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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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BS4 Vehicle Sales- SIAM Writes to Apex Court Seeking Permission for Sale

SIAM has recently filed an application in the Honourable Supreme Court of India seeking directions for the sale and registration of all the BS4 vehicles in India till 31st March 2020. SIAM has filed the application for the BS4 vehicle sales in the court after several state governments had issued notices directing the non-acceptance of the registration applications for all the BS4 vehicles after a certain date. The dates issued by different state governments were way ahead of 31st March 2020.

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The different cut-off dates issued by state governments for the non-registration of the BS4 vehicle sales range from February 29 to March 25 in different states. The BS6 norms will be live from April 1st 2020. In a statement made in the release, SIAM said, “These circulars have put the Customers, Dealers and Vehicle manufacturers in severe discomfort, as each of them is racing against time to exhaust the BS4 stocks which are with the dealers. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed that no BS4 vehicle will be sold or registered from April 1, 2020.”

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The BS4 vehicle sales in India is really being pushed. Each and every automaker wants to exhaust the BS4 stock as soon as possible so they are offering huge discounts on the inventory as well. Though the automakers have already started with the BS6 stock manufacturing and sale process, people still have confusions regarding the BS6 norms that will soon kick in. We have prepared a whole new series of news reports on BS6 which will help you clear all the confusions.

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BS4 vehicle sales won’t be a challenge as the manufacturers have taken measures and produced a certain number of products only which will help them to clear the stock timely. With almost 13 days to go, we are yet to see if the automakers provide more discount to push the sales.

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