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The 8 Commandments Of An AMT Gearbox

If you are in the market for a vehicle that possesses an automatic transmission, AMT or an automated manual transmission is the most efficient alternative. By efficient, we mean, an AMT box is relatively light on your wallet by all means. AMT costs less than another transmission; it is less to maintain, and also it returns a better mileage than a manual transmission (if driven responsibly). Talking about driving, there are some commandments you need to know before you get behind the wheel. So, here are 8,

  1. Thou Shall not coast downhill in neutral

    Coasting Downhill in Neutral is BAD
    Coasting Downhill in Neutral is BAD / Image for representation only

    Thou shall not coast in neutral when driving downhill so as to let the engine assist in slowing the vehicle down and also take the load off the braking system.

  2. Thou shall shift modes after halting

    Renault Kwid EasyR AMT Dial
    Renault Kwid EasyR AMT Dial

    Thou shall never shift the gear lever or switch modes of an AMT when the vehicle is in motion so as to extend the life of the gearbox. For instance, one should never change the position of the selector knob to reverse when the vehicle is in moving forward.

  3. Thou shall not shift modes when revving the engine

    AMT Cars (Automated Manual Transmission)
    Maruti Suzuki AGS AMT

    Well, to begin with, it is very harmful to the engine as well as the clutch when one shifts the gear-selector in high reves. Thou shall avoid shifting the gear lever when the engine is high on revs so as to not redline the engine. The driver should not even shift to neutral when the revs of the engine are high.

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  4. Thou shall plan your overtakes beforehand

    Best Mileage from turbo petrol
    Highway Drive

    Thou shall plan your moves like overtakes beforehand so as to keep up the momentum of the vehicle. AMT is not so eager in changing gears, hence it takes time to react to inputs. Even after it reacts, the engine takes its own sweet time o put the power down.

  5. Thou shall not try to drive with both the feet

    Dead Pedal
    Rest your left foot on the Dead Pedal / Commandments of AMT

    If you drive a car with a manual transmission, thou shall not try to drive the vehicle with both feet so as to not brake suddenly. When a person driving manual switches to a car with AMT, the left foot memory function is to depress the clutch. And the force applied to depress the clutch is much more than what the brake peddle requires (mostly). Please try this in n empty parking lot, if you want to.

  6. Thou shall fully depress the brake when standing still

    Slam the Brake Pedal
    Slam the Brake Pedal / Commandments of AMT

    On traffic lights and in heavy city traffic, thou shall completely depress the brake so as to disengage the clutch and make it last longer. Engineers at research and development facilities are smart enough to programme disengaging of the clutch by depressing the brake paddle.

  7. Thou shall not try to aggressively launch the vehicle

    Engine stalling at high RPM
    high RPM / Commandments of AMT

    AMT transmission is best suited for driving at a sedate pace; hence, thou shall not try to launch a vehicle with AMT aggressively. Not only will the vehicle take time, but will also be straining the engines and might slip the clutch.

  8. Thou shall use the brake to hold the vehicle uphill

    Thou shall not use the revs or the engine in am AMT to hold the vehicle on a slope so as to not burn the clutch. Instead, using the handbrake to start moving or a conventional brake to stop the vehicle is a far better option

So, these were the 8 commandments if you plan to buy a vehicle with an AMT transmission. In the comment section, let us know which automatic transmission you prefer and why.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.



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