Rising pollution in the country particularly all the metro cities, the government has no choice but to implement stricter exhaust emission norms. BS6 emission regulations will be implemented for the 1st of April this year. CNG fuel is considered as a green fuel, emitting less harmful exhaust gases.

This has lead to the development of different ways suitable for reducing the number of harmful gasses emitted from the exhaust of the vehicle. Different ways include the introduction of 100% electric vehicles, making some big or small changes in diesel as well as petrol engines to meet those requirements. One such option is amongst us for a long time and has got more reliable than before. Installation of CNG (Compressed Natural) Gas kits in the petrol vehicles. 

CNG not being safe is a myth. Now through several years, the technology to run petrol cars on CNG has become safe as well as more efficient.CNG kits are getting more and more popular due to the gradual increase in the prices of diesel and petrol. CNG on an average cost around Rs.40/Kg which is way less as compared to the other two. Running your car on petrol and CNG have their pros and cons.

CNG station
CNG station | definitive guide

Gaining tremendous popularity, car manufacturers have started providing a company installed CNG kit which is like a cherry on the cake as it gives a sense of security and vehicles’ warranty is intact.

Which is better petrol or CNG?

Both CNG, as well as petrol, have their own pros and cons depending upon the parameter. The ways through which a fuel can be studied are.

  • Performance–  Petrol leading this hands down. An engine running on petrol has more power as compared to its counterpart. 
  • Economy– Considering the price of petrol and CNG petrol is a less economic solution. The cost of petrol per liter is more as compared to the other fuel. Added to that is the cost of long term CNG vehicles is more as compared to the petrol car. Yet doing the math and adding all the affecting factors CNG is about Rs. 3-4 per Km cheaper than its rival fuel.
  • Pollution– Petrol emits more harmful gases like Nox and Cox, on the other hand, CNG is more known for producing reduced harmful gases but emitting less harmful Greenhouse gasses.
  • Convenience– The worst drawback of CNG is the reduced boot space to accommodate the huge CNG cylinder. CNG as a fuel is not available everywhere. Installation may lead to a change in the vehicle dynamics of the vehicle.
  • Safety- Considering the fact that CNG is safe but not as safe as petrol. Being a gas it is more prone to leakage and catching fire.
Green fuel| Guide
Green fuel| Guide

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel vs Electric vehicle

A person in the current word going out to buy a car has 4 powertrain options (i.e CNG, petrol, diesel and an EV) and buying a vehicle is one of the most crucial decisions of one’s life.

  • The first and foremost reason affecting the car buying decision is the kilometers running per day of the car maintenance cost is also a big factor.
  • This is where the Diesel vehicles take a step back. Having high maintenance and the introduction of BS6 has made diesel vehicles even more expensive.
  • For petrol and CNG its kind of mixed bag. A vehicle running on petrol has a low overall buying cost and low maintenance. The difference is because of the prices in the fuels.
  • This is where a CNG vehicle comes. A petrol engine can easily run on a CNG fuel with minor tweaks. Having nearly the same maintenance and buying cost as petrol and fewer fuel costs CNG fairs as low investment and is friendly to the pocket to some extinct.
  • After the enlightenment about the environment EV makes much more sense for a person daily commuting from home to his/her workplace. EV is low running and maintaining costs. The buying price is where this fails. Being a new concept it is expensive than any other car type.

Fuel Prices

  • CNG*- ₹45.20
  • Petrol*-₹71.89
  • Diesel*-₹64.66

* – The prices are of Delhi and may vary with state.

CNG in vehicles

The two kinds of CNG equipment in the market are the factory fitted or retrofitted.

