Premium Petrol VS Normal Petrol | Which is the Right Fuel for your Car?

Normal Petrol vs Premium Petrol
Normal Petrol vs Premium Petrol

Ever wondered? you taking your ride to a petrol pump and while filling the fuel you come across a tag called Xtra Premium. The thing stopping you from getting that fuel is the price, but is it something you missing with paying less for fuel? Is getting premium fuel any good? Let’s find out.

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Choose Fuel Wisely
Choose Fuel Wisely

What exactly is Premium Petrol?

To make things clear we have to first see what classifies into premium fuel. Long story short, premium fuel has a higher octane number than conventional petrol but his not the case in India. Here in India, there are three types of petrol, conventional, premium petrol and a high octane fuel.

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  • FYI, octane number is the measurement of petrol’s igniting performance. For instance here in Indian the octane number of petrol is 91 and the premium is 95 or greater.
  • That said, conventional fuel with 91 octane will be great working in the engines with low compression ration.
  • But talking about the 95 or 99octane, it can withstand more heat and pressure before igniting, hence it can withstand higher compression ratios.

In other words, a fuel with a higher octane number will be better for high-end performance cars and motorcycles. But here in India, premium fuel is a bit different, it has the same octane number but in addition, has additives and detergents in it.

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Normal petrol

With the octane number clear, normal petrol has an octane number of about 91 here in India. Until now you might be thinking is it okay to run your car on low octane fuel? Let us clear your doubts.

Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine
Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine

Which Fuel is Better for Your Ride? and why?

First things first, to know which is the best fuel for your ride, READ the owner’s manual. If it says normal fuel, follows it with your eyes closed.

  • With time, sludge and carbon get deposited on the inside, like the cylinder wall valve seats and even the valves.
  • This can restrict the engine’s performance. To clean the engine, the premium fuel with additives and deterges is a perfect choice.
  • Cleaning the engine will have a significant change in the engine and it’ll feel less stressed.
  • Hang on, to observe the effects it might take up to 2-3 full tanks. But when done, one can shift back to normal fuel.
  • Premium fuel sure does magic, but with extensive use, it’ll drain your wallet nothing else. So, it is recommended to shift back and forth to normal and premium fuel to have a perfect balance.
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Premium Petrol VS Normal Petrol
What if you put premium fuel in an engine with low compression ratio?

This question is something that is running through our heads. Well, let’s look at the former scenario.

  • As mentioned earlier the premium fuel here in our country has additives.
  • these additives are good for all the motors as they clean the internal of the engine and have will not harm the motor.
Octane Numbers
Octane Numbers available in India | Image Source (1)
What if you put normal fuel in an engine with a high compression ratio?

On the other hand, running a high compression engine on low octane fuel will lead to pre-ignition. Wherein the fuel ignites before the spark from the plug. This can also lead to knocking in the engine.

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Well, now you know which is a better fuel for your ride and why. Stay safe on-road and happy motoring.