How Useful Is The Rear Windshield Wiper In Your Car?

The Rear Windshield Viper
The Rear Windshield Viper

How useful is the Rear Windshield Wiper in your car? Well before we get to answer this, let’s learn a little bit about the rear windshield wipers and why they exist!

Rear Wiper
  • What is the purpose of rear Wipers?

Rear wipers are installed in cars to, well, as you guessed, clean the rear windshield. Cars that have a somewhat flat rear windshield, like hatchbacks and SUVs, tend to collect dirt and dust on the rear windshield. Since their tailgates are flat, there is virtually no air hitting the rear windshield, resulting in the accumulation of dust and dirt. Also, during rains, the water droplets tend to accumulate too, since the aerodynamics of the cars do not let it flow away as it does in a sedan. This is the primary reason you might find a rear windshield wiper on a car.

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  • How useful are they?

Rear Wipers are extremely useful in tons of situations, not only rains. For example- Consider yourself to be an off-roading enthusiast. You fire up your Wrangler and take it up to the trails and have a blast out there. You come across a slushy terrain, and when you look back, the windshield is covered with mud and slush. Rear Wiper comes to your rescue! This is one of the many times a rear Wiper will prove its usability to you.

So, to conclude, yes, Rear Windshield Wipers are an absolutely useful feature in your car!

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