Pay As You Drive (PAYD) Car Insurance | Everything You Need To Know

Pay As You Drive Car Insurance | Everything You Need To Know

Unlike other countries, here in India, car insurance is something that is super mandatory. And at times, depending upon the vehicle you own or are buying, the cost of insurance and premium can cost as much as a Hero Splendor. But worry not, one way to bring the cost down is by opting for pay-as-you-drive car insurance. But what exactly is this pay-to-drive car insurance and how is it beneficial? let me explain.

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What is pay as you drive Insurance?

Well, pay as you drive is a type of comprehensive auto insurance that levies a cost based on various factors that also include, how much the car is used and how it is used. Depending on the overall amount of kilometers traveled and the way the driver drives the car, it employs a telematics device to track how frequently the vehicle is used.

This tracking device uses various sensors and algorithms to calculate the variables. And with the GoMechanic GoConnect OBD 2.0, this becomes even easier, as it comes with these features.


Hence, it makes it a lot easier for the car owner to get the pay as you drive car insurance.

Benefits of Pay as you drive insurance

Apart from cost savings, there are other benefits of having pay-as-you-drive car insurance, let’s discuss.

Reduce Car Insurance Premium
  • Savings on Insurance Premiums

    The majority of the time, as the company charges you on vehicle usage, the pay-as-you-drive insurance costs are relatively low than conventional car insurance. This means, depending upon the way you drive, you can save by up to 15%-20% on your insurance premiums.

  •  3rd party coverage

    Many insurance providers having this policy also have a Third-party liability only cover for the vehicle. 

  • Added Telematics
    Also, the pay-as-you-drive car insurance also gets additional perks of telematic features. These include features like real-time tracking.

Well, we are happy to report that the new GoConnect OBD 2.0 comes with the necessary telematics that is required to opt for pay-as-you-drive car insurance. Oh wait, there is more, with the GoConnect you get additional, perks.

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What are telematics devices? GoMechanic GoConnect OBD 2.0

GoConnect OBD 2.0

GoMechanic’s GoConnect is an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) device that plugs into your car’s OBD port just like a usually telematic device. But in addition, it lets you keep a track of the vital parameters of your vehicle. The GoConnect OBD can is compatible with all the cars manufactured after 2010 as have the OBD gen 2 port.

Here are the GoConnect OBD 2.0 | 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Now as the GoConnect is plugged in, a few minutes after installation, head on to the My Car section on the GoMechanic App and initialize GoConnect Pairing. GoConnect will then scan through the various systems of your car and display all the vitals, right on the app. This smart device with AI-enabled features will help you keep track of a lot of things related to your car.

GoMechanic GoConnect OBD 2.0 | Additional Telematics Features

GoConnect OBD
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Now, they can track and geo-locate their car on the GoMechanic App. No third-party app, no external GPS module needed.
  • Trips Summary & Mileage Tracking: The GoConnect 2.0 OBD can also keep track of your trips and your car’s fuel economy.
  • Smart Driving Alerts: A user can get real-time alerts that include but are not limited to over-speeding, over-revving, hard-braking, long-idling, and fatigue via push notifications on their phone.
  • Anti-Theft Alert: Set a time frame per the user’s requirement and get alerted if the car is driven off.
  • Geo-Fencing: Enables users to define a perimeter and track their car leaving that specified zone.
  • Tow Alerts: Using its in-built gyroscopic sensors, the GoConnect can send alerts when it detects the vehicle being towed.
  • Driving Behaviour: The GoConnect analyses and profiles the car user using insights like Average Speed, Mileage, and Drive Time and generates a Driver Rating.
  • Health Report:  GoConnect scans all the vitals of a car, like Emissions, Air/Fuel Metering, Ignition, Transmission, etc., and generates a detailed Health Report.
  • Emergency Calling: The GoConnect can send a WhatsApp or SMS to your chosen emergency contacts in case of an unfortunate accident.
GoConnect in the GoMechanic App

Still not convinced? Should you buy GoConnect OBD 2.0?

The new GoMechainc GoConnect OBD 2.0 not only has smart tracking features but also boasts of several safety features, that include, Emergency calling, an Anti-theft alert, and two alerts that might just come in handy in the typical traffic and road situations that we have in our country.

Wondering where to buy it from? Worry not, The GoConnect device is available online at Flipkart as well as Amazon. But, PRO TIP!!!

The GoConnect OBD 2.0 is available at an introductory price of INR 1,999/- only!

Follow the link to download the official GoMechanic Android and iOS App by clicking on this link

But, if you already have the GoMechanic app on your phone, click here to get your very own GoConnect OBD 2.0

So, that is all about pay-as-you-drive car insurance and its benefits. Let us know in the comment section, how much did you save with features?