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Friday, February 23, 2024
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MG-6 sedan to be unveiled at Auto Expo 2020

With the sheer success of its first product in India and with SUV’s being the new cool. MG Motors have decided to think something out of the box by introducing cars of other shapes and sizes. This might be the reason why besides the vision-i MPV concept, MG Motors is terms on bringing out its first large sedan specifically for the Indian audience.

According to leading media reports, we can surely the new MG-6 to be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020.

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MG-6 | Engine Specifications

India Spec MG Sedan under-development
India Spec MG-6 under-development
  • The rumoured MG-6 will be based on SAIC’s RC-6 which simply means that the referred MG-6 will be an amalgamation between a coupé, off-roader and a sedan followed by a near 180mm of ground clearance, and a standard three-box layout of a sedan.
  • Getting back to the technical formalities the new MG-6 will share the same engine as on the MG Hector, which is a 1.5 turbo-petrol engine which initially pushes the power output to 143hp with 200 Nm of peak torque. However, we could see a diesel version on the sedan.Suggested Read: MG Maxus G10, Toyota Innova Crysta Rival: Debut at Auto Expo 2020

     Interior / Exterior

    India Spec MG Sedan under-development | Credits- autocar
    India Spec MG-6 under-development | Credits- Autocar
  • The exterior of the all-new MG-6 will feature the brands iconic large wraparound grille, a clamshell bonnet and attractive fighter-jet-like faux fog lights.
  • Other Additional features on the outside include a massive 2,800mm wheelbase, a Skoda Superb sourced 41mm short-space to provide plenty of room inside the cabin.
  • Keeping the techno-savvy audience entertained the new MG-6 will support a Mercedes S-class-like twin-screen instrument and infotainment panel located in the same place.

    Price / Rivals

  • With the looks and specifications, we can easily say the MG-6 sedan will surely compete against the likes of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla Altis and the upcoming 2020 Honda City.
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