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Top 10 Most Googled Questions On Mahindra Bolero

While most of us are waiting eagerly for the XUV700, Mahindra is also planning on launching the Bolero Neo sooner than that! This one has been a very good name in the SUV market of India and if we talk about some original stuff, the one we have been talking about is definitely from the early age SUV era! Let’s have a look at the most Googled questions.

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  1. Which is better Scorpio or Bolero?


    Comparing Bolero with the Scorpio won’t be of much justice because Scorpio has a different set of audience and Scorpio sits on a premium level if we compare it with the Bolero. Talking about the prices, Bolero is on a much lower price point if we compare it to Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio will win this one obviously because it comes at a higher price point.

  2. What is the Price of Mahindra Bolero 2021?


    The upcoming Neo is expected to have a price tag of 8.5 Lakhs for the base variant. The price looks quite justified for the car from the first look itself. Although the new Bolero looks like the older TUV300, the price is what we can be sure of. Mahindra never overcharges!

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  3. Is Mahindra Bolero a 4×4?


    Definitely yes. This powerful SUV from Mahindra is a 4×4. Talking about the power specs, Bolero comes with a 2523cc m2DiCR engine which generates a maximum power of 62 bhp @ 3200 rpm and gives out a torque of 195 Nm @ 1500 rpm.

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  4. Is Bolero a Family Car?


    Talking about the earlier version, this car is spacious and comfortable. This Indian SUV has got everything that you need to have as a family car. The upcoming Bolero Neo is even better and will be a great thing to have as an affordable family SUV.

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  5. Is Mahindra Bolero Safe?


    The entry-level variants of the Mahindra Bolero don’t come equipped with safety. Basic things like engine immobiliser, central locking and child safety locks are there for sure but we expect it to have ABS and airbags which come equipped in the higher variants only.

  6. Why people still buy Bolero?


    People still buy this machine because it is extremely reliable, easy to maintain and can be repaired by anyone around you. Spare parts? Well, they are also not an issue for sure! If you choose GoMechanic, we will handle all the hassle for you but if you don’t you can still maintain it cheaper than other cars in a similar price range.

  7. What is the life of Mahindra Bolero?


    If you use your car well, it definitely lasts long. This SUV is known to last for more than 3 Lakh kilometres. Just like Qualis and Scorpio were known to last long, Bolero has joined their league ever since it was launched in the Indian market.

  8. Is Bolero an SUV?


    Definitely yes! Bolero is known to have a strong frame and chassis accompanied by a powerful exterior that is capable of running on absolutely any terrain. No matter what the terrain is, this car can take you through it with absolute ease. What else do you need to call it an SUV?

  9. Is Thar better than Bolero?

    Mahindra Thar
    Mahindra Thar

    We have got no choice other than to say yes. Thar is definitely better than Bolero. It is more powerful, comes equipped with more modern-day features and keeping everything aside, Thar, is a cult! Between Thar and Bolero, Thar definitely takes the edge!

  10. When will Mahindra Bolero Neo launch?

    Mahindra Bolero Neo Interior | Image Source: RushLane

    Almost here. Mahindra Bolero Neo is expected to launch within this month. By the time you are reading this article, Mahindra has already dropped in the news of their latest launch. Just to let you know, the prices start at INR 8.48 Lakhs! What’s your take on this SUV?


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