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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Top 5 Budget Car Dashcams To Get In 2022

Car Dashcams are a driver’s guardian angel – watching over you all the time, even when you are not paying attention or expecting the unexpected. Indian roads are unpredictable. Even the most cautious and traffic-rule-abiding drivers fall prey to unpleasant road rages that can escalate quickly. Straying cattle and dogs jumping in front of moving vehicles out of nowhere is a common sight. Not to mention the bad drivers squiding through every gap that exists. 

While there is no way to predict when one might end up in such a situation, having recorded evidence of an unprecedented turn of events can help bail you out. Even when your car is parked, affordable dashcams equipped with motion sensors can automatically turn on and start recording in case of an attempt to steal. In 2022, it is imperative that every car owner driving the roads must have some form of recording device installed. 

Top 5 Budget Car Dashcams To Get In 2022

Even if not overly expensive, dashcams for cars can easily set you back by quite a few thousand bucks depending on the features, specifications, brand, availability etc. However, with year-round offers on bestselling dashcams at GoMechanic, you can opt for one that serves the purpose well and does not break the bank. 

So here is a handpicked collection of the top 5 budget car dashcams that you can get at GoMechanic within a budget as low as ₹3500. 

GoMechanic Vision Pro 4K – ₹3500

GoMechanic’s private label Vision Pro car dashcam is the most value-for-money option choice available in the current market. In addition, the Vision Pro packs innovative features such as a G-Sensor and Night Vision which are very hard to come by at such a price point. 

The Vision Pro can record full HD videos with a focal range of 2M to infinity, with the G-Sensor allowing automatic recording. Besides, at just ₹3500, this budget dashcam offers a built-in microphone, speaker, and full WiFi compatibility. 

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Blaupunkt BP 2.2 – ₹5199

With a 120° ultra-wide lens, the Blaupunkt BP 2.2 dashcam offers a remarkably wide-angle view far beyond any vehicle’s left and right edges. Priced at just ₹5199, this compact car dashcam can record full HD videos on a loop and feed them to a 2-inch integrated IPS display. 

One of the most crucial features of this car dashcam is the parking surveillance mode. The built-in motion sensor allows instant recording if anyone touches your vehicle. Plus, the BP 2.2 comes with a Lithium-Ion 300mAh battery, so it won’t draw power from your car battery when parked. 

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Qubo Smart Dash Cam Pro – ₹5990

The Qubo Smart Dash Cam offers a user-friendly smartphone app integration and can record full HD videos at 1080p resolution. In addition, Qubo has equipped this compact recording device with essential features such as timelapse and live streaming. 

Priced at just ₹5990, this Qubo car dashcam also packs essential features such as G-Sensor, Emergency Recording, WiFi Compatibility and a Wide-Angle Lens. Built explicitly according to Indian climatic conditions, this car dashcam can work without a glitch, even in the harshest weather conditions. 

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Blaupunkt BP 4.0 FHD – ₹6999

A premium upgrade to Blaupunkt’s BP 2.2 car dashcam, the BP 4.0 FHD Car Dashcam comes with a detachable interior camera. This means you can simultaneously record the front view from behind the wheel and the internal view inside your car. 

While the primary camera can record continuously in 1080p Full HD, the interior camera can also record in 720p HD. Much like the BP 2.2, the BP 4.0 dashcam comes with a 2-inch IPS display and packs essential features such as Motion Detection and Parking Monitor. In addition, it can be switched to photo mode to capture still photographs. 

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Genome Ultra-Wide Dual Channel Car Dashcam – ₹7500 

Being the dearest option on this list, this Genome car dashcam is a premium offering at an affordable price. The Genome Dual Channel Dashcam has a front and rear camera allowing two-way recording and a massive 4-inch TFT display at the back. 

Encased in a solid-metal body, this car dashcam can record in Full HD and integrates a 6-layer, 27mm ultra-wide lens. Besides, you get LED Night Vision and USB and AV port options. 

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Which Car Dashcam To Get In 2022?

Now that you have five affordable car dashcam options to choose from, the real question is which one to get. All budget car dashcams highlighted here serve their purpose efficiently with essential features including motion sensors, Full HD recording, wide angle lens and others. However, the best budget car dashcam buy? We will leave that up to you to decide. 


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