With the Indian market getting new cars every day, there are some that we had to let go! Today, we are gonna talk about the discontinued cars in India which have been popular in the market ever since. In this article, we will talk about the most popular discontinued cars in India and there is something for the people who own it or are planning to buy it from the used car market. Yes, we will discuss the maintenance costs too. Without further delay, let’s get started!

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 | Maruti Suzuki BS4 Offers
    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

    The one that broke many hearts upon its discontinuation. Maruti Suzuki Alto has been a favourite one among the Indian audience ever since it was launched. While the Alto 800 still continues to exist, the K10 sibling was discontinued to make way for the S-Presso. However, owning an Alto K10 or even buying one from the used car market is a great experience as the maintenance is cheap, the spares are readily available and what’s more? It’s a Maruti! Do we need to talk about mileage? I don’t think so!

    Standard service for Alto K10 at GoMechanic would cost you ₹2,499 only! Click here to book now!

  2. Toyota Etios & Etios Liva

    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva

    Toyota’s take on the affordable segment! The Etios franchise was a grand success in the Indian market. Owning a Toyota sedan at such an affordable price was a dream for many. Etios made this dream come true! With Toyota’s trust and exceptionally well. Etios came to India in 2010 and following the success, its hatchback counterpart was introduced in 2011. This duo is also among the popular discontinued cars in India. Both of them were discontinued from April 1st 2020. However, if you still own one or looking to buy one, you can save huge on maintenance and repair costs.

    GoMechanic’s Standard service package for Toyota Etios costs ₹3,299 only! Book Now

  3. Fiat Punto and Linea

    Fiat Linea
    Fiat Linea

    If you have a budget of around Rs.2Lakhs and want to experience a sedan, there’s no better option than the one you see above! Those looking to buy a used sedan should definitely consider Linea. Why? well, read on! Simple and easy to maintain with an extremely low maintenance cost, Fiat Linea gives you all that you can expect! On the other hand, Punto was equally powerful and successful in India and is still a popular choice among enthusiasts. Talking about maintenance costs, that will not be a hassle at all!

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    Standard Service for Fiat Linea at GoMechanic would cost you around ₹4,099/-

  4. Nissan Terrano

    Nissan Terrano
    Nissan Terrano

    While the Renault Duster continues to get updates in India, Nissan Terrano now stands among the list of popular discontinued cars. For those who would say that it wasn’t that popular, we will give you a reason why it’s on our list. This is because it was based on the Duster itself but if you go to the used car market, you can get a better bargain for the Terrano in comparison with Duster.

    The maintenance costs for the Terrano have never been hefty on the pocket if you choose GoMechanic for your car repairs.

    Terrano’s standard service would cost you ₹5,299 only! Book here.

  5. Honda Brio

    Honda Brio
    Honda Brio

    The Japanese car maker’s take at the hatchback segment in India. Honda Brio stood class apart in terms of its styling. Although some people didn’t like the rear windshield to be that huge, others just loved the new-age design elements Honda had put inside. This is a really popular car among the used car buyers. Therefore, it is in our list of popular discontinued cars.

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    Worried about service costs? GoMechanic Standard Service Package for Honda Brio costs ₹2,799 only!

  6. Tata Bolt and Zest

    BS4 Tata Zest
    BS4 Tata Zest

    The duo that couldn’t do too good. It’s 2020 and Tigor and Tiago are preferred by many car buyers. However, Zest and Bolt didn’t have the same fortune. This sedan-hatch duo from the Indian carmaker couldn’t do that well in the Indian market but have landed into our list of popular discontinued cars because they can be a good pick in the used car market.

    At least in terms of bargains, you can bid whatever you like because both of them were not that successful and have been discontinued too. You can own a Zest or a Bolt at very low maintenance costs. Considering it’s Tata, spare parts won’t be an issue too.

    Standard service for Tata Bolt at GoMechanic costs ₹3,299 only! Book Now

  7. Tata Safari & Tata Hexa

    Have you ever seen a car pull a Boeing 737? Well, Tata Hexa did this for real! Also, Tata Safari needs no introduction as well. Owning any of these cults is a worthy experience for sure. Comparing the two, Safari would be cheaper on the maintenance part but owning and driving a Hexa is an experience you should have for sure. Spare parts are readily available for both of them. At GoMechanic, we use only OEM and OES spare parts to ensure that your car performs well throughout its life.

    Tata Hexa’s Standard Service package costs around ₹8,699/- Book here

  8. Volkswagen Ameo

    Volkswagen Ameo
    Volkswagen Ameo

    Want to experience a German sedan but don’t want to spend much? The VW Ameo can be your pick if you go to the used car market. Talking about the popular discontinued cars in India, the VW Ameo wasn’t that popular (Dzire leads the segment). The people who own it have said that it is no less than any other Volkswagen. If you own this already, you can save up to 40% if you get it serviced at a GoMechanic workshop. Moreover, if you are looking to buy it, let us give you an estimated service cost and help you decide.

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    GoMechanic’s standard service package for VW Ameo costs ₹4,299. Book it here!

  9. Hyundai EON

    Hyundai EON Advertisement
    Hyundai EON Advertisement

    Value ka Naya trend! Hyundai EON was value for money car. Hyundai launched it in the Indian market to compete against the Maruti Alto. If you consider design while buying your car, you would definitely choose EON over Alto anytime! If you are an MS fan anyhow, you will buy Alto for sure. Hyundai EON stands among the popular discontinued cars and is still an absolute delight to drive. Worried about maintenance? It’s cheap just like any other 800cc car!

    The Standard Service package for Hyundai EON at GoMechanic costs ₹2,599/-. Book Now!

  10. Tata Nano

    The first buyer of Tata Nano
    The first buyer of Tata Nano

    The cheapest car in the world! Tata Motors worked really hard to develop this car which started from ₹1Lakh only! Tata Nano was one of its kind. No machine has been developed to compete against it and upon its discontinuation, no one has been able to replace it yet. Owning a Tata Nano is an experience within itself. Talking about maintenance, just imagine if the cost of the car is that low, how low the maintenance would be!

    Just to let you know, the standard service package for Tata Nano at GoMechanic costs ₹2,499 only! Book Now!

These were India’s 10 most popular discontinued cars. For your ease, we have provided the cost for the standard service of each one of them. Also, considering GoMechanic’s spares data, we can ensure you that OEM/OES spares for these cars are readily available with us. If you are looking to buy a used car, choose GoMechanic as your car care partner and save up to 40% on car repairs! Happy Motoring.

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