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Reasons Why You Should Use Engine Flush During Oil Change

Well, one of the easiest ways to keep your car running in a good condition for long is getting it serviced periodically. But let me tell you, it also depends on the quality of the services and the type of products used. But at times, or rather most of the times, there are steps that are generally ignored while servicing a car. One of which is flushing the engines.

Most Googled Questions On Car Service In India-Answered
Most Googled Questions On Car Service In India-Answered

Why do we use engine flush?

By now, almost everyone reading this article will know the basics of an internal combustion engine and also that the fuel is burnt inside to produce power.

  • Well, this combustion of fuel does not convert the entire chemical energy into power, there are some losses.
  • Not diving into the technicals, but these losses produce unnecessary but unavoidable products like sludge and carbon deposits.
  • This in turn hampers the performance and efficiency of the engine. This is where the engine flush comes in.

What is engine flush?


Now to clear the engine of the harmful deposits, we require a chemical additive that removes all the deposits from the moving parts of the engine.

  • The engine flush is added with the old engine oil before draining it.
  • Now, to make sure that the engine flush thoroughly cleans the engine, the motor is said to idle for 10-15minutes.
  • So, in these 10-15 minutes, the flush will circulate in the entire engine cleaning the various components of the motor. The result is a sweet clear motor with no unnecessary deposits.
  • Now the engine oil is drained, to make way for the new engine oil.

But is engine flush really necessary?

In one word, Yes! It is definitely a plus if the engine is flushed regularly. The engine flush helps the engine to return its condition back to its glory.

  • Another benefit of the flush is that it acts as an engine condition tester. How you may ask?
  • As told repeatedly the flush cleans the internals of the motor from sludge. So, this sludge at times is the only blocker from oil leaking from the engine.
  • But well, it is not the sludge that is evil here, it the broken or kaput oil seal which is to blame.
  • With this, one can easily find the condition of the engine and also, what all needs to be replaced.
GoMechanic Private Label Products
GoMechanic Private Label Products

What are the benefits of engine flush?

Using a good quality engine flush like the one from GoMechanic is obviously not necessary, but there are numerous benefits of getting your engine flushes.

  1. Increases Mileage
    Helps increase mileage

    With use, there is a high chance that sludge gets deposited inside the engine. This unwanted sludge deposit restricts the engine to run at its full potential. Also, it hampers the combustion process inside the cylinder, this, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the engine. Now if we clean the engine using the engine flush, we’ll get a nearly spotless engine that is also efficient.

  2. Reduces Emissions
    Reduces Exhaust emissions

    Moving on, flushing the motor also reduces the exhaust emissions coming out of the machine. In a clean engine, nearly perfect combustion takes place. And with this perfect combustion majority of the fuel is converted into mechanical energy in turn reducing the about of unburnt gasses and harmful gases.

  3. Cools the Engine

    Using the engine flush cleans the walls of the machine that helps in heat dissipation. And with a cooler engine, the engine runs healthy and consumes less fuel.

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  4. Prepares the Engine

    The old engine oil, especially in diesel cars holds a lot of debris and other materials. And running the engine with the contaminated engine oil is bad for the machine. Now, using the engine flush also thoroughly cleans the motor of the old oil. This makes way for a fresh and crystal clear engine oil.

  5. Increases Engine Life

    Now, with the engine running smooth clean with no sludge or unwanted particle, the life of the engine drastically increases. Hence you get is an efficient engine that runs at its optimum potential.

So, these were the benefits of using an engine flush. Let us know in the comment section, did you know about this life-saving aid?

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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.


  1. Don’t use ANY flush in your engine, no manufacture approves of their use. This crap is snake oil and this “Mechanic” blog is just here to sell products not to help.

  2. Thank guys. This article is useful for me. Car maintenance shouldn’t just be as superficial as keeping your car looking clean and good on the surface. You also have to clean its internal engine parts to prevent the buildup of sludge, grease, dirt, rust, etc.

  3. Thank guys. This article is useful for me. You also have to clean its internal engine parts to prevent the buildup of sludge, grease, dirt, rust, etc.

  4. Hello,

    It was my second service at 10k kms/ 1 year. My car was driven for 4700 km only when I went to service as I completed a year. At this service, I did not get engine flushed, so is it okay?
    I own Hyundai Aura S CNG car

  5. For what the hell engine flushing is necessary. GOMECHANIC though themselves as a doctorate in this subject and written an article here. Nowhere engine flushing affects mileage, reduces emission or cools the engine. LOL LOL LOL!!! is it a flush or coolant to keep the engine cool!?!?!? You are just portraying to sell and earn money with it.


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