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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Renault Duster vs Dacia Duster | Are we missing something out?

Having a twin brother puts immense pressure on someone. Same is the case with the Renault Duster. It is sold in some markets under the name, ‘Dacia Duster’. In India, currently, it is the most powerful compact SUV in the segment, sharing its engine with the Nissan Kicks. But has the Dacia Duster got something better? Or is it the same? Are we missing out on something? So many questions, right? Let’s answer them and give a verdict at the end. So, stay pinned!

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Which one looks better?

Looks! This is the major factor when Indians plan to buy a car or to choose their partner for a wedding. The Renault Duster we get surely lacks on the looks part when compared to its twin brother. Let’s start at the front.

Renault Duster Vs Dacia Duster Front
Renault Duster Vs Dacia Duster Front

The Dacia Duster looks bolder, meaner, and more SUVish when compared to the Renault’s Duster. Dacia’s iteration has a better looking front grille with both of them having logos at the centre. It has got a sleeker LED headlamps and sharper body cladding. One thing though, the Renault’s Duster gets a better looking lower half with skid plates and fog lamps looking better. Now it’s time to get to the rear part.

Renault Duster Vs Dacia Duster Rear
Renault Duster Vs Dacia Duster Rear

At the rear, let’s face it again, Renault’s Duster looks dull and outdated. On the other hand, Dacia’s Duster has got the better-looking boot cladding. It gets better when you move towards the rear lights. The basic-looking ones on Renault’s Duster fade out when you have a glance at the Dacia’s Duster. It’s time to get inside now.

Renault Duster vs Dacia Duster Interior
Renault Duster vs Dacia Duster Interior

Interior is when things start getting more interesting. The 4-spoke steering wheel at the Dacia’s Duster simply gives it the upper hand over Renault’s SUV. The chrome-accented round AC vents with plush dash make the Dacia premium over Renault. The infotainment system and the knobs are also placed ergonomically in the Dacia’s Duster, although this might vary user to user. So, in the looks department, Dacia Duster wins. But wait, there’s more to the story.

Renault Duster vs Dacia Duster | Which of the two performs better?

The Duster we have is the most powerful SUV in the segment in India. But does it have what it takes to beat its NRI brother? Let’s see.

Engine and Transmission Comparison

Renault Duster Dacia Duster
Engine 1.5-l Petrol 1.3-l Turbo-Petrol  TCe 100 Bi-fuel 100 TCe TCe 130 TCe 150 Blue DCi 115
Capacity 1,498 1,330 999 999 1,333 1,333 1,461
Power@rpm 106ps@5,600 156ps@5,500 100hp@5,000 100hp@5,000 130hp@5,000 150hp@5,250 115hp@3,750
Torque@rpm 142Nm@4,000 254Nm@1,600 170Nm@2,000 160Nm@2,750 240Nm@1,600 250Nm@1,700 260Nm@2,000
Transmission 5-speed MT 6-speed MT / 7-speed CVT 5-speed MT 5-speed MT 6-speed MT 6-speed MT MT (6-speed)

You might have thought that the NRI would have had better performance, right? Well, the table above paints a different picture. The 1.3-litre turbo-petrol makes the Renault Duster more powerful than its Dacia’s iteration. But wait, Dacia Duster has got 4X4 option. Renault Duster says, “Holy Crap!, won’t you let me win one-time brother?” But still, Renault Duster remains powerful for sure!

What about features? Which of the two is more loaded?

Features Comparison

Renault Duster Dacia Duster
Automatic Air Conditioning
17.64vm Touchscreen Infotainment (MediaNav)
Android Auto and Apple Carplay
Rear Defogger
Steering mounted audio and phone controls
Cooled Storage
Cruise Control
Remote Keyless Entry
Safety Features
ABS with EBD
Electronic Stability Control
Traction Control
Hill Start Assist
Dual Airbags
Rear Parking Sensors
Blind Spot Warning
Multi-view Camera

Both the Dusters come loaded with basic comfort and convenience features but the Renault’s Duster lacks a bit when it comes to safety features. It does not come equipped with some features like Multi-view camera, blind-spot warning or the hill start assist, which are not extensively asked by the Indian audience.

Verdict | Are we Indians missing out? 

Saying that we Indians are missing out a lot is not true. Dacia Duster gets better looks, better safety and on the top of that 4X4 option. But the Renault Duster does offer the best performance. It would have been great if Renault updates the outdated design and offer 4X4 in India. It would make the already unmatchable Duster impeccable.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ritvik Gupta
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  1. Always wondered why the front grill of the Dacia duster didn’t come in the Renault duster in India. That looks so much more butch.

  2. please don’t buy duster in india as it’s very expensive spares and service is also very expensive and the matter has brought to the management but no vain. Feeling sorry for having a duster car. I am not here to judge somebody reputation but it is the fact.


    • Hi Gopal Krishna,

      Why not give a try to GoMechanic once, we offer up to 40% savings and rest assured, we use 100% genuine spare parts. We would like to know your views on the performance part of the Renault Duster though. Stay pinned!

  3. Are you aware of the fact that the so-callrd “Renault Dacia” is nothing else then the previous versione of the Dacia Duster?
    You are simply compating two different versions of the same car.
    Here in Europe we call them the same, Dacia Duster: simply, one is older than the other.

    • Hi Pietro,

      Yes, we are aware that the Renault Duster that we get in India is an older version of Dacia Duster, which is the sole reason of writing the article, that are we Indian missing something after getting an older generation of the same vehicle. Stay pinned!

  4. Does this 1.3 litre turbo engine in renault duster reliable? Is it road tested? Is it already being used in any other car apart from kicks for at least a year? I am very much interested to buy renault duster but hesitant on the new engine and also unavailblity of Diesel and AWD. Also what is service maturity for this new 1.3 turbo petrol duster?

    • Hi Anupama,

      The 1.3-litre turbo engine has not been tested yet for the time span you ask for. Although let me tell you that it is refined. We’ll soon be bringing a comprehensive review of the Duster Turbo on our YouTube channel. Click here to follow and never miss an update.

  5. any chance of international duster features like better interior, better infotainment and the improved platform to come in duster facelift 2021? Or there is no facelift expected in 2021?


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