Factory Fitted CNG kits

  • Some cars come equipped with a CNG kit straight from the factory.
  • Those CNG kits are specially designed for a particular vehicle and cannot be installed in any other.
  • Factory Fitted kits are safer as compared to other counterparts but are a bit more expensive to buy as a whole package.
  • In India people usually prefer such cars as they have their warranty intact.
Factory Fited CNG| Guide
Factory Fitted CNG| Guide

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Retrofitted CNG fuel kits

  • Any car running on petrol can be retrofitted with a CNG kit and can run on CNG.
  • These types of kits are universal can be mounded according to the car, resulting in being less safe.
  • The overall cost of the vehicle is lower than the Factory Fitted CNG kits.
  • The biggest con of retrofitting a CNG kit in the vehicle is that the customer loses the vehicle warranty.
Retrofitted CNG
Retrofitted CNG kit

Advantages of using CNG

  • Unlike CNG has a high octane rating of about 120 to about 130.
  • In terms of combustion, the engine carries a better combustion process which results in cleaner exhaust emissions. Emissions are reduced by up to 80% as compared to cars running on other fuels.
  • Cars running on CNG have less NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) levels.
  • The overall running cost of the vehicle is considerably low.


  • It is necessary to check whether the person installing the CNG kit is using the right and genuine CNG kits.
  • With that, it is to note that all the equipments installed in the car are new.
  • The CNG Tank is Hydro tested for any leakage.

Installation of CNG

Installing an aftermarket CNG kit is a typical task. It should be done by professionals or under their guidance. The components of successfully retrofitting a CNG kit are.

  1. Pressure Regulator
  2. Gas/Air Mixer
  3. CNG filling valve
  4. High-pressure Line
  5. CNG tank and valves
  6. Petrol/CNG Selector switch
  7. Manometer
  8. Heating System
  9. Emulator

CNG Aftercare

  • After the installation, the work doesn’t end there. There are specific guidelines for maintaining a vehicle running on CNG.
  • The grade of engine oil for CNG vehicles is different from other counterparts.
  • The vehicle engine is more prone to wear as there is no fluid inside the engine sot frequent engine checkup are necessary for increasing the life of the engine.
  • Running a car on CNG will definitely hamper the performance of the vehicle in a negative way. So one has to be patient while driving one.
  • Air Conditioner of the vehicle takes the drive from the engine which adds more load to it. CNG may or may not affect the cooling system of the vehicle.

What is your take on the CNG as fuel? Do let us know in the comment section.

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    • Every petrol vehicle can be possibly retrofitted with CNG but it is not advised for you to do so, as it might hamper the performance capabilities of the car. You must only do so if the company advises doing so as they do a lot of research regarding CNG fitting of the cars.

  1. Which Brand of CNG Sequential kit do you suggest for Hyundai EON. And will it effect the performance of the vehicles , and is it essential to change the spark plug which specific brand of plug we have to buy.

    • Hi Arun
      Going for a CNG Kit in your Hyundai Eon will make you lose all your boot space as EON has already got a small boot. However, if you still wish to proceed, go for Lovato’s sequential CNG Kit. Please make sure that you don’t end up buying a duplicate product.

    • Hello ms Verma
      BRC would be the best brand for your swift. Make sure all the components are original. You may find a local dealer who is trusted and reputed!
      Thanks for commenting.

      • which brand of CNG kit is advisable on fiat grande punto1.4 2009 model
        many mechanic said that CNG is not successful in punto

        • Hi Faisal
          I agree with your mechanic. Fiat is compatible with CNG. However, it doesn’t deliver great mileage and long term performance on CNG. You shouldn’t go for CNG on your Punto. In case you still wish to, Lovato will be the best brand to choose

  2. I am using 2009 SX4 petrol with milega around 12km/L as it is a 1600CC engine. I am planning to use it for another 2 years, will it be a good option to get a CNG fitted to it and which brand CNG? Any heads up for good dealers in bangalore

  3. Hi I Want to Install Cng in Swift 2016 , Please Suggest Which Brand is Best .
    Different Supplier have Different Opinion

    • Hi Anshul
      Different suppliers have different options! You can go for BRC sequential CNG for you Swift 2016. Also, if BRC is not available, Tomasetto Achille can be a good choice!
      Stay pinned!

    • Hello Sagar
      It is not possible for any car to use both the fuels at the same time. However, when you start your car the engine uses petrol and switches to gas afterwards just to keep itself safe from wear. In case I have misunderstood your concern, please elaborate and put up a new comment. I would be happy to assist.

