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11 Most Common Problems with the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

While we were exploring our workshop data, we came across another very popular Maruti Suzuki car which was troubling its owners in some or the other way. Today, we will take you through the most common Ertiga problems. These problems have been reported by the owners themselves but we can’t say that each and every Ertiga owner has encountered this problem. This one is strictly according to what we have experienced repairing Ertiga for over 4 years now. If you haven’t encountered any of the below-mentioned problems, this article might be the wake-up call for you to get it checked!

  1. The DDiS 200 Diesel Noise

    1.3 litre DDiS on Maruti Suzuki Swift
    1.3-litre DDiS | Credits IndianAutosBlog

    The Fiat-sourced DDiS that you would find on Maruti Ertiga was a really good engine but the engine noise troubled many owners. In the present day too, when we get a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in our workshop, multiple users complain about the high level of noises coming from the diesel engine which makes their driving experience somewhat troublesome. Therefore, this is the first one of the common Ertiga problems.

  2. Engine Oil Leakage

    Know Your Engine Oils | Car Engine Oil Grades Explained
    Car Engine Oil

    Another one among common Ertiga problems that have been reported by the users is the leaking engine oil. This is mostly due to the low-quality products used during the manufacturing process. The rubber seals often fail in the Ertiga due to the high operating temperature or maybe the pressure that the engine oil has to undergo. We suggest you get your engine’s seals checked every time you take your beloved car for service!

  3. Sudden Power Loss

    Facelift | Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
    Facelift | Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

    Another common problem that Maruti Suzuki Ertiga owners have reported is a sudden power loss that the owners face at high speeds. Many owners have told us that the engine suddenly loses power once they try to hit high speeds. They have to downshift in order to regain the momentum. This issue has been reported by many petrol as well as diesel Ertiga owners and therefore, this problem is also here on our list of common Ertiga problems.

  4. Braking Issues (Drums)

    Drum Brakes
    Drum Brakes

    While most Ertiga owners say that they feel a lag in braking and experience a higher stopping distance than other cars, we have ourselves fixed a massive amount of Ertiga drum brakes. This is also one of the most common Ertiga issues. We guess the drums ain’t rolling quite well for Ertiga owners!

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  5. Gearshift Issues

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Ertiga Gear Lever

    Another one among common Ertiga problems that have been reported by many owners is the shifting issue. We have come across many such Ertiga where owners face issues in gear shifting especially while shifting from 1st to 2nd. Also, engaging the reverse gear is quite challenging at times when the gear simply fails to engage in the first attempt! This is a quite common issue in MS cars and Ertiga being the MPV of the same family encounters the issue as well.

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  6. Misplaced Clutch Pedal

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Ertiga Clutch pedal | Credits

    Most of the Ertiga owners have complained about the clutch pedal going bad after a certain number of kilometres. Talking about the issue in detail, the clutch pedal refuses to retain its normal position and hangs down below from where it is meant to be. This, in turn, leads to faster wear and tear of the clutch plate and assembly. So if you are an Ertiga owner and have started feeling that the clutch is not coming back to its normal position, you should get it checked it ASAP.

  7. Door hinges Squeaking

    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

    While we were reporting common problems faced by Swift owners, many readers told us that they have been facing this problem in the Ertiga too. We don’t know what’s wrong with Maruti Suzuki’s door hinges but the squeaking noise from the doors is also one of the most common Ertiga problems that not only owners and users but readers have also reported to GoMechanic!

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  8. Engine Rattling

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Common Ertiga Problems

    The engine under the hood of this MPV might be one of the most fuel-efficient engines in the Indian market but owners have reported that they have experienced a rattling noise as they continue to use the engine for higher kilometre readings. Putting it in simple words, the diesel engine is already noisy and the petrol engine has also made the owners experience rattling sounds which are definitely not a good thing coming from such a successful automaker.

  9. Power Window Lag

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Ertiga Power Windows

    Not only Ertiga, but almost every Maruti Suzuki car encounters this problem with age. I myself am a WagonR owner and face the same issue where the passenger side power window simply denies to roll up! Swift, Dzire and Ertiga owners have also faced the same problem many times. We don’t know why Maruti Suzuki is not working on this one after being reported so many times.

