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10 Iconic American Cars That India Drove

American carmakers didn’t have a good time here in India. Well, these carmakers include Ford and Chevrolet. Better late, but both the carmakers witnessed the same faith. But sadly, as both the companies are not selling their cars in India, there still are vehicles from the brand plying on the road. That said, though they are not here, their vehicles do remind us of them. Hence, let’s have a look at 10 Iconic American Cars that India either still drives or used to drive.

  1. Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour
    Ford Endeavour

    Endeavour has been a part of the market in India for more than a decade. It’s sad when the entire company windes up its business and the elegant portfolio of cars they have. The American carmaker Ford was among our favourites and also, and they had a cult of their own, including the Ford Endeavour.

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    And because of its ultimate response, Ford was bound to update it frequently. That did help the manufacturer with the sales. But alas, the recently updated Ford Endeavour could not continue its tenure in India.

  2. Ford EcoSport

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    Ford Ecosport

    Launched in 2012, Ecosport was not precisely the first vehicle in its segment, but indeed it gave a mighty boost to its class. We think it is right that Ford Ecosport was India’s first best-selling subcompact SUV. A set of powerful diesel and petrol engines and brilliant driving dynamics lends the car a go-anywhere attitude.

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    Well, this was the reason for Ecosport selling big. Alongside, Ford Ecosport was among the vehicles at its price to get turbo petrol engine in India. But with the company, the subcompact SUV also sailed away.

  3. Ford Figo

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    Ford Figo

    Let’s talk about the most powerful vehicle in its segment when it was new, Ford Figo. How can we talk power and not talk about the engine? Under the hood, Ford Figo was powered by a 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine capable of generating a peak power of 92ps. Also, the diesel mill was capable of generating 100ps of max power.

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    This offered the hatch an above-average power-to-weight ratio. Also, the company gave multiple shots at updating the vehicle and giving it a sporty character. But if the whole company leaves, that’s a big scenario.

  4. Ford Mondeo

    2002 Ford Mondeo
    2002 Ford Mondeo

    The American carmaker Ford did have a premium sedan in India. Back in 2002, Ford launched one of the not so selling sedans in India, the Mondeo. At the time of its launch, the Mondeo was pitched against the other luxury sedans of the time; these include, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and more. Well, this sedan measured 4.7m, making the Mondeo among the longest cars in the segment. The Ford Mondeo came to India with both Petrol and Diesel Engine options.

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    Mondeo was powered by a 2.0 Litre petrol engine producing 142 Bhp and a diesel engine producing 128 Bhp both mated to 5-speed manual transmissions. The biggest bummer for Mondeo’s failure in the market was its price. Being a CBU unit, it was evident to be expensive. Also, this sedan from Ford already had various options from distinct brands. Those cars seemed like a better deal for the money back then.

  5. Chevrolet Cruze

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    Chevrolet Cruze

    Chevrolet was an American automaker that made a few good automobiles in India before going out of business and closing down. The Chevrolet Cruze Type-1, often known as the Diesel Pocket Rocket, is one such vehicle. Chevrolet brought the Cruze to India in 2009 to rival the likes of Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia, Hond Civic and others. Under the hood, the car came with a bonkers of an engine. The Cruze was able to be the most potent diesel sedan in the segment because of this big engine.

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    This portable rocket could accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 9.8 seconds. Later, in 2012, the engine was modified to produce additional power and torque. The same engine produced 163 hp and 380 Nm. The transmission was also updated to a 6-speed manual transmission. In 2017, as Chevrolet exited the Indian automobile market, so did this D-segment sedan.

  6. Chevrolet trailblazer

    Chevrolet Trailblazer / American Cars

    The company tried bringing the trend of its big bad SUVs of America to the Indian shore with the Chevrolet trailblazer. When introduced, it was one of the most powerful SUVs in the game. It featured some classic characteristics of an American muscle SUV.  Under its hood was a powerful 2.8-litre engine that could produce 197hp and a peak torque of 500 Nm, placing it amongst the fastest SUVs in India then.

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    The Chevrolet Trailblazer couldn’t compete with the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Scorpio, and the Mahindra XUV500, which were priced much lesser. The car could only stay for two years and was lifted from showrooms in 2017.

  7. Ford Fiesta

    The Ford Fiesta 1.6S / American Cars

    Ford Fiesta was known over the world for its hatchback body. However, Ford decided to offer Fiesta in this segment due to the growing popularity of sedans. The Fiesta sedan was a massive hit on the market and a huge seller. With the Fiesta, Ford offers three powertrain options. A high-performance 1.6-litre Duratec petrol engine (99.8hp and 146Nm peak torque).

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    And a highly refined 1.4-litre Duratorq engine (160Nm peak torque), and a high-value 1.4-litre Duratec Petrol engine (80hp of power). Later considering the previous adequate sales, the company launched the next generation of the Fiesta in India in 2011. Later in 2014, due to low sales, the company still launched a facelift. Nevertheless, this year was apparently the last year for vehicles in India.

  8. Chevrolet Beat

    Chevrolet Beat 1.0 LT in Red
    Chevrolet Beat 1.0 LT in Red / American Cars

    The American car manufacturer wrapped up their shops in 2019 and sailed away for our country. Nevertheless, they gave us a small cute little package that we still remember, Chevrolet Beat. Undoubtedly, the car got our hearts racing when sitting behind the wheel (especially the one with a diesel powertrain).

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    That motorcycle-like instrument cluster that used to sit on the steering column looked unique. Because of such little details, the vehicle will surely be remembered.

  9. Chevrolet Captiva

    Remembering The Chevrolet Captiva In India
    Remembering The Chevrolet Captiva In India / American Cars

    The Chevrolet Captiva was a premier SUV by the company. It came with a price tag of Rs. 25.13 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and was one of the most expensive cars sold by Chevrolet India. It came powered by a 2.2-litre VCDi turbo engine which could produce 184hp and a peak torque of 424 Nm.

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    Although the car stayed in the Indian market for four years, from 2008 to 2012 but failed miserably to grab the buyer’s attention and was yet another colossal failure of Chevrolet in India.

  10. Ford Ikon

    Ford Ikon
    Ford Ikon / American Cars

    Based on the globally sold Ford Fiesta, Ford launched its luxury sub-compact sedan Ford Ikon in 1999. Known for delivering sheer performance that even rally cars couldn’t deliver back then, the Ikon received its second generation in 2008. As a supremely successful sedan, the Ikon paved Ford’s way deep into the Indian market.

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    With completely refreshed grille-less exteriors, the Ikon also received its greatest gift; the Duratorq engine family, which gave the Ikon its iconic 1.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine that took the Ikon’s performance to a whole new level, making it India’s very own JOSH machine.

And these were the 10 Amecian cars that India used to or still drives. Let us know in the comment section your experience if you have or had any of them. Also, do let us know which one is your favourite on the list.

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  1. American cars were strong and powerful, but in terms of beauty and refineness other competitors was ahead of it. But when we drove those cars we feelt proud owner.
    I think these cars must not leave India.


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