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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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How to extract the most life out of your car battery?

Car battery though small has some of the very important functions. For instance, the battery powers the starter motor, well of course to start your vehicle. The function of a battery doesn’t end there. Keeping your phone charged on the go, powering the infotainment system are some of the power-hungry electronics. There can be a poorly maintained battery in between a running and a stranded car. So how to extract the maximum life out of a car battery? Let’s have a look.

Battery care
Battery care

How much does an average battery last?

An average battery lasts for about 2-5 years depending upon various factors.

  • One of the most important factors is the weather conditions. Thought the battery can work under high temperatures due to the engine’s heat, prolonged exposure to heat may affect the battery life.
  • On the other hand, the maintenance of the battery and how it is used might also add or subtract some years from it.

Here are some tips to increase the car battery life

  1. Make sure the two terminals of the battery are tightly fastened

    • The two terminals’ positive and negative need to be tightly fastened to prevent the leaking charges.
    • A secure terminal will transfer the charges better than a loose one.
    • A loose connection can lead to less power delivery as well as may cause a short circuit.
    • Make sure that the batter is snugly sitting it its resting position and there is no rattle or vibrations.
  2. Prevent the oxidation of the terminals

    Battery Oxidation
    Battery Oxidation | Car Battery
    • With time the battery is likely to oxidize. It is the white powder that gets deposited on either of the two terminals of the battery.
    • Cleaning the white power will surely increase the flow of charge through the wires and, in turn, increasing the battery life.
    • You may use a baking soda and water solution and scrub it with a toothbrush.
    • Make sure before doing this the terminals are not attached to the battery.
    • Clean the liquid on the battery with a dry cloth before re-attaching the terminals.
  3. Often check the battery

    Battery Test via Multimeter
    Battery Test via Multimeter | Car Battery
    • It is recommended to at least check the battery voltage once a month with a multimeter or get it checked by a professional.
    • The optimum reading of the battery is around 12.6 volts anything less than 12.2 volts, its time to get a new battery before it completely dies.
  4. Limit Short Rides

    • The starter motor in a car takes a lot of battery juice to power itself. So running the car for short periods may lead to insufficient charging.
    • The battery life can be further reduced if you don’t use your vehicle often.
    • To solve the problem idle your car in the morning for at least a minute before taking it out.
  5. Avoid using electronics when the engine is off

    • Well, using the electronics when the engine is off the battery discharges.
    • If the battery charge or level drops below a certain limit it’ll hamper the charging ability of the battery.
    • While using the same electronics on the go, the alternator will charge the battery simultaneously.
  6. Check all the lights when exiting the car

    • This is a common mistake made by car owners. Though nowadays the cars come equipped with the headlight on warning buzzer. So it is highly unlikely you’ll leave the car headlight on when leaving.
    • The small cabin lights do not have any indication. Say leaving them on the whole night, next morning you’ll be facing difficulties starting the car.
    • As the battery might not have the right voltage to run the starter motor.
  7. Don’t leave the car unused for long periods

    • When going for a vacation or in such lockdown conditions it is highly likely that your car battery drains out. This is due to the electricals like the car clock, GPS (If equipped) and many other small electronics require power to function. Yes! they even work when the ignition is off or the car keys are not present in the car.
    • Even the weather has a bad impact on the battery when left idle attached in the car.
    • The best way to prevent battery discharge in such conditions is to remove one of the battery terminals. This way you’ve broken the circuit.

Bonus Tip: Maintaining the car battery properly reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns. One should always be prepared for the same. Always carry jumper cables when traveling long distances. One can also keep a portable charger at home not to get stranded in the mornings with a dead battery.

Jumper Cables

These were the few important tips to follow to get the maximum possible from your car battery. It is also evident that one can foresee when the battery is about to die. In that case, get it changed before it ruins the electricals of your vehicle.

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