Is Hyundai’s N-Day Launch Promising Enough?

Is Hyundai’s N-Day Launch Promising Enough?

Hyundai is among the serious car makers in on the planet. Being carmakers and to cater for the demand for car enthusiasts, Hyundai slaps on an N-badge and some complex hardware to justify that badge. That said, lately, the carmaker has teased a new video for the N-Day. But what is the N-Day? Is it promising enough? Let’s have a look.

Hyundai i20 N-Line Dark Edition / Image for representation

Hyundai N-Day

In the video, Hyundai showcases a set of events, on a race track. Of course, N-Line cars are best suited for the track. That said, the N performance division of Hyundai has released teasers on social media in anticipation of its Hyundai N-Day 2022 celebration on July 15. We anticipate the event to be centred on electric performance vehicles, including faster versions of its Ioniq 5 and recently debuted Ioniq 6 models. This is based on the concealed photo teasers and indications.

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The vehicle under the cloth is anticipated to be a serious track-focused better electric vehicle. Admiring the silhouette under the cloth, this new N-Line trim is expected to have advanced aero components for downforce. These elements might include, a lip spoiler, a diffuser and the most prominent a spoiler or is it some sort of small wing lets. Any which ways aero components that generate drag do not go hand in hand with road-focused electric cars.

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Guess we have to wait for the launch on the 15th of July. Well, it does seem promising and exciting. Let us know in the comment section below, are you excited about the event?