It’s one of the toughest jobs to make a vehicle, it’s even tougher to make this vehicle right. There are numerous aspects that an engineer has to consider to do things right. One of those variables is the design. Yes, we are well aware that the aesthetics of a vehicle are subjective, but then one wrong move can cost the company millions. Talking about the Indian market, it usually runs on the phenomenon jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai. Meaning, in most case scenarios, people go for cars that look good. But then not all cars are well proportionate like the Mitsubishi Lancer or Chevrolet Cruze for that matter. So, in no particular order let’s count down 10 such cars that are not ugly as such but are quirky or look disproportionate.

  1. Polaris Multix

    Eicher Polaris Multix
    Eicher Polaris Multix

    Starting with the vehicle, that very few of us have heard about, Polaris Multix. For the people who know, Polaris makes some rugged vehicles like a quad bike, snowmobile and more. In collaboration with Eicher, Multix was their take on the micro car segment in India. By just looking at the vehicle, it does look a little quirky and out of place from somewhere.

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    But hey! it is more like a utility vehicle or rather a personal utility vehicle. The Eicher Polaris Multix comes powered by a 652cc 4-stroke single-cylinder motor. This engine is capable of generating a peak power output of 12.98bhp and nearly 37Nm of peak torque.

  2. MG Hector

    MG Hector
    MG Hector

    Coming to one of the latest SUVs to enter the Indian market, MG Hector. On the day of its lunch in 2019. MG promised a capable and spacious SUV for India. Hector had almost all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Also, coming with a set of two powerful engines, the SUV is also a decent companion when munching miles on the highway.

    MG Hector 2021
    MG Hector 2021

    But then what’s out of place here? Looking at the car from the front and rear, it looks just like a normal SUV. But as we move towards the side of the Hector, the puny alloy wheels catch out eye. The MG Hector in its pre-facelift model came with rather large 17-inch alloy wheels.

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    Still, because of the oddly shaped wheel arches, these did seem off place. But MG did address this matter with a facelift and gave the new Hector 18-inch alloy wheel. Where they do add some proportions it still looks quirky from the sides.

  3. Chevrolet Aveo

    Chevrolet Aveo
    Chevrolet Aveo

    Next vehicle if from the carmaker that suddenly exited the Indian market, Chevrolet and the sedan on this list is the Aveo. Chevrolet Aveo was among the premium c-segment sedan back when it was new. This vehicle used to compete with the likes of Hyundai Verna, Honda City and more.

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    One of the USPs of this car was the space on the inside. With that, the Aveo also managed to pack many of the new features of that era. But it was the design where this vehicle was a bit bummer. Like Hector, the Aveo from the front and back looked absolutely normal.

    But as soon as we move towards the side of the Aveo, the alloy wheels were a big disappointment. Chevrolet Aveo was a big car, meaning a larger set of wheels and a little more room under the wheel arches could have done the trick.

  4. Mahindra Reva

    Reva I | India's First Electric Car
    Reva | India’s First Electric Car

    Now, let’s talk electric. The microcar or rather the first micro electric car, Mahindra Reva-i is what we are after here. The REVA was launch in the Indian market back in 2001, the time EV was the thing just for movies. On the design part, the Mahindra REVA looked rather quirky.

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    To be blunt, the car will surely grab your eyeballs but surely not in a good way. In a glimpse, the design resembles an electric rickshaw. Reva was tiny, which was a boon in tightly congested roads. But not many people actually make this their top priority when buying a car.

  5. Maruti Suzuki Ritz

    Maruti Suzuki Ritz
    Maruti Suzuki Ritz

    After the failure of the A-Star, Maruti took a gamble with another vehicle based on the same platform, Ritz. Unlike the A-Star, Maruti Suzuki Ritz was a car that became widely popular and hence was sold in big numbers. This was because of its powerful engine, a tallboy design and practical interiors.

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    But amidst this, there was a huge caveat. The reason Ritz is on the list is because of the way its boot shapes. To be frank, it is quite a weird approach but well, it was more for function than form. The boot lit from the centre tapered inwards giving out of the box silhouette of the Maruti Ritz.

  6. Hyundai Creta

    Old Hyundai Creta VS New Hyundai Creta
    Old Hyundai Creta VS New Hyundai Creta | Quirky cars in India

    One of the cars that are selling in house numbers is the Hyundai Creta. Iska to naam hi Kafi hai. Not just that, in the Hyundai’s table, it is the Creta that is on top of the sales charts for more than a couple of months now. in 2018 Hyundai Launched the mid-life facelift of the so-called SUV.

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    This is the model the did look elegant plying on the road. But it is the 2020 Hyundai Creta we are after that got generation change. In this new generation, Hyundai Creta became a lot polarizing and quirky but unique. Well, this might be the primary reason for people buying Hyundai Creta.

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    Nevertheless, the new design did not appeal nor it will to many Indian buyers. It does seem that Hyundai has gone a little too far. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  7. Mahindra KUV100

    Mahindra KUV100 NXT
    Mahindra KUV100 NXT | Quirky cars in India

    Small cars do have a secret love affair for quirkiness. Another subcompact vehicle to remain in this barrier is the Mahindra KUV100. For the most part, it does the job it is built for but in a not so cool way.

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    Shorter than some compact sedans this micro SUV does look cramped on the inside. Things take a weird turn when we filter in the width of the vehicle. Now, staring at the Mahindra XUV100 it looks disproportionate and out of place from some angles.

  8. Mahindra Quanto

    Mahindra Quanto
    Mahindra Quanto | Quirky cars in India

    There was a full-sized SUV in the market, a company decides to chop it and make it a sun four-meter SUV, Mahindra Quanto it is. The Quanto shares a lot of parts from its bigger brother including the headlights and the dashboard. What’s different is the tail section.

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    Where in the Mahindra Xylo it was beefy and bulky, all the bulk has literally been chopped off to make it measure less than 4 metres. This means the proportions of the Quanto are of the Xylo minus its length. Also, another thing to think about is that the Quanto in its boot has two extra seats, apparently making it a 7 seater sub-4-meter vehicle.

  9. Maruti Zen Classic

    Maruti Zen Classic | A Less Desirable Zen
    Maruti Zen Classic | A Less Desirable Zen | Quirky cars in India

    After the Maruti Suzuki 800, it was the Zen that was a popular choice for car buyers in the late 1990s. So, to make it stand out in the crowd Maruti decided to have the Zen a retro them of the then existing Zen.

    To know more about the ZEN Classic: CLICK HERE

    Well, this old school did work on many cars from the Maruti’s line-up certainly Maruti Zen was surely not the one. One could also say that the idea for a retro-styled car did not go down on the drawing board as well as one might have thought, cause the Zen Classic looked straight-up atrocious.

  10. Honda Amaze

    Honda Amaze Facelift
    Honda Amaze Facelift | Quirky cars in India

    With the rising popularity of the compact sedans, the Amaze was Honda’s take on the market. That said, some time ago, Honda did give the Amaze a thorough overhaul in its generation change. With this change, the new Honda Amaze looks anything but a sedan.

    Unlike its previous version, the generation change is a lot more upright and bold from the front. Going on the negative side for the Amaze is the high bonnet line. This is a feature that is best suited for SUVs. Still, on the inside, the new Honda Amaze does pamper its occupants with many of the latest technologically advancements.

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Let us know your views on the aesthetics of these cars. Also, don’t forget to stay pinned for more such articles.

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