Maruti Suzuki Brezza or a Lexus SUV, what is this? [Watch Video]

Maruti Brezza or a Lexus SUV??

The Brezza is one of the best sub-compact SUV in-offer by Maruti Suzuki. It offers a large range of features that are loved by many people. In the Indian market, it competes with Ford Ecosport, Tata Nexon, Renault Duster in its segment. 

There are some examples where the car owner have tried to modify their Maruti Brezza to look more luxurious and classy. Just like, in this case, the car owner of a Maruti Brezza replaced the car’s grille with a Lexus one !!

The above video was uploaded by Car Accessories on their YouTube Channel. In the video, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza grille is taken out of the box. The box also contains essential materials like screws, glue and 3M tape that are necessary to join the grille. The glue is applied at the ends of the grille and the 3M tape is put over it. The glue is also stroked at the car’s front. After sometime when the grille settles the tape is taken off.

Maruti Brezza or a Lexus SUV??

Then the grille is lifted and is fixed at the Maruti Suzuki Brezza front using screws and nails. After they had finally put the grille they simply replace Maruti Suzuki’s Logo With the Lexus logo and it looks like Lexus SUV! They simply modified their Maruti car into a luxury car. Probably the easiest way to realize your dream of owning an expensive car !!! 

Maruti Brezza or a Lexus SUV??

The Maruti Suzuki Breeza generates about 90bhp of power and has 210Nm of maximum torque. The car has a 5-speed manual transmission and also comes with an AMT version. The car currently has 6 variants LDi, LDi (O), VDi, VDi (O), ZDi and ZDI+. The starting price is 7.62 lakhs for the LDI variant ranges to 10.59 lakhs for ZDI+(Ex-Showroom Delhi). The car also comes with a rear camera, cruise control, push-button start/stop and automatic climatic control during high variation.