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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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10 Most Googled Questions On Car Coolant

Automotive coolant plays an important role in keeping the car engine cool. At the same time, it promotes the smooth functioning of the engine at extreme temperatures. Let us look at the 10 most googled questions on car coolant.

  1. What is the coolant in a car?

    Prevent engine overhrating

    Coolant is a fluid that forms a part of the engine cooling system of your car. It is a mixture of water and antifreeze. Antifreeze is a glycol-based liquid that possesses higher boiling and melting point compared to water.

    As the name suggests an automotive coolant regulates the temperature of the engine and prevents overheating. Coolant also acts as a lubricant, slowing down wear and tear.

  2. What happens when you run out of coolant?

    When you run out of coolant you could face a host of problems. This ranges from rising smoke from the engine to a bonnet that is too hot to touch. If you run out of coolant and the car engine overheats do not consider driving any further.

  3. How can you check your car’s coolant level?

    Coolant Reservoir
    Coolant Reservoir

    On the side of the coolant reservoir, – which is a big plastic tank you can find under the bonnet – there are ‘Max’ and ‘Min’ markings. Guide marks would help you figure out if the coolant levels have fallen.

    You can check the coolant level once every month. Top up if the coolant level is below the minimum. You’ll need to refill after every 50 thousand kilometres or so. Since there would be greater evaporation, you’ll have to do this more often if you drive an older car.

  4. How to change the coolant in your car?

    DIY coolant change
    Source (1)

    You should change the coolant as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. After a while, the coolant in your car could lose the anti-corrosive quality it comes with. Then you would have to drain the old coolant completely and refill it with a fresh antifreeze mixture.

    If you are DIY-ing it here are some of the things you would have to do. You would first need to raise the car up using a jack stand. Then detach the lower radiator hose, letting the coolant pump and the radiator empty out. After putting the radiator hose back on, you should move on to the block drain plug. Afterwards, you can use the air-powered refilling tool to stock it up with a new coolant.

    All this is not as easy as it sounds and it is always best to let the professionals handle it.

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  5. Can I just add coolant to my car?

    Yes, you can. Top up the coolant reservoir if you feel like the coolant levels have fallen. But if your car engine is overheating, pull up, kill the engine and wait for at least half an hour for it to cool down. Only then should you pop the hood and check the coolant reservoir.

    Car Heater

    Another thing to remember is that coolant levels are not supposed to fall naturally. Needing to top up the coolant frequently could be a sign of bigger problems like a leak or a blown-up head gasket. Refilling the tank would only be putting a Band-Aid on it. Take your car to the service centre to make sure that the underlying issue is addressed.

  6. Can you drive with low coolant?

    If you keep driving when the coolant levels are very low (below the minimum mark) engine damage could ensue. This is because components of the engine – like the coolant pump, and head gasket – would overheat, as there isn’t enough coolant to circulate through the system.

  7. Car coolant price for 1 litre?

    In the country, you can get a litre of coolant at a price starting from a little over 150 rupees. You can buy a 1L pack of Bosch Auto cool at Rs. 188 from Amazon. You can also buy Shell antifreeze at around the same price.

    Always remember to purchase good quality coolant to save trouble and money in the future. Why not buy Green Coolant from GoMechanic at Rs. 119 only? We’ll make sure you get the best at the best price as well!

  8. Best coolant for cars in India?

    You can buy good quality coolant from Bosch, Shell or Motul. Bosch sells coolants made with ethylene glycol and they are to be used with water. For 1 part antifreeze, you need to add 3 parts of water.

    It is best to use the coolant recommended by the carmaker. Try not to mix two brands together.

    You can buy the best quality coolant from GoMechanic. Our green coolant, Smart Cool will keep your engine cool and you happy. You can also purchase Golden Cruiser’s Coolant Red for ₹310 only. We’ll deliver them to your doorsteps no matter where you live in the country!

  9. Can you drive a car with a coolant leak?

    Don't drive alone

    This is also one of the most commonly asked questions about automotive coolant. But no, we don’t recommend your doing that. As said before, the car would overheat and you could end up with irreparable damage to the engine block.

  10. How to stop a coolant leak?

    prevent car from overheating
    Coolant leak

    Coolant has a sweet smell. If you get a whiff of this sweet smell, you can suspect a coolant leak. Another telltale sign of a leak is puddles under the car. If you want to fix a coolant leak at home the DIY way, there are Sealers available which you can use. We recommend you get your vehicle to a professional and let them handle it.

Engine overheating? Or leaking coolant? Worry not. Take your car to the nearest GoMechanic Service Centre and we’ll sort out the rest!

PS: Got any more questions about car coolant? Let us know!

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