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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Lexus Enhances Ownership with New Extended Warranty

Lexus India has proved itself again as they announced a warranty extension on their vehicles. Every vehicle sold from June ‘24 will have an intact warranty of 8 years/160,000 km, earlier it was 3 years/100,000 km. It is considered a big initiative from the brand. Let’s deeply look into it.

Why did Lexus take such an Initiative?


Lexus is widely known for their hospitality and for identifying their customers as “Guests”. This tendency of hospitality emerges from their Japanese culture, also known as “Omotenashi” where they meticulously look after their guests. Likewise, this initiative was taken to enhance their guests’ ownership and simultaneously strengthen brand commitment. Along with warranty extension, customers will have access to tailored plans covering finance, service options, insurance, and roadside assistance, that will enhance the overall ownership experience of their guests.

Tanmay Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President of Lexus India stated “We are thrilled to announce our new warranty initiative which represents our strong commitment to the Indian market. In this new era where consumers are more conscious about the value proposition of their purchases, we are constantly enhancing our services to exceed guests’ expectations

He also said, “The new vehicle warranty of 8 years/160,000 km reinforces our commitment to superior quality, durability, and reliability in every Lexus vehicle and signifies advancement in offering unmatched warranty and providing absolute peace of mind to our esteemed guests. They can now experience the outstanding luxury and performance of their Lexus”.

What is the Significance of Enhancing Ownership? – Gomechanic’s Take


Since its launch in 2017, Lexus India has never let their guests down in terms of their commitment to hospitality. This initiative of “Enhancing Ownership” once again proves their commitment to their guests. Moreover, such an exceptional way of hospitality is a great way to sustain their customers and build trust.

According to us, in a country like India, where consumers meticulously look for trust and reliability, It is a great way to build awareness and trust. And of course, the commitment is a brand awareness strategy to strengthen Lexus’ presence in the market and set it apart from other competitor brands.

Now all we have to see is the reaction of their customers to this major update, and how their sales would be affected by this initiative. So stay tuned for that and other major updates in the automotive sector.


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