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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Most Important Details Mentioned on a Car | Explained

Buying a car in India is an emotion rather than a deal against money. People treat their cars as their family members and always go the extra mile to do good for their cars. But sometimes, when the dealership or the service centre asks them about certain things, or even when the situation calls for it, they are not aware of the basic details about their car. In this article, we will make you aware of important details mentioned on the car that help you understand your vehicle better. These are the stickers which are placed at different parts of your car’s body. We will tell you each information’s physical location as we move ahead.

  1. Tyre Pressure

    Tyre Pressure Marking
    Tyre Pressure Marking

    You will find this sticker on the driver’s side. You will find this sticker on the B-pillar under the door lock on the driver side. This sticker basically tells you about all the things that you need to know about your car tyres. As we go through the table, you will find rim size, the tyre size, the max load and then the tyre pressure. The pressure is mentioned in two units, the first one is Kilo Pascal (KPA) and the second one is PSI (Pound force per square inch) which we commonly see written on the inflator machines in India. Also, the maximum load with the load index is mentioned. This is to realise how much max load can your tyre carry.

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  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    VIN Sticker
    VIN Sticker | Source

    The easiest way to find your Vehicle Identification Number is to have a look at the sticker placed on the passenger side rear door. In most of the cars, you would find a sticker like the one shown above. The sticker has got two barcodes and a VIN. The VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and this number can help you get all the details about your car. This is one of the most important details mentioned on the car because it can let anyone know anything about your car. At times, people can also misuse it to make duplicate keys and other malpractices.

  3. Chassis & Engine Number

    Chassis Number
    Chassis Number

    While the VIN on your the sticker mentioned above can land your car in trouble, the one mentioned inside your hood is completely safe. You can find the engine and the chassis number embedded on a metal plate which is secured to the chassis with rivets. This can be really useful while buying a new or used car. You can confirm if the details mentioned here are the same as that on the RC and the car is actually the one you have paid for! This is the most important among the details mentioned on the car.

  4. Glass Code


    This is another very important among all the pieces of information mentioned on the car. You will find text like this on every glass of your vehicle and there’s no need to decode it. Its simple to understand. The logos belong to the manufacturer (Asahi India Glass Ltd. in this case) and the ISI certification is a thing all of us already know about. The detail to notice is below these symbols. The code mentioned on the glass should be the same for all the glasses which indicate no glass has been replaced. This can be helpful while conducting the pre-delivery inspection for both used and new cars. Mentioning again, the code is the same for all the glass surfaces no matter what the size is.

  5. Headlight Approval Figures

    Headlight Approval Numbers
    Headlight Approval Numbers

    If you open your car’s hood and have a look at your headlight, you will see certain numbers and letters printed there too. These letters are nothing but the approval indicators of your headlights. As you can see here in the centre, the code is E13. This means that the headlight has been approved in Luxemburg. The HC/R means that there are halogen bulbs for both the high beam and low beam lights. The slash between them indicates that both of them cannot be switched on simultaneously.

  6. Car Electricals

    Fuse Box
    Fuse Box

    If you open your car’s fuse box, you will see these details on the backside of the cap. This is basically a map of the fuse box and tells you about the role and placement of each fuse. This can be really helpful if your mechanic is finding a fuse for a particular part and you can help him in doing so by just decoding the map which is very easy to do!

  7. Tyre Markings

    Tyre Markings
    Tyre Markings

    Your car’s tyre has a lot to say about itself. We know the article was about the important details in the car but the tyre also forms an integral part of the car and hence, all the details mentioned on the tyre are important to know too. The above figure shows what all details you can find on your car’s tyre. These include the details about the ply and material composition, max load rating, inflation pressure recommended and much more!

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This was all about the important details mentioned on your vehicle. Not only these details can make you an aware customer, but can also help in being an informed car owner who can care for their car really well. Want to know more such highlights under your car’s hood? Stay tuned and we will be back with another article which will help you know what’s under the hood. As always, share this article with your friends who are car owners and tell them not to miss out on the important details mentioned on the car!

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