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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Top 10 Selling Cars March 2023 | Swift-ly Leading The Charts!

The last month of the previous financial year. Well, tight on pockets but high on wants, the Indian customers have still bought many cars and without a doubt, Maruti Suzuki is leading the charts with the maximum number of cars in the top 10 selling cars. Here, we bring you the top 10 most-selling cars in the month of March 2023.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift (17,559 Units)

    Maruti Suzuki Swift
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    The first one on the list is the Maruti Suzuki Swift. With a sale of 17,559 Units this sporty hatch stand on the top of the sales charts for the month of March 2023. Among the top 10 most-selling cars in March 2023, this hot hatch from Maruti stands at the top.

  2. Maruti WagonR (17,305 Units)

    Planning to buy Maruti WagonR? | Consider these instead!
    Maruti WagonR

    Moving on, we have the Maruti Suzuki WagonR. India’s favourite hatch, although it lacks very much in safety, scored 17,3065 units in sale figure this time. If you are planning to buy a cr that’s light in your pocket, this can be your choice for sure. Safety will be compromised for sure. Make your choices wisely!

  3. Maruti Brezza (16,227 Units)

    Brezza 2022
    Brezza 2022

    The third rank goes to the Maruti Brezza with a sale of 16,227 units this time. With this, the SUV has reported a YoY growth of almost 30%. Well, the new set of features on the new Brezza and ofcourse the new look have contributed to the sale quite a lot!

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  4. Maruti Baleno (16,168 Units)


    Continuing Maruti’s bandwagon, Baleno is next on the sales chart with a sale of 16,168 Units this time. Among the top-selling cars for March 2023, Baleno stands at the 4th rank with a YoY growth of 11.35%.

  5. Tata Nexon (14,769 Units)

    Tata Nexon
    Tata Nexon

    Desh Ka Loha! India’s safest budget car, the first one to score a 5-star GNCAP rating is also among the top-selling cars for the month of March 2023. This is the one who changed the stars for Tata in India! Nexon has always gained good sales figures which is why the YoY growth is only 3%.

  6. Hyundai Creta (14,026 Units)

    Hyundai Creta
    Hyundai Creta

    Next on the list is the Hyundai Creta. The real SUV, as they call it, has always been a popular pick for SUV seekers in India. For March 2023, Creta closed at 14,026 units. Talking about the YoY growth, it is almost 33%.

  7. Maruti Dzire (13,394 Units)

    Maruti Suzuki Dzire
    Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    The first sedan on the list. Although it’s a sub 4 metre we have seen the first car of the segment in the list. Sedans have gradually lost their popularity in India. With the SUV design taking leads in terms of sales, sedans are pretty left behind. Still, Maruti is the only brand which is able to make it up to the charts with every form of car they develop.

  8. Maruti EECO (11,995 Units)

    Maruti Suzuki Eeco
    Maruti Suzuki Eeco

    Standing strong among new-age cars with high-end tech and features is our own Maruti Eeco. Among the top-selling cars for March 2023, Eeco is in the 8th place with a sale of 11,995 units. The YoY growth is at 30.08%.

  9. Tata Punch (10,894 Units)
    Tata Punch

    Tata Punch

    The Tata Punch is at the 9th rank with a sale of 10,894 units and a YoY growth of just 3.05%. Well, this micro SUV has got no direct rival in the Indian market. However, Hyundai is in talks to bring in their Casper which will stand directly against this car in the Indian market.
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  10. Maruti Grand Vitara (10,045 Units)

    Maruti Grand Vitara to get a 7 Seater Variant?
    Maruti Grand Vitara to get a 7 Seater Variant?

    The only Maruti with a panoramic sunroof! Well, with countless features and the best of its class tech, the Maruti Grand Vitara is a very good car and an absolute delight to drive! In the last month, it has recorded a sale of 10,045 units and we guess, it is definitely taking the Vitara legacy forward!

Have a look at the compiled data here:

Top selling cars march 2023
Top selling cars march 2023 | Data Credits: RushLane


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