No car is a perfect car, goes without saying. There are some of the best cars out there known for going the distance without breaking a sweat and capable of doing this for years to come over lakhs of kilometres. And when we say “no car is perfect”, that applies to these ‘No brainer’ cars as well which the Indians are just crazy about.

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Aamir Khan in Toyota Innova ad
Aamir Khan in Toyota Innova ad

These particular cars are no less than ‘marathon runners’ or can be referred to in Hindi as “Lambi race ke ghode”. Sitting at the top spot amongst these marathon runners in our country is the Toyota Innova. In India, It is the Innova that made Toyota live up to all the reliability taglines it has associated itself with for the advertising purposes. You may find tons of examples of Toyota Innova(s) clocking more than 5,00,000 km without any major mechanical breakdown.

But emphasizing on the idea of “No car is perfect”, the invincible Toyota Innova also comes with its share of shortcomings. Hence, today we list out some of the common problems faced by Toyota Innova owners over the years.

  1. Poor NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) levels

    Over the years, the most popular iteration of the Innova has been the diesel variant. Three different diesel engines have served the Innova moniker so far which are the 2.5 L D4-D, 2.4 L 2GD FTV and 2.8 L. These are some fairly large engines and they’re ought to sound like one. But when you opt to buy 20 Lakh plus MPV, you don’t want to hear the grunt of the engine while you sit comfortably in the captain seats.The cause of this is poor sound insulation which is probably caused due to the use of a thinner sheet of metal for the body. It almost makes you wanna opt for aftermarket sound damping for enhancing the overall cabin experience.

    Another factor adding to the poor NVH levels is the rattle of poor and loosely fitted plastics In the cabin. This becomes very prominent in the cabin when you while cruising on low RPMs and braking.

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  2. Frequent Tyre Burst

    The Innova is the go-to car for long journeys and the last thing you want on your road voyage is a tyre blowout. Unfortunately enough, frequent tyre burst is another issue reported by the Innova and the Innova Crysta owners. Owners have claimed to have experienced tyres being cut and cracked after some good 600-1000 km on the highway. This doesn’t seem to bode well for the Innova’s image of a long route family haulier.

  3. Frequent Wheel Misalignment

    Another “wheels” related issue commonly faced by Innova owners is that one can often find the Innova to lose its wheel alignment. Passing over a bump or a pothole at high speeds (which is very common on Indian highways) causes the wheels to get misaligned and you’ll find the car pulling on one side during straight-line driving.Frequent misalignment also causes the tyres to wear rapidly, deteriorating their life.

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  4. Brake Judder

    The Innova (especially the Innova Crysta) gets up to triple-digit speeds with the utmost ease, so the car needs good brakes to back this up. However, post 3-4 intense braking on the highway, the rotors and callipers tend to heat up quickly which decreases feedback from the brakes after a point. Drivers also experience a judder (rapid vibration) while braking through the steering due to the same.

  5. D4-D Diesel engine stalling problem (2005-2009)

    Another reported Toyota Innova problem. The first generation Toyota Innova’s 2.5-litre D4-D CRDi engine reported trouble in starting the car and also witnessed frequent stalling. This was apparently caused by a clogged up fuel pump which used to happen again and again unless it is being replaced.Hence if you plan to buy a used first-gen Toyota Innova, make sure to check for this fault.

  6. Low-Quality Music System (Aftermarket-ish)

    Those who own the Innova Crysta know for a fact that the factory-fitted infotainment system and the speakers kit it has on offer is not at all worth what you spend on your luxury MPV. The infotainment system on offer is small, less intuitive and lacks various features expected from a car of its price. The Innova Crysta’s infotainment system doesn’t support apple car play and android auto even post the BS6 update.Also, the Audio Quality on offer is not at all up to the mark. The setup only gets a component kit for the front doors and the rear doors just get a pair of speakers. There are no speakers for the third row of seats.

    Did we miss out on any common problems on the Toyota Innova or the Innova Crysta that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments section before.

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  1. Toyota Innova Is The Best Car in its Class. I dont agree with any of your points. This is my 3rd Toyota Innova.
    Please do your homework properly.
    Take Care B Safe

    • Hi Subodh,

      Great to know that you have not faced any of these issues. Toyota Innova is indeed a very reliable workhorse. The problems that have been mentioned in the article are based on the customer feedback at our workshops. Stay tuned!

    • Hi Sathish,

      Toyota Innova is indeed one of the most reliable cars on the road. Still, there are a few flaws which have been highlighted in the article. Note that these flaws are based on the data from our workshop database. Stay tuned!

  2. I have 15 lac km run innova no problem like this i have innova for taxi work we put 15w40 oil elofic filter drive 12000km service dont care that much its still have no problem even no egr valve blocked

  3. After reading this post, I will not accept the facts in the same, I have a 2005 v variant innova which I have been using so long….. there is no issue of tyre bust since I used this for long trips,. Have clogged in 2.5Lac kms, it still purrs like a kitten,. Did have a pull pump problem, but with a overhaul , its still running strong.. in all these years there was no problem with the engine or stalling.. braking has always been the best as I did used it to the breaking dead level especially on ghats …. I do not approve of the above so called faults described.. I still feel that this is the best MPV and its proved its worth.
    Proud owner of innova

    • Hi Anil,

      Toyota Innova is known to be one of the most reliable cars on the Indian roads. The problems that have been mentioned in the article has been sourced from customer feedbacks at our workshops. Stay tuned!

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