  10. 3rd Row Space Issues

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Ertiga Third Row

    Although the new Ertiga has got an improved cabin space, the people who own the older gen Ertiga have complained about the third row being too uncomfortable for an adult to fit-in! Although Ertiga is commonly seen as a cab, people who get to sit in the last row usually complain about comfort. Above is the latest-gen Ertiga which has got an improved space in the third row and now the users are relatively more satisfied!

  11. Negligible Boot Space (When the 3rd row is up)

    Common Ertiga Problems
    Ertiga Boot Space Issue

    Well, its an MPV so its meant to carry more than 5 people. But compromising the boot space to integrate the 3rd row isn’t a fair deal! Maruti Suzuki simply ignored the boot space that an Ertiga owner would be left with if he plans to go on a family vacation. If the 3rd row is occupied by the passengers, you are left with a boot space which is even lesser than a hatch! This is one of the most common problems encountered by Ertiga owners who have a big family and expect Ertiga to be a real MPV because it really is!

These were the most common Ertiga problems that have been reported by the owners, drivers and passengers who have experienced the older generation versions of the Ertiga. Share this article with all the Ertiga owners and ask if they have encountered any of the above-mentioned problems!

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    • Hi James,

      It’s great to know that you have not faced any of the said issues in your Ertiga. Note that all the problems mentioned above are sourced from the data from our workshops. Stay tuned!

  1. Is there same problems in maruti suzuki ertiga 2020 latest model that is zxi plus because I am also using it I am not facing these type of all the problems such as boot space because in new ertiga boot space about 300 litres and when 3rd row is up and 3rd row space is also good no problem there also and now there is automatic gear transmission available so gear shifting is also not a problem do far.

    • Hi Aryan
      Talking about your 2020 Ertiga, things have improved. With increased boot space and automatic transmission, you can definitely say that Maruti has made the Ertiga better. However, some of the problems still persist. If you face any problems with your car, GoMechanic will be happy to help you out!

  2. i am not facing any such problem at all.. Most of the facts people are aware while puching only like 3rd row space and boot space.. Not diesel model is discontinued hence that problem also doesn’t exist.. In new model brake is different mechanism hence that problem also doesn’t exist…

    Over allbyou need to review your article once again..
    Ya facing problem in hybrid battery as i have not seen it fully charged even once

    • Hi Pranav
      Glad to hear that your Ertiga is not delivering any of the issues mentioned by us. Just to let you know these issues were curated from our extensive workshop data and the article doesn’t suggest that a single owner has experienced multiple issues.
      Happy Motoring!

  3. Its been 8years since im driving Ertiga! Yes! There is engine noise n rattling in my car, but knowing the fact that its been 8years and running 1.25 lac km, i can understand at that price point. Yes there is braking issue sometimes but not all the time. And i didn’t encouner any power loss at high-speed!

    • Hi Sumit
      It’s great to know that you haven’t faced a power loss. However, as mentioned in the article, the problems listed are from our workshop data and just like you, others have faced some or all of the problems!
      Happy motoring!

  4. Im having my 2018 Ertiga and dont encounter those problems , I dont know why for others?
    But one of the problems not listed is the paintwork which I found to be inferior. Easily get scratched especially along the edges of the door runners (which i noticed recently) .My legs are always rubbing the edge unconciously thus exposing the primer coat. What I did to minimize it is by sticking a tape along the edges which I bought online.

    • Hi Carlos,

      The issues and problems stated in this write-up are collated from various Ertiga owners who have got their cars serviced from GoMechanic.
      The problem you are stating is also often reported in earlier models of the Ertiga.

  5. I own a 2015 ertiga zxi. Had driven in various conditions. Never felt the power loss. Breaking issues, yes a bit. Only major issue I experienced is After 50k kms, milage in City drive went down drastically. Get around 6 to 7 kms per litre in city drive now. Previously this was around 12 kmpl. In my case, Single owner and single driver. Test drive on highways always shows 18plus kmpl. Replaced the clutch plate at 87k. Still no success.

