a hatchback only. A CNG hatchback has got no boot space at all! If you are 4 or 5 people travelling together, you can’t even imagine carrying luggage with you. All of the boot space is taken by the CNG cylinder itself.

  • Small Tank Size

    Retrofitted CNG
    Retrofitted CNG kit

    Usually, you get a 10kg CNG cylinder when you opt for a kit. A 10 kg cylinder can hold up to 9-9.5kg of CNG which can let you drive short ranges only. There is nothing wrong in saying that CNG cars cannot be used for long travels because you will ultimately have to use petrol once the gas is exhausted.

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  • Performance Issues

    Company Fitted CNG vs Aftermarket CNG | Myths Busted!
    Company Fitted CNG vs Aftermarket CNG | Myths Busted!

    If you are new to the world of natural gas, you will definitely feel the power lags. A CNG car generates lesser power when compared to petrol vehicles. If you have been driving a petrol or diesel vehicle for long, it will take you a considerable amount of time to adjust with a CNG car.

  • The refuelling struggle

    CNG vs Petrol
    CNG refilling

    All of us know the struggle to refill CNG. We have to wait for long and stand in long queues. It might be cheaper than petrol but the amount of time you need to invest to get a refill is also considerable. As they say, time is money, if you value your time and have a busy lifestyle, CNG is definitely not your thing.

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Petrol Only Cars | Pros

  • Cheaper than CNG cars

    Hyundai Aura Front Right Profile
    Hyundai Aura Front Right Profile

    If you take into consideration the petrol and CNG variant of the same car, you would easily find a price difference of 70-80,000 bucks in case of factory-fitted CNG. If you are an aftermarket lover like me, you still need to spend at least 40,000 to get a good CNG kit fitted in your car. Summing it up, CNG cars give you a higher initial cost if compared to petrol cars. In this CNG vs petrol discussion, petrol cars can definitely help you save a few initial bucks when you buy it.

  • Better performance

    2020 Scross Petrol
    2020 Scross Petrol

    They deliver what they are meant to deliver. You will not face any power lag and can experience good pickup on highways and otherwise. Also, NVH levels are lower on petrol cars if compared to their CNG counterparts. This will make your driving experience comfortable and better.

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  • Road trip friendly

    10 Essential services your car needs before a Road Trip - Back to travel Special
    Road Trip

    While petrol tanks are made to hold almost 20-30 litres of fuel, you can easily get petrol in any corner of the country. You might have to struggle to find CNG but petrol and diesel are very easily available and accessible in any corner. Also, unlike CNG, you can be sure of the fuel quantity and set on a road trip. What’s more? You can keep your luggage in the boot!

Petrol Cars | Cons

  • Higher Running Costs

    CNG vs petrol
    Petrol price

    If you have a daily running of over 50 km, you simply cannot afford to commute on petrol. However high your earnings may be, it is never a sensible decision to spend the most of it in commuting. If you travel to a place which is 25-30kms away from your home, there is no point in using petrol to commute.

CNG vs Petrol | Verdict

Well in the war of CNG vs petrol, the petrol cars definitely have an edge because they have got only one disadvantage that is the price. With long-living engines and lower maintenance costs, those who don’t drive their cars much petrol should definitely be the choice. But for those who want to save a few bucks on their commute because they travel too much, CNG can be a saviour.

We have given you a clear picture of the situations you will land in if you go for either of them. Now it’s up to you. Judge your needs, judge your condition and choose wisely! Till then, share this article with all others who want to be a part of this debate and let’s get on a healthy discussion in the comments below? What do you think would make you buy petrol or a CNG car? Comment down below.

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