  4. Helo sir I plan to buy a used BMW can I install cng kit in it? Which cng kit will be good for it? After conversion will the car be eligible to run on Delhi roads after 15 years of its first purchase date?

    • Hi Abhinav,
      Technically YOU CAN fit a CNG kit in a BMW, given its a petrol vehicle. However, please note that, CNG fitment will result in a dip in performance as CNG powered Cars lose 15-20% of the peak power. You might also reduce the lifespan of the engine. We suggest you do proper research and go for only reputed CNG kit manufacturers like BRC, Landi-Renzo, Lovato, SKN, Tomasetto, Unitax, Zavoli ETC

  5. Hi Vishal, you shared a very informative knowledge.
    I want suggestions reg. Beleno Delta 2019. Will it be safe and effective to get change from petrol to CNG ?
    I want an expert advice regarding. Can I go for CNG or not ?

    • Hi Piyushkumar
      You should go for CNG if your daily drive is near 80-100kms. This way you will be able to save on your fuel prices. Considering Baleno 2019 for the retro fitment, the only problem that you would face is your warranty would be void. We advise you to drive the car on petrol only till the date it is covered under warranty. If your warranty gets void, you will face many difficulties in case a major problem occurs in your car.
      Stay pinned for more informative articles!

  6. Hi, i have heard that endorsement of CNG on BS6 vehicle is not happening in Delhi…is there any specific reason behind that.

  7. I need to know about CNG kit for my duster diesel variant. Can any other place other than rear be utilised inbduster for the same. If no do we have small size kits available to occupy less space

    • Hi Mohit
      Conversion of Diesel to CNG is possible however it is not common here in India. You may have trouble finding a perfect mechanic if you go ahead with the same. Landi Renzo does this conversion but we are not sure if you will get this kit easily. Also, small-sized kits would mean lesser gas inside the cylinder so you will have to spend more time at the fuel station which is not a good idea for sure!

    • Hi Sandeep
      Converting diesel to CNG is possible but we don’t have much infrastructure for that as of now. If you anyhow find a dealer who would fit CNG in your diesel car, you will struggle to find a mechanic for sure. It is, therefore, not advisable to convert diesel car into CNG.

  8. Hello Sir
    I have a Hyundai i20 sports abs Prtrol car purchased in 2013 and wish to install CNG Kit in this car.. I want to know will it be a good idea in economic view ? Plz suggest which CNG kit should be fitted ?

    • Hi Balakrishna
      For your i20 2013 model, I would recommend Lovato’s sequential kit. Also, you should go for CNG only if your daily running is around 70-80kms. Otherwise, it won’t be a good idea in an economical way because you would need to get your car serviced more often than you currently do!

    • H Narendra, you can go for Lovato’s sequential CNG kit for your Hyundai i10. Just make sure all the components are original and the kit is not assembled by combining components from different brands.

  9. Hello
    Can i install sequential cng kit to my dec 2005 model santro xing
    What is the engine oil i should use after cng installation
    How to identify if machanic has fitted original cng kit


    • Hi Sanjay
      Considering your Santro is a 2005 model, I won’t recommend a sequential kit. This is because your car’s engine will not be compatible with the ECU of the sequential CNG kit. You can get a normal CNG kit fitted in your car. The brand doesn’t count here as there are simple components in such kits. Just make sure you install all the components from a single brand.

  10. Hello vishal sir,

    I am planning to buy a 2008 honda city zx. Is it a good idea to install cng ? And if yes then which company would be better for Honda city zx ?(considering I’m just a college passed out student and will use this car for 4-5 years atleast)

    Please can you tell me is there any problem in getting registration of cng on rc book if my car is 2008 model ?
    One cng kit provider told me that I wont get registration on rc book if my vehicle is registered before 1st april 2010 …is it true?

    • Hi Shree
      You can surely go for CNG in your Honda City ZX. You can choose between Lovato and Tomasetto Achille. Lovato will cost you a bit higher but has a better reputation in the market too. For the endorsement of CNG kit on your RC, you can contact your nearest RTO and get the formalities done.

