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10 Hatchbacks In India With The Best Legroom!

Rear seat comfort is something that almost every buyer looks for in a car. Irrespective of the segment, good legroom usually translates to good seat comfort. While legroom is not an issue in sedans and bigger SUVs, hatchbacks often lack in this matter. So today, we have a list of 10 hatchbacks with the best legroom for you and your family!

  1. Tata Altroz

    Let’s start with a premium hatch from Tata. The Altroz is an excellent car for someone looking for good features, safety, and premium appeal. With a wheelbase of 2,501mm, the Altroz offers excellent legroom and overall cabin space. Prices start at Rs. 6.34 Lakhs, ex-showroom.Tata Altroz DCA Opera Blue

  2. Maruti Baleno

    Next up on this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom is the Maruti Baleno. The Baleno is a direct competitor to the Tata Altroz. The Baleno is considered to be one of the most comfortable cars in this segment due to the cabin space and the ride quality. A long wheelbase of 2,520mm helps the Baleno offer excellent legroom to the rear seat passengers. The Baleno starts at Rs. 6.49 Lakhs, ex-showroom. 2022 Maruti Baleno

  3. Maruti Swift

    India’s favorite hatch, the Swift also makes its way to this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom! This is one of the most versatile cars in the segment that can be very comfortable and very fun to drive at the same time. A wheelbase of 2,450mm ensures that the cabin is well spread out and rear seat passengers have the maximum legroom. Prices for the Swift start at Rs. 5.92 Lakhs, ex-showroom. top selling cars june 2021

  4. Hyundai i20

    Inarguably the most expensive car on this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom is the Hyundai i20. With prices going as high as Rs. 13 Lakhs for the N-Line variant, does the i20 offer good comfort? Or is it all about features, looks, and performance? Well, the i20 is a very comfortable car to be in. Especially the regular variants. The cabin is very roomy, the windows are large enough, and the suspension is very well-tuned. Features like the sunroof make the cabin feel all the more spacious. Legroom is not an issue because it gets a large wheelbase of 2,580mm, which is the largest in the segment. 10 cars with highest waiting period

  5. Toyota Glanza

    Maruti Baleno’s twin from Toyota also makes it on this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom. The Baleno and the Glanza share everything, apart from aesthetics and hence the wheelbase is also identical. What makes the Glanza feel a bit more spacious is the beige inserts in the interior. The Baleno on the other hand gets a black/dark blue theme which makes it feel a bit compact.

  6. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

    Stepping down a segment, the i10 is one of the most comfortable cars in its league. A wheelbase of 2,450mm, and good space management make a lot of room for rear passengers. Added features like rear AC vents enhance the experience and makes the passengers feel more comfortable. The i10 currently starts at Rs. 5.42 Lakhs, ex-showroom.
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  7. Maruti WagonR

    Another Maruti on this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom! The WagonR is India’s most popular cab and it holds that position for a reason. It offers excellent legroom and the cabin is also pretty wide. Even with a wheelbase of 2,435mm, Maruti has managed to make the WagonR a very spacious car. Prices start at Rs. 5.47 Lakhs, ex-showroom. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

  8. Renault Kwid

    The Renault Kwid also makes its way to this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom! The SUV-styled design on this hatchback helps it be one of the most spacious cars in the segment. The wheelbase stands at 2,422mm, which is much longer than the competitors. It also gets a rear-center armrest, which is a first in this segment. Prices for the Kwid start at Rs. 4.64 Lakhs.Renault Kwid Neotech Edition

  9. Maruti Celerio

    This is the last Maruti here, promise! The Celerio is also a very popular cab in India. The wheelbase on this one is identical to the WagonR and hence it also offers good space at the rear. Passengers have enough legroom and headroom, however, the cabin is not wide enough to seat 3 people comfortably. The prices for Celerio start at Rs. 5.23 Lakhs, ex-showroom.2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio

  10. Tata Tiago

    The last one on this list of hatchbacks with the best legroom is the Tata Tiago. One of the most fun to drive and urban-looking cars in the segment! The Tiago shares its platform with the Tata Tigor and has a wheelbase of 2,400mm. This is just 50mm less than that of the Tigor. This is not the biggest number in the segment, but the legroom is more than sufficient for people below 6ft. Prices start at Rs. 5.45 Lakhs, ex-showroom.

Which one of these hatchbacks would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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