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7 Most Common Problems On The Hyundai i20

None of the machines in this world is ideal machines. That means, no machine is perfect and no machine will last long. One such machine most of us use is the car. In that essence, so vehicle or car is perfect. There are some things, features, and micromachines in the car that can wear off sooner than expected or are broken sooner than expected. That said, today we are looking at such common problems with the Hyundai i20.

NOTE: The common problems listed below are made over time and with the feedback of our customers. Hence, depending upon the use, the vehicle batch and other external factors could generate these problems. This means, not everyone faces these problems, but the majority of them could.

So, before further ado, let’s have a look at the 7 common problems with the Hyundai i20.

  1. Steering column issues

    Hyundai i20 Steering
    Hyundai i20 Steering

    The car’s electric power steering has been known to malfunction, resulting in extremely heavy steering. The motor shuts off automatically to prevent overheating and burnout, which is what causes this. It is a supposedly safe function, and as the car ages, the problem should become better.

    In addition, the next problem particularly occurs when you’re driving on bumpy roads. This is when the steering column makes an inordinate amount of noise. These two are separate problems that occur over some years of use.

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    If the issue continues, take the car to your to trusted workshop such as GoMechanic or can also visit the dealership, if the vehicle is under warranty.

  2. Squeaky Doors

    Hyundai i20 | Car Sales Report October 2019
    Hyundai i20

    This is when the doors of the vehicle make annoying noises when opening the doors of the vehicle. Well, the sound is due to the low lubrication of the door hinge. This is a problem that GoMechanice has also witnessed in other cars from Hyundai, not just the i20. Thankfully there is a rather easy fix to it.

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    All you need is to grease the door hinge thoroughly. Or if you want to save yourself from the hassle just download the GoMechanic app, and you could sit at home while your car is being greased. Also, oiling is also a solution, but grease is a more long-lasting solution.

  3. The problem with the clutch operation

    Riding a clutch
    i20 Clutch / Image for representation only

    The clutch mechanism is also prone to malfunction with the i20. In the case of the i20, the problem is brought on by the hydraulic pump in the clutch system. If you are in stop-and-go traffic for an extended period of time, it is known that these pumps will fail. In such circumstances, clutch usage is necessary constantly, which puts the pump under an excessive load and leads it to fail. The clutch mechanism doesn’t start working again until it has totally cooled down.

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    But occasionally, a situation like this could cause the clutch pump to completely stop functioning. The best bet, if you encourage such problems, its always better to visit the professionals.

  4. Stiff brake pedal

    Common Car Noises
    Vehicle Brake Service

    This issue has been noted in vehicles prior to the 2018 i20 models. These vehicles come with vacuum-boosted power brakes. The brake booster’s function is to augment the braking power by increasing it. The driver’s effort is significantly reduced by the existence of this braking assist. It has been noted that the brake pedal can occasionally get so stiff that even standing on it does not activate the brakes in a number of i20s. A broken brake vacuum servo is the reason of this odd pedal firmness. The vacuum boost is misaligned by a broken servo, which does the reverse of the function and makes it harder to press the pedal.

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    It’s a tedious task, better to leave it to the professionals.

  5. Noisy suspension

    Strut | Car suspension explained
    Suspension / Image for representation only

    Up next problem is the part of the vehicle suspension system. Well, this is where the suspension of the Hyundai i20 makes noise when it encounters any bump. There could be various reasons for the problem. One, the suspension of the vehicle is old and has worn out. Next, the suspension system had prolonged water exposure, like driving in water-logged roads.

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    Considering the problem, the cheapest solution would be to change the rubber bushings. And the most expensive would be to change the entire suspension unit. Our take, get it checked before taking the problem into your hands.

  6. Breaking folding key

    Foldable Key Hyundai i10
    Foldable Key Hyundai

    The small but surely problem is the folding key breaks quite quickly, and the pin holding the key to the fob is prone to breaking. The poor design leads to it falling apart all too easily. There are no repairs that you can do to fix the issue, and you will have little choice but to buy a replacement.

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    In the event that Hyundai does not replace the key as promised, you are responsible for paying for a replacement.

  7. The problem is power windows

    Hyundai Elite i20
    Hyundai Elite i20

    The electric window motors on the i20 have a history of premature failure. The motor is to blame if you notice that one of the windows is not gliding up and down as smoothly as it should.

    The electric window motor needs to be replaced to address the problem. The warranty should cover this. If not, we at GoMechanic can assist you in your locating. As we use OEM replacement parts.

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So, these were the 7 common problems faced by many Hyundai i20 owners. Let us know in the comment section below, did you face any of the above-mentioned problems.

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