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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Toyota Rumion MPV makes India debut; based on Ertiga!

In a market that thrives on brand loyalty and dynamism, Toyota has just unveiled its ace – the Rumion MPV. For those on the lookout for the latest in the automobile industry, the big news is that Toyota has debuted the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga-based Rumion MPV in India. This introduction is significant, marking a deepening collaboration between the two auto giants, and making Toyota a strong contender with the widest MPV portfolio in the Indian market.

Toyota Rumion and its Foundations on Ertiga

The Rumion is not a mere facelift but a smart business move, making it the fourth badge-engineered model shared between Toyota and Maruti Suzuki. With the Rumion set as the entry-level, Toyota now boasts an impressive MPV line-up including the Innova Crysta, Innova Hycross, and the luxurious Vellfire at the premium spectrum.

What’s intriguing is that like the Glanza, the Rumion’s construction and supply will be overseen by Maruti Suzuki.

Toyota Rumion
Toyota Rumion

Distinctive Features: Toyota Rumion vs. Ertiga

At first glance, the distinctions between the Ertiga and Rumion might appear minimal, but delve a bit deeper, and the subtle changes become evident.

Exteriors: Rumion presents an all-new bumper with modified fog lamp surrounds. The grille is reminiscent of the Innova Crysta and is accompanied by fresh dual-tone alloy wheels.

Interiors: The inside aesthetics of the Rumion is an amalgamation of modernity and elegance. A blacked-out dashboard adorned with wood-like inserts and beige upholstery, similar to the Ertiga, adds a touch of luxury to the MPV.

Interestingly, the equipment list remains untouched. The 7-seat configuration, which is a prominent feature of the Ertiga, is carried forward to the Rumion. In addition, this new MPV isn’t just aimed at the Indian market. The Rumion has already made its mark in international territories like South Africa, retaining the specifications revealed in India.

Power and Performance

Under the robust exterior lies Maruti’s 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, promising 103hp and 137Nm. Prospective buyers have the choice between a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. For those inclined towards a more eco-friendly option, Toyota offers a factory-fitted CNG kit that generates 88hp and 121.5Nm in CNG mode. Impressive fuel efficiency figures speak for themselves – 20.51kpl for the petrol version and an astounding 26.11km/kg for the CNG variant.

Toyota’s Strategy: Building on Brand Loyalty

Navigating the MPV segment is not without its challenges. Brand fidelity, especially with stalwarts like the Innova and Ertiga, can be a tough nut to crack. With the Rumion echoing so many Ertiga features, how does Toyota plan to lure Ertiga’s loyal clientele?

Their secret weapon? The unparalleled Toyota brand experience. Emphasizing this, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) vice president of Sales and Strategic Marketing, Atul Sood, articulated, “We are very confident of our MPV legacy… It’s the experience which the customer is buying.”

Customer Experience Reimagined: The Delivery Strategy

Of late, Toyota has been under scrutiny for prolonged waiting periods, with some models like the Hyryder and Innova Hycross having wait times extending over a year. With the Rumion, Toyota is determined to rectify this, adopting a ‘first in, first out’ approach to deliveries. This method ensures that bookings are recorded from a pan-India perspective, with deliveries prioritized based on the order sequence.

In Sood’s words, “Our aim is to give a very transparent experience to our customers… If you’ve booked earlier, you should get the delivery earlier.”

Our Take

The Indian automobile market stands at the precipice of exciting times. With the introduction of the Rumion, Toyota isn’t just unveiling a new vehicle; it’s making a statement. Building on the foundations laid by the Ertiga, the Rumion is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, customer experience, and market responsiveness.

As the market waits with bated breath for the Rumion’s prices and booking amounts, one thing’s for sure – Toyota’s MPV saga in India has just begun its most thrilling chapter yet.


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