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LML Adreno and Energy: The Faired, The Naked, The Beauty!

There was a time when Bajaj Chetak was ruling the two-wheeler market. There were a few bikes like the Royal Enfields, Yamaha RD350 and Yezdis taking rounds on the Indian roads. TVS Suzuki JV produced a good set of bikes too. But still, something was missing. There was no ‘Adrenaline’ or ‘Energy’ in the market. This is when the famous scooter manufacturer, LML, came with a duo, the Adreno and Energy. One faired and one naked. The kids from the 90s surely remember crushing on these beauties. So, let’s take a look at the bikes that were not able to make a huge mark overall, but had an affair with every guy’s dream.

1999: LML Adreno and Energy | Your Wake Up Call

With a 3-valve, 4-stroke Single Overhead Cam engine under the frame, these two bikes straight out the dreams made their way back in 1999. Before dwelling any further, first, let’s take a look at the engine specs of the bikes.

Engine Specifications

LML Adreno  LML Energy
Engine 3-valve, 4-stroke, SOHC 100cc
Power  8.5hp @9,000rpm
Torque 7.5Nm @6,500rpm
Transmission 5-speed Constant Mesh 4-speed Constant Mesh
Maximum Speed 90kmph 85kmph
Fuel Efficiency 60kmpl

One extra gear was enough to add the 5kmpl on the speedometer. And with a fuel efficiency of 60kmpl, LML’s duo was a great package. All this from a 100cc engine, this does require some level of engineering.

LML Adreno
LML Adreno

Both the bikes offered a lot of features that were a rarity at that time. The list includes Disc Brakes at the front, Electric Start, Hi-rise fuel tank. widest rear tyre in the segment (100mm of width), chrome headlights and dials, rear suspension with helical spring and hydraulic damper and so on.

LML Energy
LML Energy

The bikes came with a 14-litres of fuel tank capacity so that anyone could hit the highways and enjoy long routes. The telescopic suspension at the front and hydraulic damped and helical spring at the rear made sure that the rides were comfortable. The wheelbase of 1280mm gave the bikes a good ride quality and the ground clearance of 165mm made sure that Adreno and Energy were capable of taking any Indian road.

There was a time! Remembering the Hero Honda Karizma | Jet Set Go!

What is the COLOUR of your dream?

LML Adreno and Energy Colour Options
LML Adreno and Energy Colour Options

There are a few people that are able to recall what they saw in their dreams. But LML had it covered. With three colour options for the Adreno and 2 for the Energy, LML made sure that people remember the colour of their dreams. LML Adreno was offered in Ferrari Red, Jet Black and Lightning Silver while the Energy was offered in Passion Red and Jet Black.

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And that is how the dreams were bought to reality by LML. Sadly, LML was not able to sustain itself in the Indian market and we were not able to see the bikes for long. Do you own any of the two bikes? If yes, hit us up with your experience about the bikes via mail at Let us know in the comments section below if you would like to hear about another forgotten bike or car.

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  1. Till now a Lml adreno FX is exist with me in running condition but spare parts of its body is not available in market. So it kept in unused .It is one of the most efficient and milage is 60 km per litre till now.

  2. I own lml Energy and now we have a club for lml bikers in kerala. We have plenty of parts also available when we form the club. The bikes adreno and energy they arrived at the wrong time that’s y it cannot get market but the bike is awesome still we can not say that they are old even 20 years older because many of the features design power technology and everything is just like new gen technology 💥
    Adreno and energy the indain bikes that indains forgot. Both the bikes are very unique in everything even spare parts 😊.

  3. Will anyone be willing to buy lml adreno which is not working and papers expired it’s in Hyderabad and what would one offer for it, it’s red color bike

  4. LML adreno fx, jet black was my first bike and still in running condition. All parts ok. Will give it to my son on his 18th birthday.


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