Mahindra XUV700 Prices Hiked!

Mahindra XUV700 prices hiked

We knew this was coming ever since the launch of the all-new Mahindra XUV700 since the manufacturer during the unveil exclaimed that the prices were introductory and it would apply only for the first 25,000 bookings. And, even before we could finish writing an article about the price, all the 25,000 units were booked and over in just 57 minutes on 7th October 2021. Soon after, the prices for the Mahindra XUV700 were hiked in the range of 40k to 50k.

2021 Mahindra XUV700

We were in a hurry to publish our article with more details, but the people in India were even more eager to get their hands on this beautiful machine, and that’s precisely why the next set of 25,000 units was booked in under 2 hours on 8th October 2021. After this, there was no stopping the Mahindra XUV700, especially after most auto journalists were mighty impressed with the machine.

Now fast forward to 12th January 2022, and Mahindra has hiked the price for the XUV700 again. This time it is more like a norm that every manufacturer follows, claiming an increase in production costs.

Here is the summary of the price hike in a table format for better understanding:


Variant New Price(in Lakhs) Old Price(in Lakhs) Difference in Rs.
MX MT (5 seater) 12.95 12.49 46,000
AX3 MT (5 seater) 15.02 14.49 53,000
AX3 AT (5 seater) 16.57 15.99 58,000
AX5 MT (5 seater) 16.05 15.49 56,000
AX5 MT (7 seater) 16.67 16.09 58,000
AX5 AT (5 seater) 17.70 17.09 61,000
AX7 MT (7 seater) 18.63 17.99 64,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) 20.28 19.59 69,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) L 22.04 21.29 75,000



Variant New Price(in Lakhs) Old Price(in Lakhs) Difference in Rs.
MX MT (5 seater) 13.47 12.99 48,000
AX3 MT (5 seater) 15.53 14.99 54,000
AX3 MT (7 seater) 16.26 15.69 57,000
AX3 AT (5 seater) 17.29 16.69 60,000
AX5 MT (5 seater) 16.67 16.09 58,000
AX5 MT (7 seater) 17.29 16.69 60,000
AX5 AT (5 seater) 18.32 17.69 63,000
AX5 AT (7 seater) 18.94 18.29 65,000
AX7 MT (7 seater) 19.25 18.59 66,000
AX7 MT (7 seater) L 21.01 20.29 72,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) 20.90 20.19 71,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) AWD 22.25 21.49 76,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) L 22.66 21.89 77,000
AX7 AT (7 seater) L AWD 23.80 22.99 81,000


There was an initiative from Mahindra called Mahindra XUV700 Price Protection according to which the customer need not pay the price hike that occurs during the waiting period. But this offer is applied to the first 50k customers only. Without the price protection, there is no saying how much extra one has to pay since the waiting period for the XUV700 goes to almost one and a half years and there is a hike almost every quarter. Sadly, there is no kind of update or changes made with the price hike.

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XUV700 Dashboard

There is no doubt that the XUV700 is worth the price considering the package it comes with. From the trusted engines, modern interiors, active safety features in the form of ADAS and passive safety features like improved chassis design and a 5-star crash test safety rating from Global NCAP to prove its credentials.

Mahindra XUV700 delivery

Mahindra has delivered 11,984 units as of 31st December 2021 and trying its best to deliver more as soon as possible. It is working closely with its vendors to overcome the chip shortage that is affecting almost every manufacturer in the world.

You can read all about the Mahindra XUV700 here.

What do you think about the Mahindra XUV700’s price hike? Is it justified? And let us know your take on the price hike of every manufacturer and their reason for increased production costs.

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