    • Hi Kunal
      First of all, I would advise you to get your engine checked and if there is any major problem (considering the distance it has clocked) you shouldn’t invest in CNG. Also, such old engines with high km reading don’t provide a good output on CNG because the components are already weak and can’t adapt to the gaseous fuel.

  11. Is it a good option to install CNG in 2017 ciaz if we talk about mileage and if yes then of which brand should we go for. Also suggest any dealer in North west Delhi.

  12. Hi, Can I install CNG kit in my Ford Ecosport ( Ecoboost) model. Is it successful in same and kindly guide about the brand of kit.

  13. Hi, please suggest, can i install CNG in my BEAT LT Petrol. Which kit you would suggest and also guide about the fitment/performance in my car.

  14. My WagonR is 2005 model and reregistered till 2025 in Uttar Pradesh Lucknow it is 62000km driven… would RTO approve CNG kit in it….

  15. Hi Vishal I have Grand I 10 sports 2016 model running is just 9000 KM is it OK if I get CNG kit installed pls confirm from where should I get it done approximately cost and brand thanks

    • Hi Suresh
      Grand i10 2016 can work well with Lovato’s sequential CNG kit. It can cost you around 40-45k. Just make sure you install all the components of the same brand and don’t end up with an assembled kit in the name of cost-saving. You can go ahead with CNG fitment without any second thoughts about the odometer reading.

    • Hi Digambar,
      CNG is not recommended in the Hyundai Verna 1.6 petrol as it is a large capacity engine and CNG would eventually result in deterioration of the engine. Even then if you want to go for it, Lovato’s CNG kit is the one recommended. Make sure that every component is from the maker. Let us know if we were able to cater to your query.

  16. Hi,
    I have recently purchased 2011 corolla altis automatic. (CVT)

    Which brand of CNG you suggest?

    What would be approximate cost range?

    Is there any issue in automatic cars for retrofitting CNG?

    • Hi Atul
      Corolla Altis works well with CNG. However, you might face some lags because of the automatic transmission. I usually don’t recommend fitting CNG in automatic cars because the drive doesn’t remain smooth anymore. In case you still want to go for it, it will cost you around 40,000 for a good kit. I suggest Lovato for Altis.

  17. i have 2011 i-1o magna amt, now thinking og fitting cng kit. my daily running is only 25 kms. should i go for cng? will amt performance reamins same after fitting?

    • Considering you own an i20 and your daily running is only 25kms, you shouldn’t go for CNG.i20 doesn’t offer a significant change in the mileage so we recommend you to run your car on petrol only.

    • Hi Vishwas
      You can fit CNG in your Hyundai i20 but honestly, don’t expect a great change in the mileage. You should go for Lovato’s sequential CNG kit. For prices, you will have to contact your local CNG dealer or an authorised Lovato dealership.

  18. Hi, I have a Wagon R VXI AMT model. Please suggest which CNG kit is best suited. Any changes in Engine Oil, Spark plug required? Thank you.

    • Hi
      First of all, be very clear about the fact that CNG won’t give you that good results as a manual car. You will face lags in acceleration and gearshifting. Also, for AMT cars, the CNG fitment costs a little higher than manual ones. I don’t suggest fitting CNG in your WagonR AMT. Still, if you wish to go for it, you can go for BRC.


    • Hi Rakesh
      First things first. Don’t expect a drastic change in the mileage because it’s Baleno. It’s a Maruti and will work well with CNG but won’t save you that much on the cost like other Maruti cars like WagonR or Celerio. You can go for BRC without any second thoughts. Mumbaikars love Lovato and that will also be a good option for your Baleno.

  20. Hello
    Vishal I have wagon r vxi 2012 model km 125000
    Please suggest me which cng kit is best suited , and what changes are needed. My Daily running is 100km

    • Hi Manoj
      Considering you have already driven your WagonR for 1.25Lac km, you should first get an engine health checkup done. If your engine is fit enough, you should go for BRC sequential CNG kit.

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