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The Increasing Popularity Of LED Lights On Indian Cars!

LED lights on cars and even bikes have become very popular. Both manufacturers and consumers are actively switching to LEDs all around their vehicles! Earlier, LED lights used to be a feature seen only on high-end, luxury cars, but today, most cars have switched to LED set-ups. The headlights, taillights, brake lights, indicators, and even fog lights are LEDs. Let’s see what makes these LED lights so desirable in cars.

  1. LEDs Are Efficient

That’s right; LED lights do consume much less energy than conventional bulbs. This helps in decreasing the load that comes on the car’s battery, and it helps users get a much healthier, and longer battery life.

  1. LEDs Are Brighter

LED lights are much brighter than halogen lamps. They have a longer throw and a wider spread as compared to bulbs. Night-time illumination becomes much better with LED lights on cars.

LED Headlight
LED Headlight
  1. LEDs Run Cool

Halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat. Touch your car’s headlight after the lights have been on for a few minutes, and you’ll know. LEDs are much cooler, both metaphorically and literally.

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  1. LEDs Are Versatile

We often dread the fact that there are not many options in the market when it comes to halogen bulbs. Well, LEDs lights solve this problem, and they offer so much variety that everyone can get exactly what they need or desire.

Matrix LED headlights explained
Matrix LED headlights

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  1. LEDs Are Compact

LED lights on cars pack a punch in minimal size. The brightest of lights will be much smaller than a conventional bulb. This also gives manufacturers room to put in extra design elements in the headlamps, making the car look much better.

LED Projector Headlights
LED Projector Headlights

So here were a few reasons why LED lights have been so popular lately. Do you think LED lights on cars are better than halogens? Let us know in the comments!

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