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12 Things you should never do in a Brand New Car

Despite the Pandemic it’s surprising to see a better number of new cars sold in 2020 than in 2019. Be it from the entry-level cars or high-end cars, most of them have seen a growth in sales. Come on, who doesn’t get excited when a new car pops in your head. Furthermore, the soothing smell of freshly built car is breathtaking.

With that said, buying a new car is on one side and preparing it for its time with you is quite another. Yes! you heard it right, you have to get your car up and running before extracting the most out of it. Here are 12 things one should avoid doing in a new car.

  1. Skipping the Owner’s Manual

    Car User Manual
    Car User Manual

    Fact: Anyone rarely reads the newly bought vehicles owner manual. This still happens, as all the detail, nicks and nacks are written there. So, now before googling something about the car, it’s better to look in the manual. You’ll surely see some new things there.

  2. Avoid Super Short Trips

    Short Distance Travel
    Avoid Short Distance Travel

    Got a new car? I’m sure you’ll be excited to drive it. Well, it’s surely fun and amusing just don’t her around the block, rather go a bit far. Just let her feel the air and stretch its legs out on the road.

  3. Don’t Floor the Throttle

    Worst Global Car Recalls
    Accelerator Pedal

    It is recommended not to put the pedal to the metal during the run-in period. For you to know, the running-in period lasts anywhere from 1,000kms to 1,500kms depending upon the car. Let those new fresh piston rings take their position and sink in.

  4. Don’t hit the Rev limiter or Rev bounce

    Rev Limiter
    Rev Limiter | Source (1)

    Similar to putting the pedal to the floor, one should avoid taking the engine to redline. Yes! I agree its fun, but save it for later use, at least after 1,000kms. Keeping the engine on the boil might result in poor running-in and this could lead vibrations to creep in.

  5. Don’t slam the brakes

    Slam the Brake Pedal
    Slam the Brake Pedal | Source (1)

    Slamming the brakes might have similar effects as under hard acceleration. But that said if one has to jam the brakes to avoid a collision, do it without hesitation. In any other case, it is fair not to slam them for a better life ahead. Let those discs get used to your driving style.

  6. Don’t Forget Driving in City Traffic

    Lane Driving | Bad Driving Habits
    City Driving

    Driving in the city is one of the best places to complete the running-in period. For the first 1,000kms, the car demands variable speed with varying RPM and driving in the city extracts exactly the same. This allows the engine to run on multiple RPMS with varying load.

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  7. Avoid Traffic Jams

    The miserable Bangalore traffic.
    Traffic Jams

    Prolonged Idling might have a negative effect on that newly built engine. It’s better to keep it under the transmission load most of the times. Well, no one wants to get stuck in a traffic jam so does your new baby. This is until the running-in period ends.

  8. Don’t Stress in Cold Starts

    Cold Starts
    Cold Start driving is harmful to a New Car

    This is one of the ignored stat, and it is also one of the most important ones. A new engine is tightly put together, and not warming up the car before driving might have an adverse effect on the pistons and piston rings. Not just a new car, this should also be followed in any vehicle with any number of kilometres on it. I’m sure you too never just get up in the morning and straight go to work. This is the exact same reason, let the vehicle wake up

  9. Avoid Frequent Oil Changes

    Engine Oil Top-up
    No to Frequent Oil Changes in a New Car

    There is a reason a company decides a specific time or range when to change the motor oil. Well, changing that before prescribed rate, or even frequent oil changes could result in a money drain. It doesn’t harm the engine it’s just you’ll be wasting your cash.

  10. Don’t Use Cruise Control

    Tata Altroz XT comes with Cruise Control
    Don’t Use Cruise Control

    As said earlier, a new freshly built car shouldn’t be driven at a constant speed. Cruise control in a vehicle does the same. Though it is good for extracting good mileage it’ll surely have a negative effect on the long run.

  11. Don’t run the car on premium Petrol

    Choose Fuel Wisely
    No to Premium Fuel | Choose Fuel Wisely

    Caring about your newly bought car is good but over caring will be harsh on her. Automotive companies never recommend running the car on premium petrol. Especially here in India, the premium has additives that’ll surely harm the engine components rather than doing good.

  12. Don’t tow or Overload

    Over Loading | No can doos
    Over Loading | No can doos

    Driving your new car under transmission load is what all it needs. Exceeding the load might be harmful to the engine and on the long run, you’ll surely be disappointed. Sticking to a light load with light luggage and light people load will be great for the first 1,000kms.

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In the end, if necessary or in an emergency, ignore the points and drive as is. It’s just the car is sure important, but not as important that your life. With that said, enjoy the new vehicle and take good care of her, she’ll be great in the long run. HAPPY MOTORING!

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