    • Hi Hemanth
      Our article is based on what our customers have faced. Multiple customers face multiple issues just like you said you faced one! We have collected all the issues and put them at a single place!
      THanks for commenting.

  6. I own an 2012 Ertiga-VXL petrol passed 8yrs todate self driven without a single hitch. But due to coronavirus lockdown the Battery died, Air-conditioner dehydrated just got both replaced/recharged everything perfect and zooming ….

    • Hi Vijay
      GoMechanic is a network of multibrand car service centres. We also provide spares for all the car brands available PAN India. We are not associated with Maruti in any manner.

  7. I want to ask u question regarding latest version of CNG WITH PETROL , what’s ur opinion about that whether to buy or look for other option which would be better..

    • Hi Ramesh
      No doubt Maruti Susuzki’s CNG technology is appreciably good but considering the Ertiga is an MPV and is meant for long trips with all the family members. Ertiga CNG can’t deliver the power required to pull the car with full occupancy. Also, refilling can be an issue on long routes too. Within city limits, Ertiga CNG can serve your purpose of saving on fuel very well!

  8. I have 2012 gx ertiga, still can reach 160kmh with no problems. Enggine no roblem, no leaks, ratle yes, the air intake ratle, The brake yes its rumbling. Boot sometimes yes.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a value for money car for sure. Please note that all the problems listed in the article have been reported by customers at our workshops. Glad to know that you have not faced such issues. Stay tuned!

  9. I am owning 2015 diesel engine, i am also facing first and second gear shifting problem. I am from Kalyan Maharashtra. My contact number is 9834910254. Service mechanic told me to replace of syncroniser.

  10. I am owning 2015 diesel engine, i am also facing first and second gear shifting problem. I am from Kalyan Maharashtra. My contact number is 9834910254. Service mechanic told me to replace of syncroniser.

    • Hi Rajan,
      Both of the cars are good in their respective segments. It all depends on what you want from the car. If 7 seater is what you need, Ertiga it is. In addition, the lower variant of the Seltos is deprived of many basic features. Again, Ertiga is what we’ll recommend. But on the contrary, you could also look at some other brands. Stay Pinned! 🙂

    • Hi There
      The article is based on the true user experience of Maruti Ertiga users. This covers common problems reported by both petrol and diesel Ertiga owners (previous-gen) models.
      However, you are correct about the fact that the DDiS engine is no longer on sale

  11. These problems will happen when you don’t maintain your car every car have these type of problems
    I saw many people who didn’t clean their car properly and use them dirty so anything van happen if you are not maintain your car whether it is maruti or honda

    • Hi Rajakadhir
      Ertiga is surely a good pick if you want and MPV in a decent budget. However, considering the poor build quality of MSIL, you can consider buying the Mahindra Marazzo too. Just have your hands on it once and then decide!

  12. GOOD DAY,

    • Hi Eric,
      The Ertiga mentioned in the article is the Indian version. Also, we are sure that these problems are something not present in the model overseas. Stay Pinned!

  13. Guys my doubt is , all the previous cars were sourced by Fiat 1.3 liter engines , which we all know , its a top best manufacture of engines world wide , now the K15 petrol 1.5 liter engine its a own maruti in house made , what is your opinion in that , how reliable & efficient in terms of 10+ yrs , with respect to torque , power and other general terms etc etc….

    • Hi Hareesh,
      When it comes to petrol engines, Suzuki is by far one of the best petrol engine manufacturer across the globe. Well, after Honda. But this doesn’t mean they are not good. Now, coming to the specifications Suzuki’s petrol engines have a really good low end with no compromise in the mind and top end. Specifically talking about the K15 engine, it is peppy, super refined and rev-happy. Hence if you are considering buying one with this engine, we can say you’ll not be disappointed. Stay Pinned! 🙂

  14. Good day I have problem with stabilize bar link both sides and 3rd gear its difficult to select , and I have oil leak between the gear box and clutch

  15. Hi I own a 2021 Suzuki ertiga the brakes sometimes slip and reverse is a problem on first from south africa


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