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10 SUVs That Were Discontinued In India In The Last Decade!

Multiple good cars and good brands have said goodbye to India in the last decade. While this is an excellent sign as it makes room for more and more Indian products, we have lost some god vehicles on the way. Today, let’s reminisce about the old days and remember 10 SUVs that died in India in the last decade.

  1. Chevrolet Tavera

    The Tavera was launched alongside the Toyota Innova. It was an affordable MPV that focused on cabin space and seating capability. This 7/9/10 (yes!) seater was one of the most widely used intercity cabs for a very long time. Sadly enough, the Tavera was discontinued in 2017. The Tavera was powered by a 2.5L diesel engine that made 78HP and 176nm torque.

    Chevrolet Tavera | Credits- Autocar experts
    Chevrolet Tavera
  2. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

    The most gangster SUV on this list of 10 SUVs that died in India! The Gypsy is macho right from its inner core. It reeks ruggedness and looks like it can take on anything that comes in its way. The Gypsy is currently only available for defence purposes, not for the civilians. The Gypsy was discontinued for the civilian market in March 2019.

    Maruti Suzuki Gypsy
    Maruti Suzuki Gypsy
  3. Mitsubishi Pajero

    One of the most loved cars on this list of 10 SUVs that died in India in the last decade! The Pajero was definitely one of those SUVs that every single person looked up to. Its tough design and take-me-anywhere dynamics made it extremely desirable. The OG Pajero was updated and was sold as the Pajero Sport, which was also discontinued in 2021. Shortly after this, Mitsubishi also announced its exit from the Indian market.

    Mitsubishi Pajero
    Mitsubishi Pajero
  4. Chevrolet Captiva

    Another Chevy on this list of SUVs that died in India in the last decade! The Captiva was a premium SUV at its time, and it was priced between Rs. 25 – 30 Lakhs. It came with both automatic and manual variants and also had an optional AWD. The Captiva never sold in India in huge numbers due to its high pricing. Moreover, many owners had reported some issues with the Captiva that made it further lack in sales numbers.

    10 Forgotten SUVs of India
    Chevrolet Captiva
  5. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

    The OG 4×4 from Maruti, the Grand Vitara especially deserves a mention on this list of SUVs that died in India. The Vitara was an excellent SUV which was equipped with a very sophisticated 4×4 system and that was its USP. It was driven by a rather powerful 2.4L petrol engine that made 163.5HP and 225nm. The Vitara was discontinued in 2015 due to low sales numbers and dropping demand.

    Suzuki Grand Vitara
    Suzuki Grand Vitara
  6. Mitsubishi Outlander

    The Outlander was also a 7 seater from the Japanese brand Mitsubishi. The was discontinued in India in 2020 because of a lack of demand and high pricing. The last sold Outlander would cost upwards of Rs. 30 Lakhs which was not at all worth it considering better options like the Jeep Compass were available. The Outlander by itself was a pretty good SUV. It was driven by a decent 2.4L petrol engine and had a good 4×4 system that made sure the SUV could be taken anywhere.

    Remembering The Mitsubishi Outlander
    Mitsubishi Outlander
  7. Renault Duster

    The Duster was probably one of the most affordable AWD cars on this list of SUVs that died in India. It was launched with the aim of offering a brilliant ground clearance, comfort and great suspension to Indian buyers. Duster’s suspension was surely one of the best the segment has seen, till date. The perfect ride and handling balance made it how desirable it was. Sadly enough, the Duster remained to be an underdog in the segment. The lack of features and premium feel led many buyers to turn to Korean alternatives. The Duster ran on Indian roads for almost 10 years before it was discontinued in 2021.

    Renault Duster; credits – ONcars
  8. Honda CR-V

    One of the most premium SUVs on this list of SUVs that died in India. The Honda CR-V was always looked up to as a goal for many youngsters. Honda’s reliability, premium look and feel, and excellent comfort were the USPs for the CR-V. It did come with an AWD option, but it was never seen as an off-roader. It also got a good update in 2019, but it was soon discontinued in 2020, along with the Civic.

    Honda CRV
    Honda CR-V
  9. Ford Endeavour 

    The Endeavour was only discontinued because Ford stopped their operations in India. As an SUV, the Endeavour was doing pretty well in the market. Even after Ford had pulled the plug on the 3.2L engine, the 2.2L was also selling pretty well. Even today, a used Ford Endeavour will easily go up to Rs. 28 – 30 Lakhs, depending on the condition.

    Ford Endeavour
  10. Tata Hexa

    The Hexa was literally a tank that Tata rolled out on Indian roads. It was definitely one of the most strongly built cars on the list of SUVs that died in India. The Hexa was discontinued in India in 2020, soon after the Harrier was launched. While the Harrier is a much better product in terms of looks, engine and premiumness. The Hexa offered something that Tata hasn’t offered in a long time, a 4×4 system!

    Tata Hexa | Good Flop Cars In India
    Tata Hexa

Here was a list of SUVs that died in India in the last decade. Which of these would you like to see in the showrooms again? Let us know in the comments below!

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