The Tata Nexon Has 77 Variants – What Is Happening?!

The Tata Nexon Has 77 Variants – What Is Happening?!

Tata recently rolled out the 400,00th Nexon out of their facility in Pune. This marks the success of this compact SUV in the Indian market and it is surrey a proud moment. Today, every brand wants to capture as many customers as possible, and adding new variants with special features seems like the way to go. However, is introducing new variants the best answer? As of today, the Nexon has 77 variants! Now is this really necessary? What made this happen? Today, let’s find out why the Tata Nexon has 77 variants!

  • Nexon pricing 

The Tata Nexon currently starts at Rs. 7.59 Lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs. 14.07 Lakhs. Now, this is a huge price gap. Considering on-road prices, the Nexon ranges from Rs. 9 Lakhs to Rs. 16 Lakhs, depending on the state. A Rs. 7 Lakh range does need a lot of variants, but does it need 77 variants? Fun fact, 77 is the number before counting the Nexon EV here!

Tata Nexon
  • Why the Tata Nexon has 77 variants?

Well, it all started with the 4 basic variants. These were XE, XM, XZ, and XZ+. Counting petrol, diesel, automatic(AMT), and manual options, there were around 10 variants. Then Tata introduced the Dark edition, followed by the Kaziranga edition, and this was followed by the Jet edition. As new editions came, new features were added. To add these features to other “regular” variants, Tata introduced more variants like the XMS and XMS+. Now combine all these variants with all the editions, petrol and diesel options, and manual and AMT options, luxury packs, dual-tone options, you’ll end up looking at 77 different variants.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition
  • Is this really required?

From a business standpoint, this is an excellent trick. The more variants you have, the more customers you can cater to. However, this may get confusing for buyers. On the other hand, there are a lot of customers who would appreciate that Tata is trying to give them exactly what they want in their cars. Be it features, sunroofs, ventilated seats, or everything all together. The number of variants being an inconvenience is really a subjective matter. Some may love it, some may not.

Tata Nexon Dark Edition

The Tata Nexon has 77 variants, but which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!