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Tata Motors And Its Historical Portfolio Of Hatchbacks In India

We always feel proud that there are Indian carmakers that are renowned worldwide for their excellence; one of the auto giants is Tata. Tata Motors has not just seen the automotive industry change but also have been a crucial part of it. Now, from manufacturing heavy commercial vehicles to cars, Tata has firm feet in all of them. Earlier, Tata was not known to make cars; hence they did start from somewhere. So, it all dates back to the late 1990s when they launched one of their first cars.

If you haven’t guessed it already, it was a hatchback, Tata Indica. To freshen up our memories, here is a list of 5 hatchbacks from Tata’s historical portfolio. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Tata Indica

    Tata Indica

    The first-ever passenger vehicle that Tata launched was Tata Indica in 1998. Although Tata did have many light commercial vehicles back then, Indica was an attempt to capture the passenger car market. Tata Indica was launched with the lag line ‘More car per car’. This was the beginning of Tata’s time here in India.

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    Under the bonnet, Indica came with an option a couple of engines, diesel and petrol. Both the engines displaced 1.4-litre. The petrol engine was capable of generating 60hp of peak power. On the contrary, the diesel mill generated a little lower 54bhp.

    • Tata Indica Vista

      used tata cars
      Tata Indica Vista

      With an over the top response from Indian customers, Tata launched a new generation of this hatchback. After about a decade later, in 2013 Tata thoroughly updated Indica, and this is when the car became a little bigger and also got a little bigger and more powerful 75bhp 1.3-litre engine.

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  2. Tata Nano

    Damson Purple Tata Nano
    Damson Purple Tata Nano

    Most of the cars in Tata’s line-up don’t require any introduction; Tata Nano is one of them. Tata Nano was launched at the 2009 Indian auto expo, where it caught a lot of eyeballs. For one, it was a car that had loving aesthetics.

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    In conjunction, this hatchback was the cheapest production vehicle in the entire world. Back when Tata Nano was new, it was available at a price of just over ₹1 Lakh ex-showroom (for the base variant).

  3. Tata Bolt

    remembering the tata bolt
    remembering the tata bolt

    After a lot of hard work gone into Tata’s research factory, Tata was reluctant to develop a new offering for India, comes Tata Bolt. Essentially Tata Bolt is a successor of the old Tata and robust Tata Indica. There was a lot that went into the Bolt. For starters, Bolt came with a powerful 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine.

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    This engine was capable of generating a peak power of 88.7 bhp and delivered 140Nm of peak torque. This was also the first hatchback in Tata to come with a turbo-ed engine.
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  4. Tata Tiago JTP

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    Tata Tiago JTP  tata motors

    The last hatch to exit Tata’s line-up was Tiago JTP. What was so special about Tata Tiago JTP, you may ask? Long story short, Tiago JTP on the outside did look like a conventional Tiago with some cosmetic updates. But one could later quickly realize from behind the wheel that it was a Tiago on steroids.

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    It starts from under the hood, as it got a powerful 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine generating peak power of 112bhp and was capable of producing 150Nm of peak torque.

These were the 5 hatchbacks from Tata’s historical lineup. Let us know in the comment section which vehicle from Tata’s lineup is your favourite.

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  1. Hi Arno Rheeder here i drove a Indica new and in 2017. I bought a new Bolt lovely cars, i would like to see the Tiago come to S.A

  2. Tata bolt xms sedan. It has done 90 000km .Love it.Spares saves availability is concern .Battery has been changed.Manifold gasket gas leak is problematic.


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