With Ford announcing the news of ceasing manufacturing in India, not only the avid Ford fans, but even the critics are emotional. After all, Ford has been in the game for more than 25 years, growing with the nation and its developing mobility. With several models, thousands of dealerships and millions of happy customers, Ford’s departure is nothing short of a sad ending. But when it comes to Ford’s farewell, there’s no better tribute than fondly remembering the brand’s iconic models that were not just vehicles, but emotions.

  1. 2003 Ford Endeavour

    The OG Endeavour First Generation

    For over 18 years, the Endeavour is a name that has had its own cult here in India. And while the latest Endeavour has its own charm, it can never match the hype that was created by 2003, first-generation Ford Endeavour. With humongous dimensions and commanding looks, the Endeavour was as American as it could get. Being a shadow of Ford’s classic SUV legacy, the Endeavour was an instant success in India. This was largely due to the massive 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine that the machine offered, which could produce a maximum power of 108 PS; something that was quite high for that time. And to add up to the charm, the 2003 Ford Endeavour also brought in 4WD, which made it the enthusiast’s go-to car.

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  2. 2004 Ford Fusion

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    The 2004 Fusion

    Back in 2004, when MPVs and Crossovers wasn’t the hype, Ford decided to bring an iconic vehicle to India; the Ford Fusion. Debuting as a high-roof, MPV-hatchback crossover that could seat 5 in supreme comfort, the Fusion can be credited with starting the Crossover segment in India. With no actual competitor in place, the Fusion was regarded as one of the most practical vehicles back then, which came with a plethora of features such as automatic headlamps, Bluetooth connectivity with voice control, ESP, dual airbags etc. that weren’t just segment-first, but were also India-first! Available with either a 1.6-litre naturally-aspirated or a 1.4-lire naturally aspirated Diesel motor, the Fusion was the first choice when it came to practical Indian cars that were actually worth the money.

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  3. 2008 Ford Ikon Generation 2

    The New Ford Ikon
    The 2008 Ikon

    Based on the globally sold Ford Fiesta, Ford launched its luxury sub-compact sedan Ford Ikon back in 1999. As a supremely successful sedan, the Ikon paved Ford’s way deep into the Indian market. Known for delivering sheer performance, that even rally cars couldn’t deliver back then, the Ikon received its second generation in 2008. With completely refreshed grille-less exteriors, the Ikon also received its greatest gift; the Duratorq engine family, which gave the Ikon its iconic 1.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine that took the Ikon’s performance to a whole new level, making it India’s very own JOSH machine.

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  4. 2010 Ford Figo

    Hatchbacks with best road presence
    The 2010 Figo

    Much like the Endeavour, the Figo too has had its own share of evolution in the Indian market. But if you ask us, the first generation 2010 Ford Figo will always remain immortal. With a name that loosely translated to “cool”, the Figo was damn cool and we mean it. Built on the Fiesta B platform, the Figo had all the punch it needed thanks to lower kerb weight. When paired with its 1.4-litre TDCI Diesel engine, the Figo was no match in terms of ride quality and handling.  Even with the 1.2-litre petrol burner, the Figo did great. And adding to Figo’s charm was its superb build quality that was highly admired back then. Despite the latest Figo being a highly exciting hatch, it still is no match in front of the first-gen veteran.

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  5. 2011 Ford Fiesta 1.6S

    The 2011 Fiesta 1.6S

    The successor to the Ford Ikon, the Ford Fiesta was another sedan with which Ford struck the bull’s eye. The strongest suit of the Fiesta was its sorted suspension set up and hydraulic steering, which looked even the worst roads in the eye, and took em on like an absolute pro. And even though the Fiesta’s 1.4-litre TDCI performed quite well, the Fiesta’s performance was taken to the seventh heaven by the 1.6 litre Duratorq motor that produced a power-packed 106 PS. The engine is still remembered for its extremely balanced power ratio that outperformed competitors in all rev bands. And as legends say, the Fiesta 1.6 could actually reach the 7000RPM deadline that drew enthusiasts towards the Fiesta like a bee is drawn towards honey. But what made the Fiesta immortal was the special edition 1.6S that was dubbed as the sportier iteration of the Fiesta.

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  6. 2015 Ford Eco Sport 1.0 Litre Eco Boost

    Remembering the Ford Ecosport 1.0L Ecoboost
    The Ecosport 1.0L Ecoboost

    Remembering Ford’s legacy in India, it would be a sin to miss Eco Sport. Completely revolutionizing the compact SUV segment in India, the Ford Eco Sport has been a work of art ever since it was launched back in 2013. And with its own share of evolution, the Eco Sport surely came a long way. But what strikes a chord every time the word Eco Sport is mentioned is the 2015 Eco Sport came with the iconic 1.0 Litre Eco Boost engine, that despite being a 999 cc 3-cylinder unit, packed in 123 PS of power with 170 NM of torque!. With the 1.0 Litre Eco Boost, Ford proved what it was capable of with the Eco Boost bagging the “Engine of the Year” award for 5 consecutive years. Known for agility and driving dynamics that are seldom matched nowadays, the 2015 Eco Boost Eco Sport is hands down the best Eco Sport there ever will be.

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    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

    With teary eyes and emotional minds, we bid our goodbyes to Ford’s journey in India. But with several iconic models paving their way into our hearts, Ford will always be there. After all, memories last forever. Till, then comment down about your favourite Ford models, and your memories attached to them.

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